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Fine hair edit

Writing this post made me realise how much everything has changed since I’ve started this blog. I never used to care about my hair, it was super long, I've basically done nothing with it & wasn’t interested. The drastic cut at the beginning of last year was the best thing that happened to me and since I discovered the joy of styling and actually getting my hair to look ‘the shit’ and not ‘like shit’! Fancy knowing how I give my fine hair some volume & how I make curls last for a week? See below for my answers to any bad hair day issues you may experience with fine hair! 

Gentle cleansing for fine hair.

It’s important to treat fine hair gently and it starts at washing. I swapped for Grow Gorgeous 12-in-1 Cleansing Conditioner* couple of weeks back and I can’t quite believe how well it works. The worry with fine hair and conditioner is that it weighs hair down and there aren’t many I’ve tried that don’t. The gentle formula is applied over the length and scalp, massaged in & left for few minutes to do its job. Afterwards, I take my time with washing it out. When dry, hair is super shiny & so healthy looking, it’ll be hard to go back! Also available as part of a set Three Steps to Gorgeous* (set of minis) here.

Happy scalp.

Before I even get to shampoo/cleansing stage I use Grow Gorgeous Scalp Detox* every other time I wash/cleanse my hair. All you have to do is dampen your hair and apply the peeling formula to your scalp, treat it to some massage & leave to work for few minutes. It detoxifies & the cooling sensation is very pleasant especially if you’re in a hot bath! I’ve been using it for a year now (2nd packaging) and it makes a difference. I no longer suffer from any dryness and itchiness. It’s a brilliant pre-cleanse ritual and if you have yet to try scalp peeling - grab yourself a tube, you won’t be disappointed. Also in a set here.

Conditioning for weak hair prone to breaking.

If I steer from cleansing conditioner and towards a shampoo (please recommend gentle volumising formulas to me, as I’m currently looking for some newness!), it’s important to me to give hair some conditioning despite the lack of heavy/creamy formulas. I mix two pumps of Grow Gorgeous Full Bodied Volumising Leave-in Conditioner*  & a full pipette of their Hair Growth Serum Intense* to massage it in the roots and lengths of the hair for some volume & a lot of great ingredients to stop the hair fall-out. Guys, it really works!!! What’s important is that gel-water formulas don’t weight down the strands and deeply care for follicles making hair grow not only faster but overall in better condition! 

Dry/split ends remedy.

Styling your hair with heat can sadly make it breaks more easily and split ends can quickly become an issue. I found that with continuous use of hair oils, I tend to prevent it from happening. When my hair is still wet, I spritz the American English Seaberry Dry Oil* onto my hands and massage it into the ends. It smells delicious, works to repair any damage and protects my hair from heat and further damage too! 

Hairstyling for dummies.

I’m the worst at hair, I need products to do stuff for me until I can either afford a hairdresser daily or start sleeping with one! OUAI have been a revelation of last year and with new launches like Volume Spray and Memory Mist, they’ve totally dominated my routine! I use OUAI Volume Spray* when my hair is still wet & then dry it upside down with a hairdryer. The hair volume is real & doesn’t require mad blow dry skills! I’ve been curling lately & it helps to have OUAI Memory Mist* in my life. It’s a freaking unicorn farting rainbows - pure magic! I don’t know what makes it work, but the claims are true and it helps hair remember the style for longer! I would never put my hair through a heat styling every day but if I can do it every 4-5 days? Sign me up! I spritz my hair before curling & somehow (with a help of dry shampoo after day 2 of course) it makes them last until next wash. Sure they drop a bit each day but I’ve never used anything quite this brilliant! Totally worth the price, if you struggle to make any hairstyle last, try OUAI Memory Mist! 

Blow dry for dummies

Matted hair no more.

Struggle with matted hair especially post drying with heat? Try Style Freedom Radiant Effect Blow-Dry Cream*! This drugstore fave adds a golden sheen to my hair thanks to speckles of gold in it. Whenever I use it, my bestie Emma (hairdresser at heart) comments on it and to get a compliment from miss ‘I have fab hair every day and I don’t even try’ is like winning a lottery! LOL! I really enjoy it and recommended it to my mom and it’s now approved by both of us! Ideally, I apply a little product to my wet hair and dry it as usual. You’ll notice the difference straight away, the product reflects the light nicely, so if it’s a gorgeous shiny mane you’re after - it’s the one! 

Shiny happy people hair.

I realise that most of us use hairspray and I was probably the only one to never reach for one, but that changed since I discovered a Bed Head Masterpiece*. This hairspray not only gives a hair a bit of texture but also a bit of healthy shine. If you’re into shine but never use anything promising that because the products usually weigh your fine hair down, try Masterpiece. It keeps your style in check plus smells good too! 

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  1. You had me at "curls for a week" On my hair curls usually last around six hours with maximum effort...

    Anne - Linda, Libra, Loca

    1. You should really try Memory Mist, then curl it using a curling iron that's slightly thinner at the bottom (sort of pyramid style). I use it for 10 seconds per section and squeeze a curl after taking it off the curler. Then a spritz of Texturizing Spray. I don't brush it afterwards for a good 3-5 hours, so the curl is quite dramatic and allow it to drop by itself. I hate washing hair more than twice a week, so with this I only just use a bit of volumising dry shampoo day 3-5 on the roots xxx

  2. The Ouai products sound so good. I have fine hair too but a lot of it so I can never really be bothered to style my hair but Im going to chop it in a few weeks. I think i may buy that Ouai volume spray for an early birthday present. X

    1. I love this after washing, it's so lightweight! I have quite a bit of hair but because it's fine, it's a drag to try and do a hairstyle that lasts. I need to try Memory Mist with straight hairstyles next xx

  3. Ok so I'm going to need Memory Mist! I love the GG Scalp Detox and American English Dry Oil! xx


    1. You do, you really do! It’s magic, don’t know how it does it but it does so I’m not complaining! I need to try the American English Sea Salt Spray - it smells amazing! X

  4. Some great products here! I tend to steer clear of conditioner as it makes my hair feel horrid and it goes greasy super quickly :( I need to try Ouai, I'm seeing their products everywhere at the moment. The Volume spray sounds so good! xx

    Laura | Blush and Bronze

  5. Nice range of products. I need to try out some more haircare.


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