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Whatever you're a busy #girlboss, new mom, recovering from a night out or insomniac, dark circles are probably one problem we all battle at some point in our lives. There's many reasons for it and sadly some of us are just genetically unlucky, but there are plenty of ways to diminish dark circles quickly at home. 

I feel strongly about great skincare and there's plenty you can do at home to help with getting rid or lightening the shadows under your eyes. Today, however I'd like to concentrate on quick and easy ways to brighten up your eyes.

I'm sure plenty of you have heard of red lipstick being the one for getting rid of circles. Whilst this may be true for darker complexions, if you are pale or even medium this is practically unobtainable. I also DO NOT recommend placing lipstick formulas under eyes. Skin under our eyes is too delicate and thin to lightly play with, just for the sake of another Instagram trend. Lipstick formulas aren't tested for the delicate area such as under eyes and you could end up with allergic reaction or worse. 

Peach correctors have been around for quite sometime and are much better alternative to playing around with lipsticks. They come in different shades, formulas and price tags but they have one in common, slightly peachy, salmon like shade. Our dark circles are usually of purple undertone and peach counteracts with it quite well.

So what's the difference between corrector and concealer, you may ask? Corrector is generally a product in which certain tones and undertones are used to correct the problem. Different shades can correct everything. We use green for redness and peach for correcting any purple tones. Concealer is a product which conceals the problematic area. Be that by concealing under eyes or pimples. It can be used alone or together with the corrector for maximum results.

Before you give in to hype, let's talk your skin. Have a look at yourself in the mirror. What tones are your circles, are they super dark or just slightly purplish? Choosing a shade is important and funnily enough you do not choose the lightest shade just because you're super pale. You should choose your peach corrector shade based on intensity of your dark circles and not your complexion. The darker you go, the more effective the colour correcting will be. 

Salmon like shades work beautifully at counteracting the shadows under our eyes for an instant brighter looking skin and more awoken eyes. Knowing your skin is always helpful, if your under eyes are super dry or showing signs of ageing choose creamy and light formulas like NYX or Bobbi Brown. If you're more normal to oily, you can go for more setting formulas like LA Girl. That's not too say that drier eyes can't pull off the other formulas, given great skincare, you can make it work too!

Bobbi Brown Corrector in Light Bisque started my obsession with correctors and it's truly irreplaceable. It's light and creamy formula works well on any skin types, even mature. It brightens your eyes instantly and provides a moisturised base for your concealer. It's important to remember that correctors are not concealers and will need to be topped up with your perfect shade. Corrector work beautifully at diminishing the look of your dark circles by correcting the area. On good days I can get away with only a touch of Bobbi Brown Corrector but I usually follow with concealer to ensure the area is not only corrected but also highlighted. It's not cheap and at £22.00 per pot it sits at the end of the scale, but the formula is unlike any others I tried. The only con this product have is the moving formula as even topped up with concealer and set with powder it tends to move the formulas around during a long day. I find that I am more likely to end up with panda eyes using Bobbi Brown Corrector as my mascara smudges more easily when I wear it. This can be avoided with baking and as long as you set your under eyes well, you should be fine.

NYX Full Coverage Concealer Jar in Light was my attempt at trying to find a dupe for Bobbi Brown Corrector. It has a very similar formula to the cult BB product and sits nicely on the other end of the scale price tag wise. Sadly the shade is nothing like Light Bisque and doesn't work as well at diminishing the circles in my opinion. It's still little peachy and if you want just a brighter under eyes this will certainly do the trick. Same as with BB corrector, the creamy formula moves easily and needs to be set in order to survive. It's not as lasting and tends to slightly set in lines. It's definitely my least favourite of the three I have to show you today. Saying that, it's not a bad concealer and given you set it well, it highlights the area nicely.

LA Girl Peach Corrector didn't wow me at first. I was afraid of quite dark peach shade and my first time with it, I dropped it in the very end of my concealer drawer. It didn't work too well with my then every day hero MUFE Full Cover. Couple of weeks ago I gave it another chance and I was blown away with how well it covered my under eye circles. I've been working a lot lately and sleeping less, so the circles were in full bloom. Enter Peach Corrector. I apply it mainly at the inner corners and working towards the middle of the under eyes. I blend it well with a beauty blender and apply Urban Decay Naked Skin Weightless Concealer in Fair. This is my dream duo. LA Girl covers all the shadows well and Urban Decay highlights and covers the under eyes to perfection. For those sleepless nights I can't imagine using something other than the Peach Corrector. The formula is more liquid than creamy and it sets, as the concealer I apply over it so only a small amount of powder is needed to finish off the under eyes. I tend to apply it with a beauty blender too, looking upwards and starting from the outer corners towards the inner corners. I find this combination works so well on me and lasts all day long without looking too dry.

From left: NYX, Bobbi Brown, LA Girl
From top: NYX, Bobbi Brown, LA Girl
If I had to choose the winner, at present it would most definitely be LA Girl Peach Corrector. It works brilliantly at covering my dark circles but also sets so I don't walk around with smudged mascara. It's not as brightening as Bobbi Brown and if excess was recommended for under eyes (IT'S NOT!!! lol) I would probably use it on top of LA Girl and under the concealer. I tend to reach for Bobbi Brown more on the days when I wear minimal makeup and only need my under eyes brightened. For heavy duty dark circles I always go for Peach Corrector + Naked Skin combo. 

What tips do you have for under eyes? Do you suffer with dark circles or is puffiness your biggest nightmare? Do you use correctors or only concealers? As always I'm looking for your recommendations and hero products, so if there's something you'd like me to review next, please let me know and I'll happily oblige :)

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  1. I am pale and have dark circles, and discovering correctors was my makeup epiphany. Bobbi Brown Lifht Bisque is the one I go back to all the time as well, I havent found anything that works as well, be it high end or drugstore.

    Linda, Libra, Loca: Beauty, Baby and Backpacking

  2. On everyday basis concealer is enough for me but if I want more coverage under my eyes I use my Pixi corrector which works really well for me. I never got along with the LA Girl concealers, I may need to dig them out of the depths of my makeup drawer and try it again, haha! x

    Mummy's Beauty Corner

  3. Would you believe that I have never used a corrector? I think I'll go to a Bobbi Brown counter and get matched to the right shade & give it a go! Brilliant post, Dorota xx

    Beautylymin| LuxuryFragranceGiveaway

  4. Excellent post.

  5. I am definitely genetically unlike as I've had dark circles since I was a child. I need to try the LA Girl option soon, it looks fab x

    Beauty with charm

  6. Great post hun...i would be the "New Mom" lol then again i always have bags,Urban Decay do some nice ones too,pricey but nice xx♥xx

  7. I found yellow works well for y under eyes, or maybe I just haven't found a peach one that works for me. I have the salmon LA Girl one, I don't mind it, but I prefer the yellow one. I need to check out the Bobbi Brown. It sounds great xx

    LPage Beauty


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