Hello my Beauty Queens,

Thank you for taking the time to visit my little space here at Beauty Drama Queen. I'm Dorota, but everyone just calls me D. I'm super pleased to meet you and I hope you'll stay a while. Here I mostly ramble about beauty, give you snippets of my life and try to convince you to love yourself. 

I started Beauty Drama Queen back in May 2015 after being diagnosed with an ovarian tumour. Back then it was called iDorottka Beauty Talks, which was my 'clever' variation of my name and addiction to Apple gadgets (ok, maybe not THAT clever!). I had the most terrible template, had zero clues about blogging and only a passion for makeup and a 'slight' spending addiction. I needed an outlet to be able to connect to the world and talk about anything else other than my illness. I think, in some way, blogging has saved me from depression and made getting up from bed worthwhile. I will always be grateful to all of you, who supported me along the way. You guys rock!

I initially started off as a beauty blogger but with time, I knew there's more to me than just beauty. I bought a domain and a new template and have so many plans to make Beauty Drama Queen a place to hang out, discuss new trends, learn about skincare, talk about books, movies, food, travel, whatever you fancy. I always look for ways to grow and learn new things. I look forward to your feedback, as it helps me evolve Beauty Drama Queen into a place we can all enjoy.

I love interacting with people, so if you are a beauty addict, a fellow blogger, PR rep or just feeling lonely, please email me, tweet me, send me a Facebook message, comment on Instagram or even send me a carrier pigeon (long distance duck?), if you fancy! All my social media information can be found on Contact Me page and social media buttons on my main page.

Thank you for your visit today. I hope we'll become great friends and I invite you along for a beautiful journey to self-discovery and confidence. I've loved every day of blogging so far nearly as much as I love creating new content and I hope you'll enjoy it as much as me. I'm excited about the future and I hope we'll get to experience it together. 


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