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Jeffrey Star is a controversial figure in the makeup world. I'm not here to review his character, nor the recent dramas surrounding him. I personally enjoy his uncensored videos and snaps, but most importantly, I am super impressed by his first eyeshadow palette. If you follow me on Snapchat (i.dorottka), you're already hear me raving about it. I gave the testing a full week and a half and today, I came to you with my review of the Beauty Killer.

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Beauty Killer is everything and more,  I imagined it would be. It's Jeffree's true first baby: loud and potentially scary to some. You may wanted to skip it based on the shades, as they don't seem too wearable do they? I think it's what compelled me to try it. The matte pink especially!

Packaging is a large hardened cardboard with glossy finish. It's super pink with  gold JS logo and the name written in cute black, large font. It's so much bigger than any other palette I own and it holds 10 large pans of shades. It's larger than your Zoeva palettes and the each shade weights 2.52 grams so there's a huge amount of product here. The Beauty Killer holds small, in comparison with the size of the packaging, mirror, which I'd judge as medium to good quality. It's not Charlotte Tilbury crystal clear, because it's not about packaging with Jeffree Star. Packaging is great, but what matters most is the quality of his shadows. 

The formula of the shades is something else entirely. Mattes are supper buttery soft and pigmented as hell. Frosts are buttery again, perhaps not as soft, but the pigmentation is insane. Then you find yourself with glitter shades and they may feel a little more powdery but it does not take away from the pigmentation which is shockingly good. There's one shade that seem to be swatching less pigmented, but on the eyes is as popping as all the rest. This is the palette, where you can't go all crazy and pick up a lot of product on the brush. After only first use, I learnt that touching the shadow is all it takes to grab enough product on the brush. I experienced no fallout on the eyes and barely any dustiness in the palette. Formula transfers extremely well on swatches and just as well, if not better, on the eyes. As with all JS makeup, formula is vegan and cruelty free.  I'm seriously impressed guys!

Swatches in natural light

Swatches in natural light with flash
Star Power - matte bright true pink, incredible pigmentation
Princess - pale lilac with silvery tones, frost finish, swatches less pigmented than others, but transfers on eyes with the same intensity as other shades.
Violence - medium plum with bluish tones, frost finish, super pigmented
Rich Bitch - metallic glittery gold, great pigmentation and transfers well
Courtney - light-medium warm camel peach brown with some soft orange tones, super pigmented
Expensive - intense glittery teal with light blue micro glitter, great pigmentation
Confession - metallic burgundy with red tones and blue-purple shimmer running throughm great pigmentation
Vanity - dark charcoal matte, great pigmentation
China White - off white pale beige matte, great pigmentation
Black Rainbow - black matte with multicoloured micro glitter, great pigmentation

Shades are what make this palette special. The colours are truly jaw dropping and here's where most of complaints, I assume, comes in. They don't seem wearable. You may also say there's only 10 shades here. I've been using it non stop for 9 days and not once did my makeup look the same. It's not a warm palette, it's also not cool toned. It's a mixture of shades that, after a long thought, works surprisingly well together. Thanks to China White, Courtney and Vanity you have a perfect set for your daytime looks. These mattes are super intense, yet the colours blend so beautifully you can easily create the lightest and softest daytime eye. If you need a bit of a shimmery add on, you'll probably add Princess, as a highlight or Violence, or Confession, as a bit of a colour pop. I'm personally not a huge glitter fan, so Black Rainbow isn't the shade I personally would put in the palette, but it does work if you'd like to deepen the smokey eye created with charcoal Vanity.

Beauty Killer may not be a palette everyone wants, but I think it's the palette every makeup addict needs. Formula and quality of shadows are something else, I've ever seen and work with before. There's just so much possibilities and I plan to show you few of my 'designs' soon. I already have my birthday makeup planned and can't wait to share it with you. In my mind this is a perfect summer palette and the timing of the launch was planned well. I can see myself using it way past the sunny days. 

Buy Beauty Killer here for £40.00

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