Thursday 8 March 2018


This won’t be my usual post about beauty but I wanted to share few thoughts on International Women’s Day. Some will tell you it’s an outdated ‘holiday’ so I hope you turn around and show them your middle finger! Women’s Day is especially needed now that we’re on the brink of REAL CHANGE. We’ve seen it happening slowly, women coming out after years and years of mistrust to say, that’s enough, you will be held accountable for your actions! Women sharing stories of sexual degradation, abuse to help you and me to stand for our rights every single day! We no longer take shit from men, nor anyone else! We are stronger, we are a force of nature. 

I’ve seen so much positivity in the blogosphere today. I’ve seen many quotes being shared around and girls supporting girls, women supporting women and it makes me proud. Proud to be a strong kick-ass woman who actually gives a fuck! Of course, I do! I am not a ‘cool girl’ nor do I aspire to be one. I want to be treated with respect. I don’t want young girls of today to be taught to be princesses, ones that need saving, because girl, you don’t need a prince to be happy! Happiness starts with you, so respect your values, your integrity and go kick ass in this crazy, crazy world! 

No longer we are voiceless so raise your voice every time someone dares to treat you with less respect that you treated them! Raise your voice at work, be heard. Demand equal opportunities, demand to be treated the same as any guy, demand to be paid the same for the same job as any other! Raise your voice and don’t ever back down! 

Yes, life will try and break you. People will come and go and often leave you heartbroken. That’s ok too because you'll learn. Always learning, that’s all we can aspire to be. Learn from your mistakes, learn to trust your inner voice and your power to say no! Don’t take shit from nobody, that’s not how your Momma raised you to be.

On this special day, take a moment to appreciate the closest role models, your Mom, your Grandma, your Auntie, perhaps a teacher who taught you to be strong! Appreciate them, not just today but especially today! Be thankful and be grateful because you’re so damn lucky to have them in your life! 

I want you to start smiling today to any woman that crosses your path. Believe in sisterhood & show it! I want you to help each other, to support each other and to lean on each other. We have numbers and we are better as a squad! Stop talking shit about girls, women in your life! Take a step back, try to put yourself in their shoes, forgive!!! Bring each other up, not down! You know like guys, always sticking for each other no matter what? Be like that! No, you won’t be friends with everyone but be better! If someone brings you down, ignore it, you are better than them! Trust in karma, it’ll always have your back! 

Today on International Women’s Day I wish you all the happiness and strength! I wish you the joy and I hope you’ll find the need to smile in each day of your life! Girls, women - my squad, you are so incredibly strong & I’m proud to call you sisters! Happy Women’s Day to us! 

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  1. Such wise words, Dorota! We do need to feel strong, confident and beautiful! We need to support and empower each other! There's still so much to do in that direction but hopefully we're on the right track! xx

    Mummy's Beauty Corner

  2. Happy (belated) International Womans Day, Dorota, and thank you for being part of my squad and for being an inspiration to me so many times already.

    Anne - Linda, Libra, Loca

  3. This is such a powerful and inspiriting post. Thanks for sharing x

  4. I love this post! Your eye makeup looks great too

  5. Gorgeous! Love this eye makeup on you. Inspiring post too!


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