Saturday 12 December 2015


Hello Christmas !! It's Blogmas part 4 and I really hope you're liking it as much as I do :) Today it's all about the red lip. Red lip is my signature style, I rarely leave the house without it. I prefer mattes, of course, but during Christmas I don't mind a little shine - I think it feels very festive and make your lips appear fuller. Minus the lasting power of course, but what lipstick will ever survive 5000 plus calories per sitting anyway? ;) 

From left: Duel Matte, Cherry Pop, Kiss, Gladiolus, Siren in Scarlet, Kiss Me You Fool, Firestorm, Make Me Crazy
I thought of what shades and brands I'm going to include in my favourites and was totally surprised that I managed to keep it under 10 lol. Then I tried to reduce that to top 5 and failed miserably.  But I have 8 fairly inexpensive favourites for you, so if you'd like to see which shades I'll be wearing this month - please read on :)

Makeup Revolution Iconic Pro in Duel Matte RPR £2.49

True red, slightly warm toned matte. I think it's very wearable for both daytime and evening and it will suit most skin tones. Good pigmentation. Wear time up to 5 hours. It feels comfortable on the lip even after few hours. It may accentuate dry bits so prep your lip before application.

Clinique Pop Lip Colour + Primer in Cherry Pop RPR £16.00

Cool toned satin red with a hint of purple. You may skip the primer here as it has one in the formula. It feels very moisturising on the lip and comfortable to wear. Good pigmentation. Wear time 3-4 hours if you don't eat in the meantime.

Lord & Berry Crayon Lipstick in Kiss RPR £10.00

Orange toned red matte finish. Great pigmentation and comfortable to wear. As it's matte you may want to prime your lip as it can feel drying after couple of hours. Wear time is decent, 4 hours plus.

Revlon Ultra HD Lipstick in Gladiolus  RPR £7.99

True red with gloss finish. Great pigmentation. Very creamy so lip liner is a must as it may bleed. Wear time isn't great and it will last 1-2 hours tops. It wears off nicely though so some pigment left afterwards. It looks beautiful when first applied although such creamy formula means application with lip brush is a must.

Maybelline Creamy Mattes in Siren in Scarlet RPR £6.99

Cool toned true red with semi matte finish. Good pigmentation and wears comfortably on the lip for up to 6 hours. Wears off nicely too. I would suggest priming your lip as with any matte finish it may dry your lips slightly. Application with the brush makes it easier to work with.

Rimmel Provocalips in Kiss Me You Fool RPR £6.99

True red with semi matte to satin finish. Neutral toned. Looks glorious when applied. Dual ended. Ok pigmentation, can be builded up. Wear time up to 8 hours including eating and drinking (need to test the kiss me you fool part lol). Easy application from both applicator but I prefer to finish up the contour with a lip brush for that 'perfect' lip effect.

Makeup Revolution Lip Lava in Firestorm RPR £2.99

Intense red with gloss finish. Liquid lipstick that's easy on the pocket but with expensive looking finish. Easy to apply too much with the applicator so I suggest lip brush instead. Gives the effect of the full lip and looks so pretty when dry. Long wearing - up to 5 hours with light snack and drinks.

Freedom Makeup Pro Lipstick Pro Red in Make Me Crazy RPR £1.00

The lightest coral red shade. May not be my favourite red but I'm aware not everyone feel comfortable with true red statement lip. Formula sits comfortably on the lip and satin finish means lips feel moisturised. Wear time up to 2 hours. Pigmentation is ok but needs building up. Best applied straight from the bullet.

If I had to choose one for daytime I would go either Iconic Pro Duel Matte or Maybelline Creamy Mattes in Siren in Scarlet. Evening outings I'd go for either Rimmel Provocalips or MUR's Lip Lava. I hope you like my Christmas reds selection. Let me know which ones you like best? Is there any others  you would recommend for me to try? Sound off in the comments below :) Enjoy your weekend ladies x x x

Thank you for reading.

Dorota x

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