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Beauty empties: skincare & makeup

Ok, so maybe talking about spring isn’t the best idea with all the snow outside last weekend, but it’s March & I am spring cleaning so a massive beauty empties post was in order. Without further a’do, let’s see what beauty I totally digged and what left me thinking WTF shall we? 

Masks & treatments.

Empties: face masks & treatments


Starting from the top aka the best things that happened to my skin since EVER or Dr Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Universal Daily Peel*. If you’re looking for that instant glow that lasts and the price is not an issue (£16.50 for 5) then go ahead grab it, it’s simply the best! Another fave was Verso Reviving Eye Masks* (used up 2 already *cries*) which work similar to an eye lift filling in the fine lines, brightening AF, lifting & de-puffing in 30 minutes or less. No knife, no post surgery pains! Pricey, but totally worth it! Third discovery was an Image Skincare Biomolecular Radiance Sheet Mask* which left me with glowing & hydrated skin - perfect pick me up the morning after or prior to the event! And of course let’s give a round of applause to one of the best moisturisers there is - Glamglow Thirstymud Mask for keeping my dryness at bay, smelling delicious and being an overall rockstar! 

Great contenders:

I enjoyed using Soap & Glory Speed Plump Miracle Moisture Mask, which is easily available at your local Boots, fits ok’ish and left my skin feeling moisturised. I didn’t see that much of a glow afterwards but I felt as if I didn’t need a moisturiser top up which is great! Cadden & Lee Rejuvenating Sheet Mask* is produced in the UK (yay to helping out locally sourced brands!), it’s cut quite ok & again left my skin feeling nourished and lightly glowing. I quite enjoyed using Nip + Fab Glycolic Night Pads Extreme as an alternative to AHA toners. Easy to use pads soaked in the formula worked great on nights when I just needed a bit of fix, but I haven't found them as effective as some of the other AHA products so I won't be repurchasing at present.

Dislikes and WTFs:

I didn’t see the results (ANY) when using Oh KCoconut Water Fibre Face Mask but there were no adverse side effects either. It promised immense hydration but only delivered some so I won’t be repurchasing. That can’t be said (the no adverse side effects part!) about Yes To Cucumber  Soothing Sheet Mask... Soothing my arse! It left my skin on fire after few seconds of it on and it only got worse, until I finally decided enough is enough. I was in so much pain afterwards, as if I was actually burnt. I love Yes To skincare but this is a no from me! Having said all that, I've tried it while on a break in London with a cold, my skin was very angered by the constant fever and sneezing.

Everyday essentials.

Empties: everyday essentials

Just to mix it up let’s talk everyday unsung heroes (and one poo!)  I rarely mention on the blog or my socials! 


Starting with 'what the hell were you thinking' this time is Dove Nourishing Care In Shower Oil packed with mineral oil (!!!!!!), drying and altogether rubbish. Needless to say, I won’t be running to replace it! 

Yes, please:

I love Mitchum Anti-Perspirant Deodorants so much & always sing their praise in my Empties. It’s the only one that keeps me dry in any weather for a really long time too if needs be. You can get these at a fraction of the price at your local Savers too! I got this Cutex Nail Polish Remover in Spain and it’s been the best nail polish remover I’ve ever used. Sadly the one I now have (thanks for shopping rubbish Momma Drama Queen!) doesn’t come close but I’ll sure to stock up on it soon! Another handbag essential was this tiny Oribe Gold Lust Dry Shampoo which refreshed my hair within seconds with no white residue. Brilliant but oh so pricey!!! 

Serums, toners, oils & more.

Empties: serums, toners, facial oils & more


Merumaya Iconic Youth Serum was very much loved & I’m sorry to see it go. I have too many serums on the go right now, but I’ll sure to repurchase once the skincare stash goes down a little. I also enjoyed using Mokosh Eye Cream with Green Tea. It had that perfect buttery formula I prefer and my under eyes felt well-taken care off, I may repurchase it in the future as it’s great value for money (30ml!) and smells delicious! Superb facial oil from Resibo is marketed as a serum but I used it as the last step in my skincare. With plentiful of plant oils in the formula, it kept my skin well nourished, especially in colder months. 


I enjoyed using different facial oils from OlVita with Rosehip Seed Oil being my fave for face & Wheatgerm Oil a great under eye overnight treatment. I also used Rasberry Seed & Borage oils with my skin and hair care to give them that extra oomph! Bravura Revitalising Ginseng Glycolic Acid 5% Toner* was my first in terms of AHA toners and I liked it a lot. The gorgeous packaging and scent helped a lot, but with so many, I’m using at the moment, I wouldn’t repurchase right now. Same with Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturising Lotion+ which was a great daily cream & a brilliant prep for makeup. I have plenty other and better moisturisers to consider repurchasing though. 

Never again:

This Bravura First Cleanse Oil* is the worst if you have sensitive eyes! Mine isn’t even that sensitive but this oil cleanser would make me cry out in pain. I ended up using it to remove swatches from my arm in the end... Also, the Superfacialist Rose Mask wasn’t bad per se but very delicate yet moisturising. I’ve never seen a huge difference and ended up using it as the last mask after harsher acid treatments. In the end, I felt it was blocking my pores so I stopped using it altogether. Having said that my mom used it for her neck and enjoyed it, so at least it wasn’t a complete waste. 

Makeup bits

Makeup empties

I rarely finish makeup because I have just a little too much of it, but I managed finally (and didn’t forget to keep it for the empties either! SCORE!)


I adore L’Oreal Paradise Mascara and branded it the best mascara I’ve ever used. It separates, adds volume, lengthens and most importantly rarely smudges. It’s a dupe for Too Faced mascara and I actually prefer it. Already repurchased and may never stray from it! Another brilliant mascara is the L’Oreal Baby Roll Mega Volume! It stays put and gives my lashes definition if slightly less of a fave than Paradise one. I wouldn’t repurchase as I just prefer the other, but a great pick nevertheless. 

Liked it enough:

I must say, I don’t really see the point of MAC Prep & Prime Fix+ anymore now that I have other mists in my life, but it’s a great pre-makeup tool and I may repurchase the coconut version because I love all things coconut-y! NYX Dewy Setting Spray was also a great friend and kept my skin looking dewy-ish, but it’s just not the best value for money and I prefer others. 

Nope, nope, nope:

I didn’t get on with Lancome powder, maybe it was a colour as the powder itself was finely milled. I just couldn’t top it up during the day as it caked up. Not for me, sadly. And the worst mascara trophy goes to Revlon Ultimate All-In-One Mascara. It crumbled and smudged so badly on me, I can’t even describe it properly. I’m also convinced I was allergic to something in it as whenever I used it made my eyes water more than usual. It’s a huge no for me! 

The not so Ordinary stuff.

The Ordinary serum empties

Despite the recent drama, I really enjoy using The Ordinary skincare and managed to finish quite a bit in the recent months. All of which are the definite faves I’d repurchase or have done so already or swapped for a newer version of the formula. "Buffet" Serum was a total favourite everyday serum with a bunch of Hyaluronic Acid and Peptides helping my skin to look its best. Also, Advanced Retinoid 2% (now Granactive Retinoid 2% Emulsion) which both Mom and I used and loved (we actually finished two bottles already!). It’s brilliant if you struggling with some hormonal spots or as an evening treatment to keep them lines & wrinkles at bay. I won’t repurchase because I swapped for Granactive Retinoid 5%  in Squalane now. Argireline Solution 10% is botox in a bottle. Trust me, both Mom and I use it daily and already repurchased. It’s that water-like formula that we use topically onto forehead, smile lines and anywhere its needed. It somehow freezes the wrinkles and lines and makes them appear less visible. And my favourite of them all - Ascorbyl Tetraisopalmitate Solution 20% in Vitamin F is so good if you’re looking to add a potent Vitamin C serum into your routine. It’s got good strength and I loved using it both morning and night as unlike many others it doesn’t roll under makeup. Sadly it became a victim of our trip to London over New Year’s and spilt in the travel makeup bag, but I’m sure to replace it at some point. 

Little minis.

Travel sized empties

Hell yeah:

I adore minis of eye creams as it’s a perfect way to test a product. You usually get 5ml which a 3rd of a full-size stuff! I loved Clinique All About Eyes Rich as it had that creamy, buttery formula I love and worked so great both evening (applied more like a mask) and on mornings too. I’ll definitely repurchase at some point! I also adored the sample of Ole Henriksen Truth Serum and not only because of heaven-like scent! It felt superb on my skin giving it a healthy dose of vitamin C making it look oh so good! 

I’ll pass:

Dermalogica Intensive Eye Repair was good enough I guess but I’ve had better and therefore wouldn’t repurchase. It went with us to Spain & London, so great for travel, but I’m not in a rush to spend money on a full-size. To say my hair and I didn’t get on with Tangle Cherub Precious Pink is an understatement. It’s so pretty which made it a shame, but it didn’t work at all at my hair, somehow making it feel tangly & brushing was simply painful with it. It’s a no thank you from me. 

Scented goddess.

Scents & hair empties

I rarely finish perfumes as I use so bloody many at the same time but I’ve managed to finish this gem from... Wait for it... Avon collaboration with Christian Lacroix Nuit was my perfect scent with notes Bergamot, Neroli, Honeysuckle, jasmine, tuberose, narcissus and some amber & musk to finish it off, it made me feel sexy and mysterious. Sitting nicely on a low-mid price range (around £25-£40 for 50ml) it made it accessible to anyone and very popular with my Avon customers once upon a time. I’m currently still using the full-size bottle of Beatitude Joy Bath Oil* but this little mini lasted for 2 baths and made the whole ritual so much fruitier with the almost bitter scent of citruses!  It's certainly very uplifting and I like mixing it up with other bath fragrances to create my own. 

Brows on fleek & a little mascara.

Makeup empties: brows

Together always:

I’ve had so many brow products, I decided to talk about them separately in my empties. My love for Studio 50 Brow Lift Perfecting Liner knows no bounds, it’s a perfect shade and was a charity collaboration too. I’m sad it’s gone as it made a brow filling a quick & easy task. I also adored Eyelure Brow Amplifier in Blonde (as shown by two already used up tubes), it has a perfect taupe shade, it makes brows appear fuller instantly and I use it on its own for that perfect brushed up Cara brows! Already repurchased of course!


Before Eyelure I loved ModelCo More Brows as the last step in my brow routine, with a skinny brush it’s certainly great but I just prefer Brow Amplifier so I won’t repurchase. Same with Clinique Bottom Lash Mascara which was perfect to get into the roots of my lashes but it was so basic, I can’t justify repurchasing. I love the brush tho, so I kept it! 

I still can't believe I've used up over 40 products recently, even if some were singles or travel sizes! That's crazy!

I'd love to know if you make a cautious effort to finish up products like me, or you end up just giving most away or throwing out half-finished bottles and tubes when they expire? It's an interesting point, especially in the world of beauty blogging where we often try too many products to be able to finish them all. So... What products have you used up lately? 

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  1. Amazing post, Dear. I am interested in those masks, I have to try them.

  2. so many empties! I havent heard any recent drama about the ordinary! I'm so out of the loop haha


  3. So many empties. It's good to see blog posts like this because I feel like half of the stuff I have isn't getting used!


  4. I honestly cannot believe how many products you've saved for this post, I bet you had drawers full of tubs! I'm the same with you about MAC fix+ I feel like its kind of had its day now. I remember using the Clinique bottom lash mascara up but the price is just so offputting so I've not repurchased it either, even though I enjoyed using it!
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