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Banish skin texture

I remember the days when my skin had all kinds of bumps, trapped pores, hormonal spots and more. That’s no longer the case and I’d love to share with you my little secret. It may not work overnight but given time you too can enjoy a smooth and flawless skin! If you fancy finding out what works for me, please read on! 

I find acid treatments to be most effective at getting rid of the uneven skin. If you’re not used to them, why not start with a little acid based toner/treatment? They’re super easy to use as all you need is your chosen product, a cosmetic pad (lint free pads are my faves!) and a couple of upward strokes later you are done. Mess-free acid treatments not only fight texture but will also improve your skin elasticity, give your skin that healthy glow & fight premature ageing! If you haven't tried one yet, may I recommend you some holy grails of mine?

Everyday heroes.

For dry & sensitive skin I recommend Alpha H Liquid Gold Rose - full review here. I’ve introduced it to my routine last year and I couldn’t be happier. You can feel the formula working the moment you put that pad down & glow is almost instant. After roughly 2 weeks you’ll start to notice more permanent changes. It’s gentle enough to be used every day, but I’d stick to every other evening if you’re very sensitive. It’s packed with moisturising ingredients too, so it’ll help keeping dehydration at bay. This AHA based treatment is superb, I dare you to try it! 

An all-rounder, the Glossier Solution is a combination of AHA, BHA and PHA (smallest molecular weight) which penetrate the skin to reveal the new you. The add-on of BHA (Salicylic Acid) will help decongest, cleanse pores, rid you of spots & let the scars heal quicker, while PHA is the gentlest of them all & used alongside other acids in the formula it’ll help your skin adjust to environmental changes and protect from future damage. Glossier gives you a 30-day challenge to use the product every day and make notes of the changes you’ve noticed. I’m used to acids, so these are not as easily spotted. I love how it makes my skin feel, that next morning glow & keeping spots at bay. And how cute is that millennial-ready packaging with the easy dispenser, all you have to do is place your pad on it and press to release the product! Simples! :)

Acid toners

Acids aside, Merumaya Treatment Toner is the only toner I ever use in the morning (or at night in between acid toner evenings!). There are no words to describe how much I love it and I already used up 2 (or was that 3... I'm not sure!) and have 2 more backups already (loved the '3 for 2' promo so I got lots and also gifted friends with it lol). I will never be without it as it gives my skin a healthy dose of Vitamin C, Hyaluronic Acid, Betaine and Pheohydrane. All ingredients work to soften & brighten the complexion and improve collagen production. I once branded it the best thing that happened to my skin since sliced bread and I stand by my opinion! It’s the one product I can’t go without and when I have to for whatever reason I see the difference in my skin almost instantly! I got myself totally addicted & I’m happy to be Treatment Toner junkie! 

Polish off the texture. 

I rarely get that hard skin feeling with under skin bumps anymore but when I do Dermalogica Daily Superexfoliant* helps instantly. This powder-based acid & vitamin C rich treatment formula is activated in contact with water which helps to keep those ingredients fresh. I take a spoonful of product and add a little water then massage it onto my skin. I can almost feel the texture disappearing under my fingers! It’s little messy sure, but honestly best if my skin has any texture I want rid of quickly. It’s not that great for dry skin, as I feel quite stripped after use and must follow with the skincare featuring lots and lots of oils, but the smooth skin is so worth it! A soft baby bum-like face is what I'm all about! 

Mechanical exfoliators

Another gem with a little more grain-like particles is Omorovicza Refining Facial Polisher. It exfoliates quickly getting rid of all dead skin cells and is enriched with Calcium and Magnesium to leave pores cleansed! It improves firmness and gives my skin the most healthy glow. I’m normally wary of any physical exfoliation but somehow don’t mind it here, as long as I go very gentle! It also features Copper Gluconate for that extra anti-ageing smoothness! The dark green formula goes lighter on the skin when you massage it on. Just let it work for 2 minutes and voila! Perfect for those busy evenings when you might not have the time for a mask! 

I say I don't like mechanical peels yet... Peter Thomas Roth Pumkin Enzyme Mask is the best exfoliator for those needing results in minutes. 7 minutes can change your skin forever. Oldie but a goodie, I recently reintroduced it into my routine as I have 3 more months to use it up & well, there's barely any left. This mask smells of pumpkins and will be a perfect autumn/winter treat. The mechanical exfoliation (silver) is joined with enzymes and AHA to create an all-around treatment at home. It stings quite a bit when first applied but the feeling eases up after few minutes. I love it as a first step in multi masking routine and always follow up with something gentler afterwards.

The blood-like peel everyone's raving about

Professional peel at home.

The Ordinary 30% AHA + 2% BHA Peeling Solution is to be used once a week & promises professional grade results in only 10 minutes. I apply a full pipette of the blood-like formula directly onto my face and neck and massage it in with my fingers or using a flat foundation brush. After 10 minutes it reveals the most glorious glowing & smooth skin ever! Best for use once your skin is ‘used to’ acids, so I wouldn’t recommend it to the beginners, but if you fancy that extra something, you simply must try this! The 30ml bottle will last for ages as all you need is one pipette of the product per session plus it’s dead cheap too! If Omorovicza, Alpha H and Dermalogica are too pricey for your budget, try The Ordinary peel for fabulous results at home! 


Any acid-based treatments should be used as instructed on the packaging. Please note a slight tingling is normal and should disappear few minutes into the treatment and at most after 10-15 minutes from when you wash the product off. Slight redness may occur. If you’re sensitive or prone to skin allergies, a patch test is required. Please discontinue using the product if your skin feels too uncomfortable & seek professional advise. 

Let's talk acids

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  1. I am sooo desperate to try some glossier products!

  2. I think I need to buy that PTR mask soon! xx


  3. I love both the Peter Thomas Roth mask and the Ordinary Peeling Solution! Though they're both super-intense! I must repurchase the Merumaya toner when I need a new one as I used to really like it :)

    Jasmine xx

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  4. These all look like great products. Some I've heard of and been meaning to try!


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