Friday 19 February 2016


Hello my beauties. Happy Friday :) Couple of weeks ago, I stayed up all night to watch Super Bowl and despite being a complete zombie at work the next day, I'm so grateful I managed to stay up & see Lady Gaga's take on Red Glitter Eye. I was amazed at how beautiful it looked and how surprisingly wearable :) I knew from the moment I saw her, I will have to try and recreate this look for you :) I ordered some red glitter from Ebay and voila :) I hope you like my take on Gaga's already a cult look <3 if You like to know how I created this look ---> here it goes :)

As a base I used my Ebay Flash Palette and the beautiful true red colour. I applied it first with my finger just dabbing it on and for definition I used flat syntethic brush. I rarely use this palette but it does deserve a huge shout out as for less than £9.00 you get 12 super pigmented cream shades. I have sensitive eyes and this doesn't affect me so I can vouch for it :)

After creating a defined base, I then cleaned the brush and set it with the red shade from my amazing Eat Sleep Makeup Repeat from Makeup Revolution. Again this is only drugstore and costs only £6.00, but if you're into pro session makeup looks - it's definitely the one to have. Super pigmented colours that last :) I packed a lot of colour on top of my cream base to ensure I set it properly and makeup will last all day :) 

Time for glitter. I'm not a huge glitter fan. It's messy and I haven't been smart enough to get a glue with purchase so had to improvise. I mixed my glitter (from Ebay- 99p) with a bit of Ingot's Duraline on the same brush again and again just packed it all over my defined 'cat eye'. I was surprised of how well it worked with Duraline and my job was done in less than 2 minutes :) There was a bit of fall out but I cleaned it up with a makeup remover wipe :) 

For the bottom lid I just used a little of neutral tone chocolate matte shade and blended it out. It completed the look and made it more wearable, whilst defining lower lash line nicely.

Look like this deserves big lashes. I started with one coat of Max Factor Velvet Volume and added some Magnifibers on top. I followed with second coat and decided to add some falsies. I'm not a huge falsies fan and wanted just a tad of length so I decided on Tanya Burr's Everyday Flutter Lashes. these are just "half" lashes and it worked great, adding a bit of flirtatious volume and length. 

I hope you like the finished look. Surprisingly to myself I love it and I can see myself wearing it on a girls night out :) My eyes feel a little heavy, what's with huge amount cream, powder and glitter on top but it's mainly because I'm so not used to wearing falsies ;) 


Did you enjoy Gaga's Super Bowl performance? Did you love her look? If you did and try to recreate it, please tag me on Instagram with #iDorottkaGagaSuperBowl and I will choose the best look and you can win a surprise makeup gift. More details on my Instagram <3

Thank you for reading,

Dorota x

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Wednesday 17 February 2016


Lately I have given myself a task of finding the best liquid lipstick out there and having browsed on Feel Unique I came across By Terry Terrybly Velvet Rouge Liquid Lipstick in Gypsy Rose. I really loved the colour and wanted to try By Terry for ages so it landed in my basket and arrived 2 days later. When I saw the shade, I fell in love instantly - it's so me :)

By Terry Terrybly Velvet Rouge in Gypsy Rose
Packaging is just gorgeous, with By Terry logo stamped across the silver lid. Applicator is a little different and I was afraid it will be hard to use, but surprise surprise - it's super easy to get a defined look with it :) 

When swatched Gyspsy Rose is a lovely muted magenta. Super pigmented, you only need one coat to create an opaque finish. It doesn't fully dry out as any Velvet finishes and I must say it's very similar in formula to Makeup Revolution Velvet Lip Lacquers. As the latter are just a friction of £24.00 I paid for By Terry Lipstick I would stick to the cheaper alternative. 

Swatched in natural light, no flash
Nevertheless shade looks beautiful when applied and it feels lovely on the lip for up to 4 hours. If you do eat in the meantime you will need to reapply as it will rub off slightly. It did survive drinking and snacking so not too bad on a lasting power. As it doesn't dry completely it can smudge, which put me off a little, as I expected a little more from the brand and the price tag on the product itself. However formula is so comfortable to wear, I will forgive it the misfortunes of smudging. 

Would I purchase again? Probably not. It is not my ideal formula for liquid lipstick. I want better staying power and no smudging. It's very similar to NYX Liquid Suede (reviewed here) and I will continue on the search for my perfect formula :) I'm not disappointed I got it, as after seeing raving reviews I needed to try it for myself. I know now that it is in fact a beautiful opaque shade, that needs only a little product and it distributes nicely. It's easy to apply and looks beautiful on the lip. It doesn't dry out my lips and for that, it gets a huge plus. 

Have you tried any of By Terry range? What would you recommend as I would like to perhaps try some of their eyeshadows? Sound off in the comments below, if you like Gypsy Rose as much as I do? 

Thank you for reading,

Dorota x

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Wednesday 10 February 2016


Happy hump day ladies & gents <3 Today I'd like to share with you the eyeshadow palette must have. 32 matte shades in one fairly sized palette. One I think any enthusiast or professional MUA should have in their kit. Why? Because it's a crease shade heaven. Let me present you Makeup Revolution Flawless Matte :)

Today's going to be a little different, I will not be reviewing each shade - I'll leave the swatches to talk for themselves (and it scares me to even try to name them all lol). Packaging wise, you will find them locked in a decent size plastic palette. This isn't matte plastic (why oh why !!) but I was surprised at how reasonably 'small' this palette is. Makes it a perfect addition to your kit, be that for fun or professional use. As with any "Ultra" palettes from MUR, inside you'll find large mirror, which is super convenient for travel. 

What I really love about it? Mattes. Every self respected enthusiast knows how hard it is to get good crease shades. Yes you will get one or two decent ones in normal eyeshadow palettes but there's never a room to play too much. Here you are getting 32. They are well pigmented and of different tones, which makes it a true crease shade heaven. The formula is mainly semi matte, with two shades more chalky but the rest? Super soft, easy to blend and not disappearing while you at it. I must admit to using it daily. Think daytime makeup, think evening extravaganza - you have it all here. Any shade can be used on it's own or to blend others out. I still can't quite comprehend how is it priced at only £8??? 
Flawless Matte is also super versatile. There are so many brow shades in there to suit any skin tone. Column 3 shade Fawn is the one I use to fill on my brows. 

Let's have a look at the swatches now (swatched in columns top to bottom):

I really can't fault this palette. If there's one palette you need to try - be it Flawless Matte :)  Available here.

Thank you for reading,

Dorota x

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Friday 5 February 2016

Lipstick Hoarder Diaries - NYX Liquid Suede in Kitten Heels review with swatches

Hello & welcome to another episode of a Lipstick Hoarder Diaries. It's been a while? Nah, you know me too well. I decided it's time to share with you my opinions on NYX Liquid Suede range based on my recent purchase of a gorgeous red. 

NYX Liquid Suede in Kitten Heels


Standard liquid lipstick tube with a sponge applicator. Applicator is fairly long and not pointed, which in my opinion makes the application harder. It's difficult to stay within lines of your lips without having to use lip liner. I find the application a real drag as it's a dark and pigmented colour which means mistakes are harder to cover up.


Formula is super creamy. Dries to matte within 5-15 minutes depending on how many layers you apply. Standard application requires 1-2 thin layers to achieve the opaque finish. Unfortunately for me creamy formula plus less than perfect applicator mean I need to use a lip brush instead as it's super hard for me to apply it straight from the tube. Thinking of those daily re-applications - this could be a real drag. 

You need to wait for the lipstick to dry and within that time, please be very careful as it can smudge and badly. Once dry, it sits fairly comfortably on the lips. The problem I have, it's never fully dry and it remains bit wet for a really long time. It starts to feel drying on the lips after 3-4 hours of wear. If applied correctly and dry this can last for up to 5-6 hours on the lip (with drinking only). It does transfer a bit and it can smudge. If you eat, the lipstick will slightly rub of with food, and you will have to re-apply.


Kitten Heels is a true red. It has some blue tones to it, which works great making your smile appear whiter and brighter. I really adore how this colour looks with my pale complexion. I think it would look as gorgeous on darker and warmer skin tones. 

The Liquid Suede comes in a nice range of shades from nudes, through pinks and purples to more adventurous colours. 


As you can probably tell from the general points made beforehand I like the product but I'm not overly impressed. I expect my liquid lipsticks not to transfer and smudge. They are there to be matte, badly drying but no to budge all day. If I'm sacrificing my lips I want to know why I'm doing so. This lipstick isn't up there with the greats. It's fairly inexpensive so I guess you can only expect so much but I don't think I would go and buy another one, unless maybe in nude shade so it's not so visible if it smudges etc. I am not amazed at the packaging, I don't like applicator. It's a no from me, which is a shame as I really like the shade and will continue to wear it. I just wish the formula and application was just a tad better :)

What do you think? Have you tried any of the NYX Liquid Suede range? If so, what was your opinion? 

Thank you for reading,

Dorota x

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Monday 1 February 2016


Hello my lovelies ! Let me start today's post with little apologies for missing on my Friday's post. I had some family issues I was dealing with, therefore was unable to keep an eye on posting. I'm coming back refreshed after the weekend and with the new palette review :) I love Makeup Revolution Chocolate palettes. I currently own 4 ;) I love them for the quality of shadows and design, but Death by Chocolate was my first and still currently holds the top spot in my book. Could Salted Caramel change that? 


As per usual I am a big fan. I actually prefer MUR's design to the original Too Faced. Melted caramel chocolate packaging hides a great large mirror and 16 shades to feast your eyes on. It's made of good quality plastic. I really like it, even little better than Death by Chocolate as it's lighter in shade and easier to photograph haha.


I'm little disappointed that we don't get to enjoy MUR's double ended brush with their chocolate palettes, as I actually quite like it. Instead we get a standard sponge applicator, which I only ever use for swatching, or it lands in the bin. 16 shades are beautiful, two highlighter shades are as usual larger than rest - great work there Makeup Revolution :) 


Delicious* - matte, off white beige, good pigmentation
Tempt - matte black, good pigmentation
Heavenly - matte light muted pink taupe, good pigmentation (great crease shade)
Drizzle - matte, medium neutral brown, good pigmnetation  

Enjoy - matte dark neutral brown, good pigmentation
Choc - satin medium neutral brown, good pigmentation (identical to Drizzle, just different finish)
Cake - pink iridescent  with gold & pink micro glitter, ok pigmentation (very crumbly)
Perfect - matte light to medium neutral brown, good pigmnetation

Crunch - satin light navy blue, good pigmentation (such a gorgeous shade)
Sweet - matte warm camel brown, good pigmentation (great for the crease)
Fudge - satin medium brown with vintage gold running through, good pigmentation
Salted - medium to dark satin brown, cool toned, good pigmentation

Candy - light neutral matte brown, good pigmentation (great for the crease)
Caramel - medium satin gold, good pigmentation
Spoon - light rose gold copper  satin, good pigmentation
Yum!* - light champagne shimmer, good pigmentation 

*larger pan shades


All shades are very buttery and soft to touch, except for Cake which can be crumbly. Pigmentation is great and the palette comes with the whooping 8 matte shades. There are 3 typical crease shades which gives you a great choice when finishing you makeup. Darker mattes have typically slightly better pigmentation, but even lighter shades are very good. These are mainly semi mattes, as with any MUR products. Shimmers/satins are gorgeous. The last row hides the most beautiful rose gold/copper shade. It's very unique, I don't have others quite like that. I love the mattes in the palette mainly. It is the perfect all rounder to take anywhere with you. The amount of mattes and quality of shimmers, as well as different tones within the palette means, it's really versatile and you can create a number of daytime and evening looks. It has browns and black to deepen any look. Just brilliant. And can we talk a little about that blue ?? Just bloody gorgeous !! 

Delicious swatches lovely, but on the lid it sort of disappears. I am yet to find off white beige with MUR with an excellent pigmentation. I'm very pale, so unless shade like this one has an amazing pigment, it will disappear on me. I'm not keen on Cake, I don't really understand the finish. Lastly I would like the sponge applicator to be replaced with double ended brush like in Pro palettes.


I have never thought any palette would bring Death by Chocolate to its knees, but Salted Caramel did just that a little. I put them both on the joint first place in the Makeup Revolution palette department. Both offer bit different tones and shades making them a great travel choice. I must say, I am super impressed with Salted Caramel. I have reviewed both Naked Chocolate and Pink Fizz as well, so if you'd like to give it a quick read, just click on their names :)

What do you think ladies? I love Salted Caramel and can see myself using it a lot, especially for daily looks :) I will be playing with that blue shade too - don't ya worry lol. If you're interested you can buy it here or here, whatever your preference, for only £7.99.

Thank you for reading,

Dorota x

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