Wednesday, 27 January 2016


Popped in to Boots as my Boots card point balance have been quite healthy and decided to treat myself, having been so good during December and January :) I walked away with two bits from Max Factor. I must admit, I own very little from the brand anymore. Few blushes (Hourglass dupes) plus the new bits I just picked up makes it appalling for any self respected beauty addict lol. But when a brand launches Marilyn Monroe collection of lipsticks, how could I ever be expected to stay away? Boots had a buy 1 get 1 half price so I walked out with a mascara too, and why not? ;)I won't be reviewing these today. I'm testing them as we speak but my first impressions are so great I just had to show you my new additions very quickly. 

Max Factor Marilyn Ruby Red 1 is directed at dark skin tones, well let me tell you - I am pale as a ghost and I adore the shade :) It's so yummy and makes my lips appear fuller and oh so kissable :) I am a self defined lipstick hoarder so not having at least one of these would be a crime really. I must say, I though of buying them all but only one has really stolen my heart so I exercised my newly found will and only bought one (Am I hearing whoop whoop? No? I should !!!). Line comes with 4 shades, all being directed at different skin tones: pale and dark and cool and warm. I think it's an awesome idea but ladies, don't be discouraged. If you like a shade and it's not supposed to suit you? Who cares - get it :)

My second item is a Max Factor Velvet Volume Mascara. This one is tricky as I hated it when first applied, the brush actually hurt my eyes, it's so spikey. I soldiered through and sat down the next day to apply again (all in the name of beauty blogging heaven I plan to go to one day lol) and my impressions changed. I still think it can actually be used as a weapon, but results are pretty great and mascara doesn't smudge or budge all day. I will be doing a full review once I'm 100% sure what I think about it lol

I am little in love with my mini Boots haul, what do you think ladies? Was I right in taking the plunge and spending some of my hard earned point on these two gems? Sound off in the comments below :)

Thank you for reading,

Dorota x

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Monday, 25 January 2016


Hello ladies :) Welcome to the first favourites of 2016. It's been a while, huh? Nah, not really :) It seems all I've been doing in the last month or so is write about favourites lol. It's a good thing I love so many things ;) Without a further ado let's dig in, shall we? January has been a month of a cleanse, I haven't been feeling well at all and bracing life has been pretty difficult. I am little better now, more calm and looking forward to a new month. I haven't been playing too much with my makeup, on a daily basis I was back to my favourites :)

Starting with my all time favourite palette - Makeup Revolution Death by Chocolate is just that, awesome every day palette. This is perfect for your every day makeup needs, you can even do your brows with it. Mattes are semi-mattes here so the whole look you create is less harsh and easier to do, if you're only just starting your journey. Shades are buttery and soft but with minimum fall out. For the mere £8.00 - It is a winner !!! :) Check it out here.

Last year has been a year of base discoveries for me and with the realisation my skin does not need full coverage came lighter, glowing bases. I have been looking for a cheaper alternative to my trusty Bare Minerals Complexion Rescue and I found it in the drugstore, for less than £6.00!!  I did good, haven't I? Collection Illuminating Touch Foundation is a pretty awesome, glowing foundation. It gives some coverage, but without the feeling you cake it up. It's light, highlighted at its best. I really like it in the shade Porcelain. It does go just a tad darker during a day on me if not powdered down, so I have been setting it down with Hourglass Ambient Lighting Edit. If you're looking for a light, glowing base that doesn't break a bank - go and check this baby out :)

As to continue on the trend of looking for 'dupes' of my favourite luxury products. Let me introduce you to this slanted flat top brush from Makeup Revolution. It does come as part of a set Ultra Sculpt & Blend Collection and it's my alternative to Sigma F80 flat top. It isn't as dense but it blends my base liquid products beautifully - no streaks !! This is pretty unusual for drugstore brushes but this set is pretty awesome in general. There's only one brush I don't like there, even the sponge is decent. I have been using this brush on those days my trusty Sigma hasn't been washed in a week (lazy girl issues right here lol). Buy it here.

Lazy girl makeup cannot be completed without two staples - great mascara that lasts all day and a nude lipstick, that's barely there and yet, it gives you that better than your lips effect. In January these two for me were L'Oreal Volume Million Lashes So Couture. This mascara is pure gold. It volumes, lengthens a bit but what's awesome about it - it lasts all day, no smudging which is huge for me :) It's just a tenner too, so doesn't break a bank ;)Buy it here. January is a month of savings, so what's better than a free lipstick. My Lancome Pop Lipstick in Nude Pop mini was a gift with purchase of Glamour few months back and it has been in my makeup bag ever since. I reviewed it recently so if you'd like to know more, check out my post, but it's a great addition to my lazy day routine ;) Check it out here.

Back in December I started playing even more with my hair and by playing I mean dying it super light blonde just to put pastel purple and then crazy arse purple few days later. In order to get that frizz under control I rely on my trusty oils. You know I'm crazy about Coconut Oil in general but this month I have been adding some Argan Oil goodness to the mix. I was lucky to be send some goodies from Insta Natural and this 100% Pure Organic Argan Oil has been a life saver. It comes with a pump which is great for application and a glass bottle that I already know I will be re-using. Oil itself deeply conditions my hair laving them soft - and it's all thanks to the oil goodness. Buy it here. On top of oils I have been using this super cheap, yet effective Superdrug own Coconut Oil & Coconut Water Masque. It smells delicious, it doesn't weight down my hair and it gives them shine. Superb :) Go & check it out here.

I have been treating myself to my absolute favourite scent from Body Shop. Their HoneyMania Shower Gel has been a staple in my bathroom for years now and I keep going back. It smells delicious, leaves my skin soft and cleanses well. Not much else to say - great buy :) 

For my face cleanse I have been going back to creamy textures as my poor dry and dehydrated skin is in serious need of a little moisture. This No7 Cleansing Balm has been designed for super dry skin and it is a god send. It doesn't irritate, it's pretty good at removing makeup, although I use it mainly as part two of my cleansing routine. It's very creamy in texture and leaves my skin moisturised which is always a plus in those scary winter months. Great buy on a budget ;)

Lastly my better than awesome eye cream. One luxury product that I just keep mentioning because it is that great !! Origins Plantscription Eye Cream is an anti-aging master. I can see the effect, my under eye area is smoother and more plump, my eye bags are reduced and dark circles as well. It does it all. Worth every penny :) if i could ever make you go & buy one product in your life - let it be this one. You will not be disappointed I promise :)

That's it for the lazy girl's guide to surviving post Christmas blues. Easy favourites with easy and great makeup and some skincare goodness to top it all off. How have you been this past month? Have you been suffering just by looking at your credit card statement and promising yourself 2016 will be the year you will save like I was? I have been strong and made NO PURCHASES so far and I'm proud, oh so proud of myself :) Tell me all about it and of your favourites that you think I should try in the comments below :) Don't forget to subscribe & stalk me everywhere - it means a world to me :)

Thank you for reading,

Dorota x

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Friday, 22 January 2016


Hello Friday & on FridaysPackaging idorottka loves unboxing ;) Well at least for the past week or so lol. Today I'm coming to you with another pretty amazing Glossybox. I know, I know, I'm pretty shocked too.  I'm so impressed that I even did a little (& super easy makeup look using two makeup bits from this month's box). Let's dig in, shall we? 


As per usual, very neatly packaged box, light pink with black Glossybox logo. Inside you'll find 4 full size and 1 luxury size samples. It's a mixture of great skincare and makeup so I'm sure a lot of you will find a gem or two inside. Don't forget to utilise your box for storage or decoration, and keep the black bow - you can use it as fashion accessory or if you're a cat lady - a cat toy. My Coco just loves it ;) 


Unami Dermo Defense Face Mask (full size - RPR £11.36)

This isn't my first experience with the brand, as I already received a aloe gel in one of the Birchboxes. I haven't tried it yet, as I'd like to keep it for summertime as an after sun treatment. I love the idea behind the brand. It's an organic, natural skincare family business, based in Spain. Their ideology is great and I'm looking forward to trying this mask. It promises to deeply nourish and hydrate and it's perfect for dry & sensitive skin. Hello that's me right? I promise to report more when I'm done testing :) 

Madara Cellular Repair Serum (luxury sample - full size RPR £38.00)

I haven't heard of this brand before and I'm always excited to discover luxury skincare brands so I'm very keen to give this one a go. There's never enough serums right? Magical duo of bio-complex and birch juice (superfood for skin) promises to revitalise by cell repair for a plump skin, that's hydrated and radiant. Sounds good to me :)

Teeez Cosmetics Oasis Gem Lipstick in Coral Onyx (full size - RPR £11.93)

I haven't heard of these lipsticks before but I appreciate colourful packaging. I myself prefer my lipsticks in a more classic packaging but hey ho. It swatches well and it looks very pigmented but you need few coats on the lip. Satin finish with an add on of coconut oil for extra hydration for the lip. It has a very creamy formula but it doesn't last anywhere close to 8 hrs as it suggests on the packaging. It didn't survive breakfast for me. Lasting power 1-2 hours, disappears if you eat. Maybe longer if not, but I haven't had a chance to test it hungry lol. Shade isn't truly my cup of tea but it's not bad either. I like it, but it's not my fave, if that makes any sense ;)

Glossybox Single Eyeshadow in Glossy Mauve (full size - RPR £7.10)

I really like this shade, colour wise. It's a beautiful muted purple taupe. Perfect for an easy, daytime smokey look. It has a satin finish and good pigmentation. It's quite easy to blend but it does disappear a little when blended so adding colour few times is a must. Great all over shade - I really like it for it's colour. Lasting power is ok, it didn't crease on a Maybelline Color Tattoo base for good 8 hrs. It did lighten after few hours being less and less pigmented. It does happen with medium quality shadows. I still like it though to use as a simple, all over shade in the morning. 

Angele Paris Red Nail Laquer (full size - RPR £6.32)

Classic bright red. It has good pigmentation and two coats is all you need to a nice opaque finish. I won't be using it as I'm all for shellac nails at the moment but I'm sure I can find it a new loving home. 

As promised here's the little daytime look I created using both Glossybox eyeshadow and lipstick. please excuse my horribly dry lips. I have been battling them for more than a week now and nothing seems to be helping. I hope you enjoy the look and like January Glossybox as much as I do :)

Thank you for reading,

Dorota x

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Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Lipstick Hoarder #3 - TOPSHOP LIP BULLETS, HOT OR NOT?

When I first got these I couldn't wait to finally be able to use them. Topshop Beauty Mini Lip Bullets were originally designed as a holiday special, a treat for your Christmas tree and so they stayed on the tree until January 2nd. When I said goodbye to the tree, I said hello to my new lipsticks :) Two weeks in and I have to admit, I'm surprised. If you'd like to know more, check out my full review :) 

Where to buy?

Priced at £5.00 each, available in stores and on Topshop website during holiday season. Currently unaivaible in mini sizes, but available full size for £8.00 each.


Off white matte plastic with grey writing and clear plastic cups. 1g of product per bullet.


Available in satin (in my opinion semi matte) and matte, both creamy and sit surprisingly comfortable on the lip. May dry them a little with continuous use. Lip prep necessarily in my opinion. Lasting power 4-5 hrs .with light eating and drinking,2-3 hours for satin formula. They don't bleed out, no lip liner necessarily, however if you want to ensure you're lips are lined to perfection, lip liner and lip brush application needed, especially with darker colours. They transfer quite a bit onto mugs etc. Formula is very similar to MAC matte lipsticks, however I prefer them in terms of wear. They seem to sit more comfortably. Available in 6 shades.


From left: Motel, Get Me Bodied and Joyride
Get Me Bodied
Matte, muted yet rich dark purple with a hint of red and brown. The formula is quite drying but stays on really well. Will need a touch up during the day. Ensure lips are prep before application. Pigmentation is great. It needs two coats on the lip to get it to it's full potential. 

Satin, vibrant red. Sits comfortably on the lip, satin finish disasters quite easily and dries to semi matte. Transfers quite easily, doesn't bleed though. Will need touch ups during a day. Great pigmentation. Apply with lip brush for best results. 1-2 coats.

Satin, cool toned brown nude. As with Joyride dries to semi matte. Transfers less than darker colours, but transfers nevertheless. Doesn't bleed. Great daytime colour, will suit any skin tone, even the palest. My personal favourite of the bunch. Great every day lip colour. Needs 1 coat.


I'm very impressed with Topshop Bullet Lipsticks. I like the formula and even full size they come at nearly 50% of the MAC prices, with slightly more comfortable to wear formula. They transfer a lot, so if that's a con for you, you may not like them. Pigmentation is excellent, they apply easily. Definitely a 4+* product for me (out of 5). I may pick up few more shades, as I'm really impressed with the ones I have. My personal favourite has been a huge surprise to me. It's extremely hard to find a brown nude to suit pale complexion with pink undertones, yet Motel hits all the right spots. Matte formula ca be drying so don't skip the lip prep.

Thank you for reading,

Dorota x

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Monday, 18 January 2016


I'm so excited about today's post, it's almost too much. I have dreamed to get my hands on Anastasia Beverly Hills for so long, but I've been waiting for the perfect product. I contemplated trying different things, but I finally made up my mind, when ABH announced the release of Self Made Palette. It hit all the boxes with me and I got it on the release date back in November. I apologise for such delay in getting this review to you, but I had to get Blogmas out of the way  first:) Here we go ladies and gents - Anastasia Beverly Hills under the radar, was it worth the wait? Stay with me to find out :)

" This limited edition, fashion forward eyeshadow kit is the ultimate makeup artist's palette. Fourteen shades - ranging from a neutral beige to galaxy black - deliver intense colour, so you can create an endless array of custom looks." 

Where to buy? 

I got mine at Cult Beauty, but it was also available at Beauty Bay. Unfortunately it is now sold out. Priced at £27.00. This was a limited edition palette, now unavailable. There are still few available here and there on both Ebay and Amazon but I would be very careful, as once they are overpriced plus you are running the possibility of getting a fake. 

Packaging/What's in the box.

Made of reinforced cardboard, coated with textured steel gray plastic like material, with silver plaque at the front with ABH logo. I really enjoy it, it looks professional and still quite light, making it perfect choice for travel. It comes with decent sized mirror of a medium quality. There's a double sided brush included, but it feels really cheap and bristles aren't too great either. It's not either soft or usable in my opinion. Palette closes with magnetic clasp. 14 shadows of different finishes ranging from matte, through satin, metallic and titanium (super glossy metallic), weight 0.65g per shade.


Most shadows are super soft to touch, buttery in texture. It makes them prone to little fallout in the palette itself, after watching and with the use of fluffy brush. It's a little disappointing given the brand, but it happens with any soft buttery shades in my opinion. Pigmentation is great with all shades. Swatches to follow. ABH shadows are cruelty free, which is a huge bonus.


Pink Champagne - rose gold, titanium finish - super pigmented.
Metallic Plum - medium to dark plum, metallic finish, great pigmentation.
Self-Made - bronze, satin finish, , great pigmentation, more powdery formula.
Witchy - grey with a hint of khaki, metallic finish, great pigmentation.

Blush - yellow beige, duo chrome pink finish, great pigmentation.
Blossom - pink, lilac metallic finish, great pigmentation.
Buttery - beige, matte finish, great pigmentation.

Deep Purple - purple, titanium finish, great pigmentation.
Treasure - light Champagne, metallic finish, great pigmentation.
Hot & Cold - brown, metallic finish, great pigmentation.
Sherbet - peach, satin finish, great pigmentation.

Isla - sea green, duo chrome gold finish, great pigmentation.
Spirit Rock - matte black, purple micro glitter running through, great pigmentation, glitter not visible on the lid.
Hot Chocolate - dark brown, matte finish, great pigmentation.


All shadows are super pigmented and only little fallout is experienced. I adore the individual shades with Pink Champagne, Buttery, Deep Purple, Treasure, Sherbet, Isla, Spirit Rock and Hot Chocolate being my definite winners of this palette. Packaged very well, great for travel. Great to creat both daytime and night looks. Pigmentation can be enhanced if white cream base used.  Wearable shadows with some superb colours in the mixture.


I find the brush to be of very poor quality and useless for professional makeup. Shadows are quite small and if used frequently, I can't see them lasting  very long. Only two matte shades are the biggest con in my opinion, but what I like about them is the possibility of mixing shades to create crease shade from Buttely and Hot Chocolate. Missing proper crease shade though.


I give this palette 4* out of 5, as in my opinion it's super wearable and by introducing some colour also very versatile. When looked at first time, you may think it's very strangely built, with the placement of the shadows being a little all over the place. I am being told it was a conscious decision. All shadows are to be treated as quads. And if looked at from that perspective you can see how perfect the shadow placement actually is. I really love how pigmented all shades are and the formula being super soft as well. Very well done to ABH team for creating this special palette.

Thank you for reading,

Dorota x

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Sunday, 17 January 2016


Best in makeup - 2015 Favourites
2015 has been a year of change. I have fell in love with so many new brands and products and I've been religiously bragging about it in my monthly favourites. Today's the day to sum that up & share with you my biggest loves of 2015 - makeup edition. Are we ready? Let's do this !!!


If you follow my blog, you know that I there's only one base product I truly fell in love with and it's Bare Minerals Complexion Rescue in Opal. It's light, moisturising and surprisingly gives enough coverage making it the perfect base for dry or even mature skin. Opal is a perfect shade for me and finding a perfect shade if you're ghostly pale can be a drag. I can't praise it enough. It's a little pricey but worth every penny. And if I needed to conceal anything or for those lovely dark circles around the eyes I've loved Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer in 01. I tested a lot of concealers last year and I have to be honest, this under £5.00 gem is the best there is. Amazing coverage and if set correctly will last all day (and/or night lol). I find it works great with all foundations as well. Get it when you have a chance :). 

Setting up your makeup for dry/dehydrated skin can be tricky. It can go cakey so easily and you want to avoid looking 10 years older :( thankfully this year I have found my holy grail products. Firstly MUA Pro-Base Prime and Conceal Powder. Retailed at only £4.00 is truly one of the best setting powders I've ever used (looking at you MAC - what a disappointment). It's not matte, it's not satin. It works to powder down the base or under-eyes and makes my makeup last all day. Truly a god send !!! Secondly Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray. Don't like powders but want your makeup to look natural and last all day - look no further. This spray is magic. Honestly !! You can use it alone over foundation or after powder to set everything down and take away the powdery look. Amazeballs !!! Hourglass has managed to sneak in to my makeup bag quite late into 2015 and it took it by storm. I'm talking here about Ambient Lighting Edit of course. Dim Light & Diffused Light together make for the BEST SETTING POWDER & Iridescent Light will work great as a subtle day highlight. Blushers are gorgeous and bronzer luminous. I can't fault it. Best of the best, truly !!!

I have tried many blushers and highlighters this year and I have to be honest - two brands have smashed it this year. Makeup Revolution The Matte Blush collection have been amazing. I am only showing you one shade here but honestly I use them all - no favourites, as they are all beautiful. Formula is great, lasts all day. Shades are gorgeous and will suit any complexion. Blush on budget - buy them, you won't be disappointed. 

2015 has been a year of strobing. I tested quite a fair amount of highlighters as I just adore the wet skin effect and wear A LOT of highlighter ;) One clear winner is theBalm Mary-Lou Manizer. This highlight gives me life. Champagne shade suit pale skinned so well, shimmer is quite incredible and only a tad is needed to make your highlight stand out. It's my one true love <3


I thought long and hard about my eyeshadow palettes. I have many in my collection and I love them pretty equally, but Zoeva Cocoa Blend has rocked my world and my makeup like no other. Warm toned madness - I adore it and use it a lot. Pigmentation is insane and the price tag amazing !! Go and buy now, seriously !! For my day to day needs I have been using my Naked 2 Basics a lot. It has everything in it. 5 matte shades, perfect for daily makeup and even shades you can do your brows with, plus one light satin finish makes for the perfect mini palette in my opinion. Travelling light? You only need this little gem to satisfy all your makeup needs.

2015 has been a year of discoveries. I have fallen in love with cream eyeshadows. Firstly I must mention one that started it all - Maybelline Color Tattoo in On and On Bronze. I wore it the whole summer. Pigmentation is great, it's waterproof, if set with powder in the crease it stays on all day. It's my most used shade in the range and I have nearly all of them. For a fiver - amazing. 

Having watched countless tutorials and read a lot of blog posts I wanted to try MAC Paint Pot to see if they're truly that good. Soft Ochre seemed too yellow for my taste so I decided on Painterly. Let me tell you - this is one of the best primers I've ever used. So creamy, yet so light, it stays on all day. Works beautifully under other shadows and increases not only their lasting powers but also slightly helps with pigmentation. Definitely worth trying.

I couldn't not give a shout out to Makeup Revolution Eye Foils. Rose Gold has been my favourite of the bunch and honestly having tested Stila shadow - this one's better. For those who don't know, this is a foil shadow that you can use on its own or with a liquid provided in the pack. I personally mix it with Inglot Duraline for the staying power. It's just beautiful. If you're looking for that wet eye look finish with  A LOT OF SPARKLE - go get them tigers ;)

In 2015 I finally found my perfect beige waterline liner - theBalm Mr. Write (Now) in Brian is the one. Pigmentation is insane, it's automatic, goes really creamy, set's in and lasts for good 4-5 hours. Nothing else needed in the morning to relieve the tired eye look. It's not cheap but I find it lasts quite well so the monies well spent ;)

Having hooded eyes is a nightmare if you like to do a simple fleek as nothing likes to last on my lids, even with the base. That is until I discovered Eye of Horus. Their Liquid Define in Babylon Brown has been my go to liner for everyday lines. it's felt tip is perfect to create even the tiniest line and it lasts all day and all night. No budge !! Amazing. I must get their black version as I'm totally sold on this one. Plus it doesn't dry out as felt tips tend to do. 


I'm a lipstick hoarder. I admit, I have a problem, but when it came to choosing my favourite formulas of 2015 I knew this won't last long. There were clearly two winners that I wore non stop and has wowed me with their shades and lasting power. Both matte of course, so I learnt that the need to prep and care for your lips is more important than ever. Before I tell you which shades has wowed me so much, let me tell you, what has managed to keep my dry lips comforted this year. EOS balms !!! I've seen them online, liked the concept so had to try and they are amazing. Best one I've tried so far? Sweet Mint for sure. Little pricer than your standard chapstick but definitely worth checking out :)

Now for the lipsticks. First Estee Lauder in Restless or in other words signature Kendall shade. This orange red is a shade I thought I would never pull off and how wrong I was !! It's just beautiful. Stays on all day, formula is matte but sits quite comfortably on the lip and that colour !!! I love it. Truly ! Second one is a complete fault of Dagmara from Mummy's Beauty Corner as she bought it first, then bragged about it on Instagram and I just had to get it. Urban Decay in After Dark is another matte in my collection. It's a beautiful autumn/winter shade. I absolutely adore the formula. It stays on, it's easy on the lip, colour smashes it as well. Definitely going to buy few more from this collection. 


When it comes to brushes, I admit, I have a bit of a problem. I love discovering new ones, but I have few clear favourites that I loved and used since getting them. When it comes to best eye blending brushes I have been loving two. They're both made in fashion of MAC 217 and both deserve the recognition for being best on the market. Firstly Zoeva 227, then Sigma E45. I think I prefer Sigma just a little better as it's little softer, but both are amazing and do the job well. Zoeva 317 is THE BEST angled eyeliner brush I have ever used and it works on  brows too. No words - the best !!

Face brushes winners were similarly easy to choose. Foundation wise Sigma F80 made me stop using my Beauty Blender - that is all. It is simply the best foundation brush I've used and it works amazingly with my Bare Minerals Complexion Rescue. To set my concealer or for highlight I have been using and loving Sigma F35. Again amazing. Bristles are oh so soft and the brush has the perfect cut. Lastly for bronzer needs Glambrush T9. It's nowhere near the quality of Sigma or Zoeva but man, does it work for contour. It's oval head works beautifully for powder products. I really enjoyed using it last year :)

The end. 

Haha, kidding of course :) But we have in fact finished listing all my makeup favourites of 2015. How crazy is that? I want to know what you've been loving last year? Have you tried any of the mentioned above? I hope you enjoyed this compilation of best of the best and I see you tomorrow with a brand new post. Enjoy your Sunday lovelies x

Thank you for reading,

Dorota x

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Friday, 15 January 2016


Hello, fancy meeting you here :) How are you? January is shaping to be quite a busy month for me on all fronts and so far so good, I've been able to post 3 times a week plus bonus post each week - yay me. Hope you enjoyed starting a new year with me and I promise - this will be an awesome year :) In terms of matching the theme to my current mood - there comes the Birchbox :) So let's see what beauty gods are treating us to this month shall we?


It's a collab with Pinterest and very interesting design indeed. I am Pin obsessed so it lands in my fave category for sure. It's a keeper :)


Benefit They're Real Tinted Primer (sample 3g - full size RPR £18.50)

I like Benefit and samples are always welcome but you can get these for free at a friendly Benefit counter so.... I already own a sample and tbh I can't see that much of a difference if used with They're Real Mascara. It's great for lazy days to use on it's own though.

Jelly Pong Pong Lighten Up Brightener + Waterliner in Flash Nude (full size - RPR £14.95)

Always welcomed are full sized products. I have high hopes for this liner as my theBalm nude liner is nearing the end and I can't walk out f the house without some beige in my waterline. Let's hope it's as good as my current favourite but I'll certainly give it a good testing spin ;)

Whish Three Whishes Almond Body Butter (sample 22ml - full size RPR £14.50)

I haven't heard of Whish but man this body butter smells delicious !! So nutty and sweet !! Formula is so light and sinks in almost instantly without leaving any greasy residue. If only I wasn't so lazy and used body butters lol. I am keeping this one as a hand cream - the scent is to die for :)

Beauty Protector Protect & Detangle (sample - full size RPR £14.00)

Yet again we are treated to Beauty Protector (brand exclusive to Birchbox). Sample is of an unknown size but I am sure to give this one a go. Anything with a word detangle in, gets my immediate attention so I'll give it a swirl.

Absolution L'Eau Soir et Matin (sample 30ml - full size RPR £27.00)

I haven't heard of Absolution so I'm excited to give this one a go. It's a cleansing water promising to remove all makeup easily and to leave skin soft. We shall see :)

Birchbox Compact Mirror (RPR £4.00)

Not much to say, it's pink and has #nofilter hashtag printed - me likes lol. Minus point on being just that, it doesn't close. All you do is flip and the mirror is just there at the back. I can't see it being too useful and honestly looks like really poor quality.


I'm not super impressed with this months Birchbox. I buy & test a lot of makeup and I am blessed with samples arriving at my door quite often so I'm just over sample sized items I think. It's not a bad box with mixture of products and all looking pretty good but I'm underwhelmed by it. I like the packaging, I'm a Pinterest junkie so this has wowed me but that's that. I am looking forward to seeing how Jelly Pong Pong liner adds up to my current fave from theBalm but the rest I could live without.

What do you think ladies? Do you like the Birchbox offerings or wish you could have just skipped this box like me? Sound off in the comments below

Thank you for reading,

Dorota x

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Wednesday, 13 January 2016


How are we doing today? I'm out of breath, trying to sort out all pre-payday bits, like wish lists etc ;) This month I'm banning myself from any beauty spending, as I am going to get a shiny new iPhone 6s :) Can't wait !!! Second in my new series, we're talking Clinique Pop lipsticks. Have you tried them yet? Two shades I own are minis and I got them included in Glamour couple months back. I had time to thoroughly test them and today I take them under the radar. Stand with me Lip Maniacs - let's do this :)


Square with coloured bottom, showing the shade of the lipstick and silver shiny top with Clinique logo. Very modern and I like it. It also fits in my lipstick organiser which is a huge plus :)


Creamy but light, it sits comfortably on the lip without drying it. Pigmentation is great, it goes on smoothly. Lasting power not too great but a little pigment left after lipstick has worn off. Finish is similar to MAC Creamsheen but more comfortable to wear. It stays on for 2 hours with little drink, not food. It has a lip primer built in so you can actually skip prep of your lips. I have very dry lips so scrub and lip butter is a must, but honestly you can wear this on your own.


Cherry Pop - it's an intense raspberry red, a perfect mixture of red and pink with glossy finish. Great as a statement lip that goes on smoothly and make lips appear fuller.

Nude Pop - it's a pink nude, your lips but better kind of shade, again with glossy finish. I love wearing it as a combo with Rimmel's lipliner in East End Snob.


I am forever a matte lip lover but during these tough winter months, when my oh so dry lips deserve matte lip break, I have found myself reaching for Clinique Pops a lot. Combo of Nude Pop with Rimmel liner is my favourite nude lip ever!! I like Cherry Pop too as it stays on nicely and doesn't bleed even though the lasting power is somewhat shitty ;) Thanks to them being mini size too, I find myself always having one or both of them in my daily makeup bag. Yes they won't last all day or even a breakfast but they're super comfy to wear, have primer built in so your lips look yummy and are generally really great quality. It's a yes from me :)

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