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All eyes on Too Faced

It can't come as a surprise I’m a huge fan of Too Faced and featured it plentiful on my blog. From the super cute, if only slightly infantile packaging to great product selection and formulas, what’s not to love? Today, I’d like to share with you my Too Faced collection & talk you through my biggest loves! 


I was first introduced to Too Faced shadows because of my friend Dagmara from Mummy’s Beauty Corner who always singing praises about it left & right. Finally I've gotten myself a Too Faced Bon Bon Palette and fell in love. The buttery mattes that blend themselves to shimmers/metallics which look great on any lid, even mature! I love the shade selection with so many neutral to cool shades makes it perfect for every day use. I’m not ever a fan of typically cool toned palettes but somehow Too Faced Bon Bon keeps it fresh and not overly cool. My favourite shades of the palette are Divinity (off white matte beige), Almond Truffle (purplish matte taupe), Mocha (neutral matte medium brown), Satin Sheets (prettiest light rose gold shimmer) & Café Au Lait (medium bronze with silver shimmer). Bon Bon's packaging is the least favourite in my eyes, the pink's too pale in my opinion, but the milk chocolate scent is to die for and I still use some the shades all the time.

Too Faced Bon Bon Palette

Too Faced Power of Makeup by Nikkie Tutorials

The second palette that landed in my collection was (now unavailable) Too Faced The Power of Makeup by Nikkie Tutorials. The only one housed in hardened cardboard packaging makes it perfect for travel plus it houses a face selection as well as eyeshadows! Basic shade selection makes it perfect for every day use with off white & ultra black mattes (Ivy & Wanted), perfect warm transition shade Painkiller and deep warm brown Makeup & Chill. You can add a bit of shimmer of course with Versatile Frosted Yum (metallic silver), Irresistible (light almost cool gold metallic) and a stunning purple shimmer Wham Bam. I love taking it with me on work trips as you can create a perfect daytime look plus it also has Chocolate Soleil Bronzer, couple of blushes (not the biggest fan of the shades though!) and a very pretty, if not too pigmented Champagne Truffle Highlighter

I’ve got Too Faced Sweet Peach palette as soon as it landed in UK at the beginning of last year. The sweetly scented palette has been a true friend last year. At some point I’ve used it for months and months everyday - check out my review here. I adore the light matte peach Georgia in my crease & warm peach Candied Peach (the glitter visible in the pan doesn’t transfer to the lid). Shades such as Puree (medium warm brown matte), Summer Yum (medium-dark camel matte) & Charmed, I’m sure (dark neutral brown matte) ensure every day and evening look has its structure and shimmer/metallic Luscious (incredibly pigmented light gold/copper) and Bellini (intense pink gold) will give you all the finish your look may need! I love the packaging and candy-like scent & I still use it a lot. One of the best purchases ever

Cult Beauty Ltd.

I was kindly gifted Too Faced Chocolate Gold Palette* by Cult Beauty who now stocks the brand (I know, breathe, then shop!!!) and I fell for it the moment I laid my eyes on the beautiful dark chocolate/melted gold packaging! How gorgeous is this? I’ve only just reviewed it so I won’t bore you with details here, but it’s a perfect palette in my opinion! It has 4 versatile mattes from large light beige Rollin’ in Dough, through neutral transition medium brown So Boujee, through dark brown Cocoa Truffle to blackest black Decadent. On top of that, it’s jewel tone galore! From my favourite every day glam Rich Girl bronze/silver hybrid metallic or vintage light gold Gold Dipped to totally out there yellow gold Chocolate Gold, copper for days Old Money and dark rose gold Classy & Sassy, everyone will find their shade here! It smells of milk chocolate again, which makes it really hard not to lick your own eyelids or the swatches (ahem, I’ve done it once or twice just to see if it taste like chocolate ok? Oh and it does...!) 

Too Faced Sweet Peach Palette

Too Faced Gold Chocolate Palette


I am so impressed with Too Faced Hangover Primer and use it often (I'm on second packaging). It smells of sweet coconut water & gives my skin that extra level of hydration it needs, whilst keeping most foundations in check all day. It’s water based, which will suit any skin type well but especially those of you with dry & dehydrated skin. Packaging with a pump dispenses nearly enough product to cover the face (I use pump and a half) and leaves it hydrated and only ever so slightly tacky. It preps the skin for makeup so well, there were months I used it everyday. It’s light and doesn’t block pores either, which would be a plus for anyone with a complicated relationship with spots. 

Another love was my, although sadly used up now, Too Faced Shadow Insurance Primer (brief review here). I had a mini with my Nikkie Tutorials palette and I really enjoyed using it. A little goes a long way like with most primers and it reminded me a ljttle of Urban Decay original eyeshadow primer. It was silky yet when set with powder or light matte shade, it managed to keep my eyeshadows intant for up to 18 hours (tested during my friend’s wedding!). I’ve never had an issue with it & would repurchase it.

Glowing cheeks & glossy lips.

I’ve already mentioned Champagne Truffle Highlighter which was a part of Nikkie’s collab with Too Faced, but my recent payday made me a proud owner of the newrToo Faced Diamond Highlighter (currently sold out on Cult Beauty but you can still buy it on Debenhams website). Their version of unicorn highlighters is more subtle and gives the most stunning holographic finish with blue, lilac, gold & silver mixed in. Did I mention the packaging? It comes in engagement ring like box & the product is formed like a diamond in it! It’s surreal how pretty it is! It’s not the most pigmented but buildable & I love it expecially on top of white highlighters like liquid touchinSOL Makeup Boomer & powder Becca Pearl. It gives iridescent finish to any look & I’ve been obsessed with it lately! From winter snow-like features to a festival season in summer, this little gem is coming with me! 

Too Faced Diamond Highlighter 
Too Faced Diamond Highlighter & Nikkie Tutorials collab glitter on glitter base swatched

I got Too Faced Sweet Peach Lip Gloss in Peach-sicle - review here - ages ago alongside the palette & it was my first lip gloss in years I haven’t hated. Creamy oil hybrid gave enough colour payoff, whilst keeping my lips glossy & very moisturised. I love a sweet scent & the taste of this lip gloss was mind-blowing! I took it everywhere with me, I wore it to work, on a night out, on holiday. You name it, I’ve done it. I need to buy a new one for summer again, because one I had I used on my friend for her wedding makeup & must have lost it either that night or later, as it’s no longer with me lol.  

Better than Sex?

Sadly I haven't kept the packaging but I've had tested all three versions of Better than Sex Mascara, the standard in Black & Purple and the waterproof, which I loved instantly. The finish this mascara gives to lashes is best one yet, sadly non waterproof version smudged on me. Waterproof version fixes that issue but it's slightly harder to take off. I'd buy it again, but now with drugstore alternative in L'Oreal Paradise Mascara, it's just easier to pop in to your local Boots or Superdrug to get it.

Glitters & glitter glue.

I only have one little glitter pot from Too Faced Nikkie Tutorials collab but just look how beautiful this light multi-coloured glitter is! It’s so finely milled, almost to a dust yet when applied over a base, it’ll blind you! I’ve used it many times when going out, but never showed it on my Instagram or Blog so now may be the time! 

The best glitter base award goes to Too Faced Glitter Glue*. I’ve tried glitters + Inglot Duraline, which works ok, then glitter + NYX Glitter Glue again ok, but it’s so gooey, it sometimes take a product from underneath when I apply it but those days are gone now I have the real deal. Glitter Glue can be applied purely to make glitter stick, or to prolong the life of glitter liquid eyeshadows like Stila Glitter & Glow or touchinSOL Metallist, but it’s also amazing to get the depth and the intensity from shimmer and metallic eyeshadows! I love it and I’m so glad about a bit of PR mix up that made me a proud owner of Too Faced Glitter Glue! 

What’s next? My Too Faced wishlist.

There are many Too Faced products I haven’t tried yet, mainly foundations and concealers that I’d like to give a go! I’m very tempted by their new Peach Perfect Foundation which my friend Leanne from LPageBeauty keeps recommending but I'm waiting for it to either launch at Cult Beauty or Debenhams or may just pop in to Too Faced store when I'm in London next! I also need a new bronzer and I’m tempted by their new ‚Natural’ collection to hit this side of the Atlantic which will see a new matte Milk Chocolate Soleil bronzer launch! What I see myself buying first though is their collab with Beauty Blender because I need to try their new Hangover 3-in-1 Mist plus my Beauty Blender needs changing desperately, so this set is a must have! 

My Too Faced makeup collection

Too Faced edit

Have you tried any of Too Faced products I mentioned yet? I'd love to know what bits you'd love to try from them!

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  1. Too faced is one of my favourite brands! I love their eyeshadow palettes

  2. You have such a great collection! I love Too Faced, and whether you love them or hate them, their packaging certainly gets people talking! Xx

    Toni | sheergloss

  3. I love Too Faced products - you need some of the Melted Matte lipsticks in your life! The only product that hasn't impressed me so far is the eyeshadow primer - not strong enough for my oily lids! xx


  4. I don't anything from Too Faced and feel like I am missing out. Their eyeshadow palettes always look so pretty x

  5. That Too Faced Diamond Highlighter looks so good!


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