Wednesday 30 August 2017


Fake a holiday glow

I almost forgot what summer feels like now. I was lucky enough to spend 10 glorious days on the coast of Spain and then top it all up during a beautiful sunny wedding away in Poland. I like having a little colour to me, so I decided to share with you my ways of keeping summer alive: by faking it of course! 

Monday 28 August 2017


Overnight beauty treatments

Every day we strive to perfection. Every day we want to awake happier, more confident and beautiful. Beauty industry can help of course and today, I'm coming to you with five miracle workers that promise you an overnight miracle and boy do they deliver. Are you ready to wake up to the new you? 

Wednesday 16 August 2017


Orange-red lipsticks

My favourite lip shade has to be the orange-red. Warm, blinding, neon like colours bring my pasty pale complexion to life. You will rarely spot me IRL without it. It's either nude or red. In autumn months I swap for darker burgundies, purples and even almost black cherries, but you will most likely find me with a statement lip. I almost feel naked without it. I work in the office and sadly it's not always appropriate to wear deadly purple shades but I try anyway. This post is directed at my working girls, holiday babes and anyone with the love for statement lips that last. Let's talk orange-reds, the creme de la creme of reds and my still quite contained collection. Are you ready?

The oh so matte

I adore both shades but the formula is truly matte so unless you like that slightly chalky finish, you may not be the biggest fan. I love me a matte lip so matte finish and lasting lips are my go to. Cream matte formulas aren't the most transfer resistant, however these two come as far to it, as any other on the market. My first ever orange red was Estee Lauder Pure Color Envy Matte Lipstick in 340 Restless. Otherwise known as Kendall lipstick, this pure matte goes on pretty stiff and a little help from lip brush is definitely needed. I wrote about it years ago - POST - and I still love it now. The combo of orange and red comes beautifully together. It's a unique shade and I'm glad I've got it in my collection. More true red than orange is MAC x Charlotte Olympia in Starlett Scarlet. Another gorgeous matte with a staying power to prove we were absolutely fine without liquid lippies. I wrote about it many times - POST - and it continues to be my go to for days where I need to boost my confidence. It's so red, but the hint of warm orange is detectable. Love it. 

Kiss-proof liquids

It's not a surprise, I like my lipsticks to be long-lasting. Working long hours in the office doesn't always leave a lot time for lip top ups and if I'm between meetings, I need to know I look my best. Liquid lipsticks to the rescue. My favourite orange-red is Jeffree Star Velour Lipstick in Checkmate. I've shouted about it many time - POST - and I don't plan on stopping. Whilst not all JS formulas are as good, Checkmate is incredible. It's that one lippy I can count on to be on my lips full 12 hours later! The shade is also stunning & my most used JS lippy ever.  If you're about to splurge on a lippy, let it be this one! The newest addition to the family is Smashbox Always On Liquid Lipstick in Thrill Seeker. I wore it on a night out in Spain and loved how it looked many (MANY!) cocktails later. This is a true matte, matte that mothers warn their children off kind of matte. It's important to apply thinly as it can turn chalky otherwise. It's a beautiful statement shade that shouts summer & my recent fave. It wears nicely and quite comfortably too. 

The comfy mattes

If there's a one lipstick you should definitely grab this summer, it's the newest launch in premium drugstore. Lancome Matte Shakers - POST - formulas are incredible. From sheer to opaque, any finish is easy to achieve with the cleaver sponge applicator. Shockingly easy to use, shake and apply and boy, apply it does! Super easy to contour the lips with, the formula stays put once it fully dries (about 3 minutes). I recently partied all night long out on my besties's hen do and the Red'y in 5 was the most requested shade. It's a stunning true red with just a hint of warm orange. I personally love it together with Magic Orange (orange-coral), with MO applied over the Red'y in 5 concentrating on the mid lip! Both shades are gorgeous of course but it their barely matte finish and comfort of wear makes them the best lip launch of 2017 so far for me! 

Drugstore picks

High-street beauty has been rocking it lately and couole of L'Oreal launches stole my heart. Color Riche Matte in 346 Scarlet Silhouette is a gorgeous strawberry red. Hints on orange give it a true statement look, but it's also super wearable and almost classic. It'll suit many complexions but I adore statement lips on pale skin. I feel it adds that something extra to otherwise classic look. The finish is creamy and almost satin, but it wears nicely and doesn't bleed. Top ups are needed as it transfers but it makes for perfect every day red! Mostly orange is Lip Paint/Matte in 203 Tangerine Vertigo. Definitely a shade for the brave ones, it's absolutely stunning. It can make your teeth look slightly worse for wear, unless you're sporting pearly whites. I love it and wore it plenty over the last couple of months including to work. It wears comfortably but it's not ultra lasting. It's creamy and doesn't fully set but it'll give you that fuller lip finish. 

From left: Restless, Starlett Scarlet, Checkmate, Thrill Seeker, Red'y in 5, Magic Orange, Scarlet Silhouette and Tangerine Vertigo

What lipstick shade compliments you the most? Do you go statement or muted? Let me know your thoughts! 

Monday 14 August 2017


Summer morning routine

It's been a long time since I've last posted about beauty. I could say I've been busy, but I just needed a break. I haven't posted here or on Instagram for weeks and I truly missed interacting with you. Most of you know as I mentioned it before, but I suffer from high functional anxiety. Any changes in my life can trigger me and lately, I've been just super happy. Happy with the amazing holiday, I've recently been on. Happy with positive changes at work and new challenges they've brought. Happy in my private life. Why anxious you may ask and the answer is simple, I don't know. I react badly to change, even the positive one, so I assume all the changes around me, had an impact on my well-being. A Little break was needed and I enjoyed not having to rush everywhere and just being in the moment. I've missed being active, I've missed writing and I've missed satisfaction it gives to simply share with you the snippets of my life's passions. What better way to come back than on my birthday right? That's right, I am turning 32 today and I'm scared and happy at the same time. I have been blessed with incredible friends who are taking me out for a dinner tonight and my blogging family have already treated me to so many beautiful gifts. I am truly grateful to have you all in my life!! Marta, Ania, Dagmara, Leanne, Siobhán and Dominika - I love and cherish you all! And happy birthday to me! I'll have a giveaway coming for you too, so keep your eyes peeled!!! And in the footnote, I'm announcing the winner of the last giveaway too, if it's you - congrats!!! Without further ado, let me introduce the latest additions to my skincare routine & even a single hair life and time-saver! It makes my morning's a little-coveted ritual when I truly prepare for the busy day ahead! Have a great Monday everyone! 

Sunday 13 August 2017


Starters at The Canal House, Birmingham City Centre

Did you know I'm a Birmingham girl? It's where I've lived, studied and worked for the past 13+ years and it's a city I call my own. I thought, what better way to introduce you to where I live, then with the new blog series. 'Birmingham 101' will concentrate on things to do in Birmingham, from great food, through great cocktails to events I may be attending. What do we think? Are you in?

Recently I was invited alongside other Brum Bloggers to attend the opening of The Canal House. The new restaurant by the people who brought us a Botanist opens in place of old James Brindley Pub. Beautiful surrounding of canal side and Mailbox make this a great place to grab a bite and enjoy their incredible ale selection or a cocktail or two. Large outside area makes it a great place to socialise in summer and inside of the bar reminisce on a local country pub (downstairs) and 1920s speak-easy (upstairs). If you're looking for a great place to meet with your girlfriends and eat some great food, while enjoying a drink or two, check out The Canal House when it opens tomorrow 14th August at Bridge Street in Birmingham.

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