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beautyblender Bubble sponge old vs new

Hi, my name is Dorota and I can’t live without a Beautyblender. I don't even remember what it was like not to own one. I know there’s plenty dupes on the market but I feel I’ve tried them all & always come back to my trusty sponge. Today was a #happysad kind of day as I said goodbye to my old Beautyblender Bubble & at the same time, I welcomed a brand new Bubble to the ever-growing Beautyblender family. 

So what is a Beautyblender?  The latex and scent-free egg-shaped and edgeless sponge will become your best friend, trust me. Multi-use, you only need to ensure it’s washed after (or pre) every application. The most obvious use - to blend foundation and concealer are ones most recommend it for. The sponge blends all the formulas easily. If you’d like to build on coverage of something fairly sheer, I’d start with a dense brush and then only blend with Beautyblender at the end. I always use it damp by squeezing out water and then squeezing it more through a material. I just get the best finish that way + you’re less likely to waste the product as it doesn’t absorb as much! 

beautyblender Bubble sponge after 12 months of daily use

Brand new beautyblender Bubble sponge

Use the pointed tip for concealer, to contour and to highlight or use the round end to bounce the products on larger areas, apply the blusher etc. I love my Beautyblender for liquid and cream formulas but it’s with powders that I feel it changed my life most! I could never properly set my face with a brush, can’t do it! With the sponge, I can set and bake - no issues there! I can honestly do my whole face with it. Primer, foundation, concealer, contour, blush, highlight and powder all with one tiny sponge. How crazy is that? 

The Bubble is my ideal shade and it’s the brand’s answer to the millennial pink craze. The shade stays on for a couple of months but the more you use it the less pinky it is and becomes more light beige (here compared to 12 months old sponge in the same shade!). In terms of washing it, I can’t complain. As with other BB sponges they wash out well with a traditional soap or a Beautyblender liquid or solid cleanser. You can use delicate shampoo or facial gel formulas too. Please don’t listen to the latest crazes and don’t wash it in washing up liquid or put it in the washing machine. The formula of the first is definitely too harsh and the latter... Well, you can simply clean it under water, why damage it prematurely? 

beautyblender wet & dry size comparizon

New in: beautyblender x Too Faced Beauty Sleep Kit 

Wear and tear truly becomes you. I take care if my sponges and as seen here, mine is in almost perfect condition after 12 months use pretty much every day! I recommend washing your sponge with gentle formulas and doing so every day. Do that and you can enjoy your sponge for a really long time! £16/year is much more reasonable than £16 every few months! 

There are many ways to wash your sponge, I soak mine in water and clean it directly on the soap. Once the whole sponge is covered, I squeeze out as much dirt as possible and then run water again to remove the rest of the product (repeat if needed). It’s important to let the sponge air dry to avoid mould and bacteria forming. I keep my sponges in a special dish and wash it daily before use. If the life of your sponge isn’t making you want to wash it every time, please think of all the bacteria that live in your sponge and you put that on your face! I rather not break out, so ai try and keep it as clean as humanly possible.

Lastly, let’s have a close look at both old and new Beautyblender Bubble Sponge. The older one looks a bit bigger here but this will happen to the new one after I wash it few times and it fully expands! Obviously, the difference in size is massive when the new sponge is dry, but after both of them are damp it becomes less visible. The main difference is the colour. I mentioned above that the pink flushes out after one too many washes, but if you keep yours nice and clean it becomes a vanilla beige, which isn’t too bad! 

I got my new one in a lovely Beautyblender x Too Faced Beauty Sleep Kit with a Micro.Mini sponge, mini of Too Faced Hangover primer & setting spray. You can buy it now for £27.00 and it’s available through Cult Beauty, Debenhams (offer!!!) and Selfridges! Or you can shop your sponges separately for £16 at Cult Beauty, False Eyelashes, Beauty Bay, Feel Unique (exclusive shade Glow), Selfridges (exclusive shade Sunny), Debenhams and even stationary in Boots! 

What's inside Beautyblender x Too Faced Beauty Sleep Kit

Have you tried Beautyblender yet? I'd love to know your thoughts? If not, will you be giving one a go now?

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  1. I use a dupe by ebelin, a Germany drugstore brand, the only dupe I have ever found to compare to the original. And only 3 €.

    Anne - Linda, Libra, Loca

  2. I so wish I had got my hands on this last week! I need to try and hunt down the set!

    Erin || MakeErinOver

  3. I need to replace my beauty blenders soon!


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