Updated 24.05.2018

You might have heard: data law is changing. This week, GDPR, the European Union’s new privacy law, is incoming to better protect your online data. 

As of 25th May 2018 GDPR comes into life. In order to assure you that I take your data security seriously here at Beauty Drama Queen blog, please read the new privacy notice carefully. 

Beauty Drama Queen is a blog hosted via Blogger, therefore, no additional data is collected other than standard browsing data through cookies. The Cookies banner is clearly displayed and you may opt out from any website collecting your data. This data may include your IP address, your name, your browser preferences and any other relevant information to allow for the content to be displayed to you in a way you find appropriate.

Beauty Drama Queen uses external applications to measure the performance of the website namely Google Analytics. Google Analytics collects data such as location, age (where appropriate), gender and other to actively measure the performance of this website. 

Beauty Drama Queen uses external links, namely affiliate links for the purpose of monetising the website. Beauty Drama Queen uses only approved online stores links but please be advised that when you click on the link, Beauty Drama Queen does not take the responsibility for the website Privacy Policy. Please read Privacy Policy before consenting to data sharing/collection.

Beauty Drama Queen does not currently operate a mailing list, therefore no additional data collection takes place.

Beauty Drama Queen does not sell/market or share your data with any third parties other than those mentioned in the policy. 

At times, Beauty Drama Queen may ask you to share your personal data with the owners for the purpose of a giveaway. Beauty Drama Queen will not ask for your personal data unless you are a clearly appointed winner of such giveaway. There will be a separate consent you must give at that time. Beauty Drama Queen may ask that by entering the giveaway via a Rafflecopter who operates separate GDPR driven Privacy Policy, you pre-consent to your data shared with named Rafflecopter and Beauty Drama Queen. This may include your social media handles, email address and other. Please note this policy will be clearly referenced in such instance. Please note, the data collected will not be used/shared or sold to any third party providers. Data will be removed as soon as possible, once you confirm the acceptance of the delivery.

Beauty Drama Queen operates the Comments section via Blogger. Please consent to your data being shared when commenting on any blog posts. If you do not wish to consent, Beauty Drama Queen kindly asks you to refrain from using the Comments Section unless clear consent is given. This consent is given to 3rd party provider, namely Blogger and not to Beauty Drama Queen.

Beauty Drama Queen may update the Privacy Notice at any time in line with Data Protection Act and GDPR. 



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