Friday 25 March 2016


Welcome to Makeup Friday and today's really special, as Miss NishiV MUA is collaborating with me on this one :) If you haven't already, go now and stalk her on Bloglovin', Youtube (she's the brave one and makes Youtube vids), Instagram, Facebook & Twitter. I stalk NishiV all the time - she won't mind :) So, am I scared to collab with an actual MUA? Damn right I am hahaha  <3

Today is about having fun, and we had so much fun creating these two looks for you and talking across all social media, both excited at what's to come :) OK, would you like to have a look? 

Base, Contour & Cheeks

I started with primed skin and applied Misha B.B Cream in 13 to cover up any redness and for a flawless look. This is a high coverage BB cream and I love it. I wanted to go a little stronger on the eye so flawless base was a must :) I covered up my under eyes with my new favourite - Kobo Illuminator which gives a decent coverage but it's also super highlighting. I then 'baked' the under eyes with ELF Under Eye Setting Powder and left it there for good 30 mins and brushed the excess off, when I finished with eye makeup.

I used my Cream Contouring Wheel from KOBO to contour my cheeks and my forehead (cool tones colour) and the highlighting colour on the tip of my nose, chin and underneath the cheek contour. I blended it all out with the same brush I applied both BB Cream and Concelaer - my favourite Sigma F80. I then set it all in place using Lush Emotional Brilliance Setting Powder (It's incredible for dry skin as it gives a satin effect). I wanted some colour to my face so I added a fair amount of theBalm Balm Dessert Bronzer across my cheekbones and blending it out upwards on the temples and forehead.

I finished up my cheeks with a tad of Makeup Revolution Matte Blush in Fusion and Pro Illuminate Powder that I'm currently obsessed with - such a pretty highlight !!

Eyes, Brows & Lips

I wanted a stronger look as I was inspired by both NishiV's smokey eyes and some other artists. I wanted cat eye but defined, yet blended. I wanted to add some peach and this look came to mind. I stated with priming my lid with MAC Paint Pot in Painterly. I'm obsessed with this as a primer :) 

On to Makeup Revolution Fortune Favours The Brave. I used Soft to set my base with, all over the lid, the crease and under the brow bone. I then started with my transition shades and used a mixture of Buffer & Latte just above my crease, as I have hooded eyes. With the eyes prepped - I started lining my cat eye using Blacqua. It's a super pigmented black and I loved working with it. I wanted a cat eye that's really defined on the edges and blended softly inwards, creating a fake larger lid space. I won't lie, I had experience a bit of fall out but nevertheless it was great to work with. I kept adding the colour in, until I was satisfied with the results. I then started with Peachy. This is such a beautiful peach shade, perfect mix of peach and pink, unfortunately not very pigmented so I had to add and add the shade to the mid lid and blending in the cat eye inwards just above the crease. I blended the peach towards inner corner and finished it off with a mixture of Ice Cloud and New World in the inner corner. For the bottom lid I recreated the steps, adding Blacqua to outer corner and blending it out with Peachy. I added some Maybelline Gel Liner as I was planning to use falsies and finished the lashes with two coats of Max Factor Velvet Volume Mascara. For my falsies I used Superdrug own Volume no 21 false lashes. 

For my brows I used Freedom Brow Pomade in Taupe. This is my holy grail brow product. It's only a fiver and it does what great pomade should do - amazing!! Glad to see such a great product available in drugstore. With such a strong eye, I opted for nude lips and chose my recent favourite MUR Rose Gold Lipstick in Chauffeur. You could get away with more peachy tone lips but I prefer mine in either statement or nude :)

Hope you enjoy my finished look. Don't forget to check out NishiV MUA post as well. Just click here now. She's also on Snapchat so if you like a glimpse into her every day life just search: Nishi.V

From myself I would love to wish you a Happy Easter, eat lots of chocolate, spend time with family and friends and enjoy the 4 day weekend (and Easter sales nut shhhhhh). 

Wednesday 23 March 2016


I like cleansing my skin. I have a whole routine in place that sometimes takes 15 minutes in the evening just so I can thoroughly cleanse my skin. It's such a therapeutic thing to do, as if whilst cleansing I also rid of stress of the whole day. My first step for over a year now is a Micellar Water. I have tried many with pink Garnier Micellar and Simple Micellar Water being ones I come back to all the time. When I recently stepped in to Boots and saw a new oil-infused formula I couldn't not take it home with me and test it. I have a dry and dehydrated skin and whatever I do, whatever products I use, cleansing often leaves my skin little irritated. 

Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water (RPR £4.99) is a dupe for the corresponding Bioderma product. I have tested both and I couldn't justifice the more expensive Bioderma as in my opinion they're identical. It removes the face makeup very well, but it can struggle on waterproof mascara's or foundation, same with liquid lipstick. Therefore I always had two separate products to remove makeup from face and eye/lip. With my sensitive dry skin, I feel as it removes a lot of moisture as well, sometimes leaving my skin slightly irritated. I like to start my cleansing with coconut oil to break down the makeup I have and then cleanse it all off with two large pads soaked in the Garnier Micellar Water. This duo has always worked for me well :)

Garnier SkinActive Oil-Infused Micellar Cleansing Water (RPR £5.99) looks more like as duo-phased eye makeup removers I'm used to. Formula is oily but not heavy, more of a dry oil result after you cleanse. It leaves the skin with a barrier of moisture which is always a plus for those with dry skin. In order to test them against each other, I have removed my whole face/eye/lip makeup using two pads. My left side being standard micellar and right oil-infused. I feel that SkinActive Oil-Infused Micellar Cleansing Water removes the makeup exactly the same as the standard water when it came to face products. Difference lays in removing eye and lip make-up. The oil breaks down mascara just a tad quicker, same goes for liquid lipsticks. I still experience a tiny bit of irritation on some days, but it certainly is less than with standard micellar water. I feel like my skin is better prepare for actual cleaning as it feels plumped and clean after use, even with a tiny oil barrier left. 

To sum up I would highly recommend Garnier SkinActive Oil-Infused Micellar Cleansing Water for dry, dehydrated and mature skin. Due to the oil based formula you will experience less tagging on your eye area when removing make-up. There's also no real need for a separate eye makeup remover product. When it comes to face there's no reason to switch as standard micellar water will do the trick, but if you worry about your skin being stripped from moisture, oil-infused one is definitely a better choice for you.

Have you tried any of the Garnier Micellar Waters? What is your opinion on them? I quite like them and they have been a staple in my bathroom. I must say I really like oil based one just a slightly better than the original formula :)

Monday 21 March 2016


It seems Makeup Revolution Week has just finished but today I finally get to share with you my review of Fortune Favours The Brave palette by Jane from British Beauty Blogger. I swatched it on MUR event recently and I had to have it. It definitely doesn't disappoint :)

Package arrived pretty early considering the palette was much hyped about by all of us and I purchased it on the day of early release. It costs £10.00 and it's available on MUR website and it should be launching in Superdrug this week :)

Packaging gets a huge well done from me. Firstly, it's not shiny black and although it's also made of plastic, it feels more well done. It is not luxury packaging but for the price it comes very close. Definitely closer than any other MUR palette ever came. I love the logo and the matte gold plastic. It's super pretty. Definitely an eye candy for my vanity :) Inside you will find a very large mirror and small double ended brush. It's really tiny with one end being a synthetic flat brush and other a small blending brush. I really like the size of the blending brush but as usual, this one is quite stiff and too scratchy for my liking. Bristles are definitely not quality enough to be considered for using it everyday. I find that flat side doesn't pick up product very well either. Please don't be discouraged, I reject most of the brushes that come with palettes even the more luxury ones like Urban Decay or Anastasia Beverly Hills. I personally wouldn't include the brush at all.

30 shades are of various finishes. You'll find plenty mattes of semi matte to matte finish, satins, shimmers and baked. Oh the baked shades - some of them are super pretty :) Most shades are beautifully pigmented with one or two slacking in the pigmentation department. It's a very versatile palette, having both neutrals and colours in. I'm a little surprised it has launched for spring, as I will definitely consider using it more in autumn as colour shades have that autumn dirty look to them. Nevertheless you are getting 30 incredible shades ranging from cool through neutral to warm tones. There's plenty here for everyone :)

Let's have a look at individual shades. I apologise in advance - this may take a while, so if you haven't already, make yourself a cup of tea and relax :) Done? Ok then, let's dig in :) * all shades have an great pigmentation unless stated otherwise*

Glimmer - champagne shade with shimmer finish, great for highlighting
Buffer - warm tone matte beige, great as a base crease shade for transitioning 
Peachy - warm peach satin finish, lacks in pigmentation and needs to be applied few times to get the colour intensity, shade wise - just beautiful as an all over shade or mid lid transition from dark outer corner.
Hope - light brown satin finish, neutral tone, gorgeous all over the lid colour.

Fortune - vintage gold shimmer finish , neutral tone, another great all over the lid shade.
Skylight - dirty blue with gold shimmer running through, baked finish, lovely shade for adding a hint of colour
Transformer - dark blue with green undertone matte finish, great for outer corners or all over the lid.
Smoothie - dark navy/grey matte with blue micro -glitter running through, lacks pigmentation.

Ice Cloud - icy white shimmer finish, beautiful for highlighting 
Golden Coins - medium brown gold shimmer, baked finish - beautiful all over the lid shade
Cashmere - medium taupe satin finish - great all over the lid or for transition from dark outer corner.
Tip Top - muddy yellow toned taupe, matte finish, lacks in pigmentation a bit but still ok as a transition shade.

Yes Please - vintage gold with green undertone, super pigmented all over the lid.
Green Machine - muddy green with gold shimmer, great all over the lid shade
Smoothie - dark green matte finish, lacks a bit in pigmentation, will need several coats to really work
Caffeine Fix - chocolate brown matte finish with neutral to cool tones, greta for darkening up the crease and outer corners.

Latte - light brown, neutral to warm tones, matte finish - great transition shade  
Pink Diamond - light to medium pink shimmer, a little crumbly for my liking
Creme - light yellow beige shade, matte finish, great for setting primer.
Drama Queen - dark brown with purple undertones, cool toned matte finish - great outer corner shade

Lonely Planet - dark purple black matte with berry purple micro glitter running through. This one looks beautiful in the pan but it's harder to transfer to lid as opaque as its swatch.
Blacqua - true black matte finish - now that's a great black shade, pigmented and easily transferable, may experience a bit of fallout 
Soft - peachy light beige, matte finish, great for setting up your primer
New World- icy white with gold shimmer running through, baked finish - just gorgeous for inner corners.

Favour - peachy rose gold shimmer, beautiful all over the lid shade
Sunset Hour - medium brown gold shimmer, great all over the lid
Super Gold -  dark gold shimmer, great all over the lid

Winning - muted dark taupe purple, matte finish, lovely for darkening up the crease and outer corners
Brave - dark purple black with micro glitter
The Revolution - matte purple taupe with tons of berry purple micro glitter, the matte shade lacks in pigment just a bit.

I hope you survived the overview of individual shades and chosen your favourites already. For me I love the shimmers, all except of Pink Diamond really. From satins the clear winner for me is Peachy, despite the fact it seriously lacks in pigmentation - it is the perfect peach shade !! I love all baked shades but few caught my eye the most. Lonely Planet looks amazing and cosmic in the pan, and New World is my favourite shade, simply gorgeous. Mattes are lacking the wow factor, but light beiges are better pigmented than in other palettes so hats off to MUR and Jane. Blacqua is a great black matte that every palette truly needs. I also like Winning and Drama Queen. 

There are unlimited choices here for you to create any look. Shimmers are as per usual gorgeous and transfer to lid incredibly, there are few good mattes to complete the look and baked shades may steal your heart as they've stolen mine. All you need is a little imagination and Fortune Favours The Brave may quickly become a staple on your vanity. Shadows are very lasting and they survived my oily lid and hooded eye for 6 hours without the base and 12 hours applied over MAC Painterly so you are getting quality here, no questions. The only little issue I have is the release date as this palette screams autumn/winter with the colour shades muted, mostly cool undertones.

What do you think? Do you adore this palette just as I do? Maybe purchased it already or it's on your wishlist? Let me know in the comments below, what you think of Jane's first palette with Makeup Revolution? 

Thank you for reading,

Dorota x

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Wednesday 16 March 2016


My Makeup Geek collection must be a most requested post to date. It has become an instant hot when I first show you my haul and since it has grown significantly. After few weeks of daily testing I come to you with my opinion on the eyeshadows. 
I am a complete fanatic when it comes to matte shadows and they are most prominent in my collection. I have plenty of shimmers from companies like Makeup Revolution and they are of great quality so I saw no reason in investing in shimmers. Good mattes however are harder to come by so I wanted to invest in these mainly. I also couldn't stay away from foiled finishes, having seen them everywhere from blogs to Youtube. There's few more shadows on my NEED LIST, but for now I am super happy with my collection, so it's time to share it with you :)

MATTE EYESHADOWS formula is pretty impressive considering the price of shadows. These are half price from MAC for example and just a joy to work with. They are soft to touch, almost creamy, super pigmented and practically blend themselves. out of all shades I will show you today, I cannot complain at a single one. There's no fall out, they stay on for up to 16 hours on MAC Paint Pot Painterly base which is a base I use for all my eyeshadows. The colours don't shade throughout the day, they stay vibrant and don't crease. When blending mattes, there's always a risk of shadows disappearing, but not these ones. They blend beautifully and as vibrant as when you first apply them.  They cost £4.95 per pan, available on Beauty Bay.

White Lies - matte pigmented white shade, perfect to set your base with or for matte highlight to the inner corners.
Baby Face - matte pigmented cool tone beige, perfect all over the lid shade and to set your base with.
Sorbet - matte pigmneted pale pink shade, again great over the lid shade and as crease colour for natural makeup looks.
Peach Smoothie - matte pigmented warm beige with yellow undertones, perfect crease colour.
Creme Brûlée - matte pigmented warm toned medium beige with orange undertones, great crease shade.
Desert Sands - matte pigmented warm toned yellow brown (it's so hard to explain but it looks like poop haha), despite my description it's a great crease shade, perfect to start darkening up the colours.
Chickadee - matte pigmented muted dirty yellow, another great crease shade, perfect for warm smokey eye looks.
Morocco - matte pigmneted muted dirty orange shade, another great warm shade. perfect for all over the lid, in the crease or outer corners.
Poppy - matte pigmented peachy red shade. This one is beautiful for those of your with light eyes (blue, green and grey) as it brings out the colour like no other. I like to blend out my browns with it for added warmth to my eye look.
Barcelona Beach matte pigmented light brown taupe, cool toned shade. Great in the crease colour.
Frappe - matte pigmented warm toned medium brown. Great to darken up the crease, as an all over shade or for outer corners.
Cocoa Bear matte pigmented warm toned chocolate brown. Beautiful shade for darkening up the crease, all over or outer corners. This is an already a cult shade and for good reason - it's stunning.
Mocha - matte pigmented cool toned dark brown. Great shade, again you can use it however you like but I love it in my outer corners and on the bottom lid. 
Americano - matte pigmented dark brown with purple undertones. Amazing for brown smokey eyes instead of using a black in the outer corners. This is very defining shade.
Bitten - matte pigmented muted neutral to warm brown red . Simply stunning !! I'd use this shade everyday if I wasn't obsessed with creating new looks ;)

From left: Peach Smoothie, Sorbet, Baby Face, White Lies
From Left: Morocco, Chickadee, Desert Sands, Creme Brûlée
From Left: Mocha, Cocoa Bear, Frappe, Barcelona Beach
From Left: Bitten, Americano, Simply Marlena, Poppy
SATIN/SHIMMER EYESHADOWS are also quite a joy to work with. Super pigmented, they blend beautifully and create such a subtle sheen to the lid. They are everything I already said about mattes but with a different finish to them. 

Mango Tango - satin finish orange coral with gold shimmer running through. Beautiful in between shade. I like to apply it to the mid lid or on the lower lid. It creates a lovely contrast with mattes and in between blended effect.
Simply Marlena - satin finish pink purple. Named after Makeup Geek founder Marlena it's one of the most beautiful shades I've seen. I used it in a tutorial recently if you'd like to check it out. Stunning !! 

FOILED EYESHADOWS are a formula never seen before really. When these came out, beauty world went crazy for them. Super pigmented, almost wet effect shimmers are all stunners without the doubt. Creamy to touch formula, they apply super pigmented on the lid (use your finger for max pigmentation). I can't praise these enough. I have few more on my wish list but they have been out of stock on Beauty Bay.

Whimsical - is foiled finish pale lilac shade. Perfect for inner corners and to give your mid lid a bit of wow effect.
In The Spotlight - is a peachy rose cold/copper foiled finish. Beautiful for mid lid or even inner corners if you're going for slightly darker eye !! Gorgeous !! 
Magic Act - yellow gold foiled finish. Stunning gold shade to brighter inner corners or for mid lid. 

From Left: Magic Act, In The Spotlight, Whimsical
From Left: Mango Tango, Mai Tai
DUO-CHROME EYESHADOWS are the ones that I skipped mostly on as only one shade truly caught my attention. Duo-Chromes are specific finishes that look different in every lighting as well as when applied on light or black base. They are truly unique in finish and the shade I choose, I absolutely adore

Mai Tai - is a peachy base with pink shimmer duo-chrome finish. Beautiful in between or all over the lid shade. It's truly a stunner :)

I adore Makeup Geek shadows. Formulas are each unique and stunning in their own light. Matte are true mattes, there's no semi matte finish to any of them. Pigmentation is intense which is so important when creating makeup looks. They truly blend themselves so of course they're a joy to work with. There's a great variety of shades in all finishes as well. Foiled shadows are amazing. What else is there to say. Pigmentation and finish are just insane !! I also love satins and duo-chrome finishes as the shades I picked up scream me :) I cannot say one bad thing about the shades. I simply love them all. They are worth their price, to be perfectly honest they are worth much more, as I prefer them to MAC shadows that are double the MUG prices. Duo-chrome in my opinion is much better to work with than Zoeva ones and of better pigmentation. 
Have you tried MUG shadows? What do you think of them? Is there any shades I don't have and you think I should try? Let me know in the comments section below.

Thank you for reading,

Dorota x

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Monday 14 March 2016


If there's ever any need for extra radiance to your complexion, it is on Monday morning. Being woken up rudely by an alarm clock is one of the worst feelings in the world, if you ask me. Today I'm bringing you my new favourite, a little palette by mighty Zoeva, proven to brighten up your mornings :)

Zoeva Rose Golden Blush Palette comes in a sleek, cardboard packaging. It's rose gold hue is so on point with the whole world going crazy for copper and rose gold. It's a lovely addition to already large collection of brushes with rose gold detailing. It's light, small and travel friendly. 

Palette includes a contour, blush and highlight shades. This triad works perfectly for both contouring and strobing trends. For a chiseled look work all shades onto your cheeks. Formula is infused with Vitamin E, which nourishes the skin as well as giving your complexion a visible radiance boost thanks to the shades. Very lightweight powders, however not as creamy to touch as we are used to with Zoeva eyeshadows. They are very easy to apply and blend and offer great pigmentation. It's quite unusual selection of shades with contour definitely aimed at paler skin tones and both blush and highlighter incredibly pigmented and working for both pale and darker complexions.

Heavy Crown is a muted chocolate shade, neutral tone and a matte finish. It's not as pigmented as the rest of shades which works great for pale skin tones. It gives a beautiful finish on the skin, slightly bronzing and contouring at the same time. You will not hurt yourself with this powder, it goes on the skin smoothly and doesn't leave any streaks, which are quite common with super pigmented contour shades. I wasn't too sure I'm going to like it at first but it looks beautiful on my skin, giving enough colour, but without being to overpowering. It has a great staying power. 

Glowing Still is the most unusual highlight shade I've ever come across and I've tested a lot of highlighters. It looks white in the pan, swatches white at first too, but once blended it's super pigmented yellow gold highlight. Light hand during application is a must as this is very well pigmented highlight. For me it works better for evening looks as it can be too 'in your face' during daytime on someone as pale as me. I love it nevertheless, it's gorgeous and stays put for 10 hours plus.

Palace Door is another shocker, as again it looks totally different in the pan than on the skin. It's hard to describe really. It's a medium pink peach with warm undertones and rose gold sheen. I'm normally against shimmery blushers but OMG this one works somehow. It creates a beautiful sheen to the cheeks without being to overpowering. It compliments both contour and highlight shade. I love it !! As with highlight, it's super pigmented so light hand is needed when applying. Again, very long lasting, it will stay on your cheeks for up to 10 hours - amazing !!

I was very sceptical at first, due to feeling a bit cheated when it came to shades as they swatch and apply totally different to the wa the look in the palette. For some reason these shades just work. It makes me giggle a little as they're the opposite to what I usually enjoy. I like my contour to be super pigmented - yet Heavy Crown works beautifully on me. I love my matte blushes, yet Palace Door took me by complete surprise and I absolutely love it despite its sheen finish. I love my highlighter to stand out and don't get me wrong this one does but it's such an unusual shade I still can't comprehend why I love it so much. I really can't say anything bad about this palette. It's sleek and travel friendly, I love the rose gold packaging and the shades are incredible. They work, that is all :)

Zoeva Rose Golden Blush Palette retails for £13.00 and it's available now on Beauty Bay

Thank you for reading,

Dorota x

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Sunday 13 March 2016


Hello & welcome to a very late final post of my Week with Makeup Revolution. Technical difficulties are to blame as I had literally no internet connection to be able to post on Friday. I am here now and not empty handed. Not only do you get to see some amazing new launches from Makeup Revolution but also get a chance to win Makeup Revolution makeup at first official giveaway on my blog :)

Thursday 10th of March was an all exciting day for me as I attended Makeup Revolution Birthday Party. I arrived at the venue and was blown away by Cafe de Paris in London. The venue was just beautiful and I took few pics for you to prove I'm not exaggerating ;)

We were treated to existing and new product showcase, where we were able to talk to Makeup Revolution team , swatch the products and meet some amazing people :) When the time come, The man behind Makeup Revolution and Freedom gave a beautiful speech thanking the team and the bloggers for the continuing support. I'm not going to lie, I teared up a bit. What a rollercoaster the last two years has been indeed. With thousand of product launches to bringing professional quality makeup to the masses at affordable prices. I even get to finally meet Adam in person!! There were many internet personalities present with Jane or THE British Beauty Blogger launching her new palette with collaboration with Makeup Revolution !!! I was able to swatch it, however pictures (due to lighting) aren't incredible so I will skip that. I will be getting the palette for sure so I'll review in depth in a due time. What I can say for now? The packaging !!! Let's just stop for a second, because the packaging is just beautiful. For the first time I can honestly give the packaging 5* - it's incredible. There are few shadows in there that you also can't miss - simply beautiful !! We also going to get a brand new Chocolate Vice palette. New in Chocolate range and oh so pretty !! I wasn't able to get any pictures I'm afraid but I will be showing you the palette as soon as I get my hands on it :)

During the announcement there were few amazing new things coming our way. First being a competition. #IAMFREEDOM launches in April and it's set to be one of the biggest beauty competitions of 2016!!! It will see the entrants compete through 3 challenges to earn themselves a place in the LIVE FINAL in September. 4 runners up will receive £1000.oo each and the winner will be taking home £10,000.00 !! During the presentation the winner's prize has been doubled by an attending Superdrug and now stands at £20k and a year's supply of Freedom products and a year partnership with the brand !!

The next big thing in the MUR universe is the launch of their new app available now on both App Store and Google Play. I've been using it for few days now and it's brilliant :) You can check what offers are currently available, as well as connect with other MUR enthusiasts. If you haven't already - download it now :)

After all the excitement of the announcements the party commenced and partied we did with DJ set by Scott Mills and open bar. It was a blast :) You can look out for the coverage of the event on social media now. #revolutionbirthday is all you need to see how amazing the night truly was :)

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank Adam and the whole TAM beauty team for inviting me to this magical event. I had such a wonderful time, it was truly a night to remember <3
I'd also like to thank you for such nice reception of Makeup Revolution Week !! I had an amazing time showcasing you newest and my all time favourites from the brand. I'm glad you enjoyed it !! 

To end this post on a lovely note, I'm running a blog giveaway to win some of the amazing products from Makeup Revolution :) You can grab yourself a new palette - Flawless 2, new Rose Gold Lipstick in Red Carpet (my favourite shade !!), The One Fluid Blusher in Pink Dew, Ultra Metals Ultra Contour Brush & Salvation Velvet Lip Lacquer in Velvet Rebel.

To enter please use Rafflecopter below. Giveaway is open internationally and will run until 10th of April 2016. Winner will be announced on all my social media on 15th April. I will be contacting the winner directly. You must be 16 years and over to enter this giveaway, however if you are under 18 years old, you need your parent/guardian permission to enter. To enter the giveaway you must follow my blog (I'll be checking) and comment below this post with "Entered". You can gain additional entries by following me across all my social media using a Rafflecopter:) Tweeting about the giveaway will gain you additional entry every day :)

Thank you for reading,

Dorota x

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