Saturday, 28 November 2015


Hello my lovelies. Happy Saturday :) I hope you get a chance for a nice lay-in. In my last post I presented you with a review of new Zoeva enTaupe palette. You can check it out here, if you missed it. Today I present you with my first winter look. Theme of your xmas party is Winter Wonderland perhaps? I have something that may just be a perfect one for the occasion. It's super light and easy and requires just a little sparkle... Not giving anything away, let's see what I came up with :)

I came up with this look inspired by Zoeva enTaupe palettes which provides us with perfect lighter than light, cool toned shades. I thought of a real Winter Wonderland with lots of snow, smiling faces, highlighted glowing skin and just a flush of the colour to the cheeks and the lips. I also wanted to add a little more glam to it and Inglot Pigment Mamma Mia in 91 was just spot on with its iridescent micro glitter :)


Eyes & Lips:

I started by priming my skin with moisturiser and few spritzes of Freedom Priming Water. Once that all set, I applied less than a pump of Collection Illumination Foundation using Real Techniques Contour Brush. Sleek Corrector and Concelear Trio helped to cover the under eye area as well as to highlight the high points of my face. Blush of choice is my all time favourite MUR Matte Blush in Dare, which gives just the perfect flush to my face. I added highlight to the high points of my face and I used a heavy hand to intensify the strobing look. I chose Hemisphere (lilac shade) to match the strength of the sparkle from Ingot's pigment I was adding to the eye and lip makeup. I set my under eye area with the powder from the trio and rest of the face with Freedom Priming Water again to add on to the already glowing skin.

For eyes I used fairly few shades from Zoeva enTaupe, but mainly blending them all together to create an ethereal look to the eye. I started with priming my lid with NYX Jumbo Pencil in Milk. Once blended I set the inner corner and going towards mid lid with Spun Pearl to give it the white glow of a winter day. I then used Hour by Hour and Gallery as my transition shades and to define the crease (in this example just above it to give it a more open eye look). I then started to darken up the outer corner with Exquisite. I went back and forth blending and adding the colour to create a slight 3d effect, no harsh lines of course :) To blend it all together I added a little of Wrapped in Silk where two colours were meeting. On bottom lash line I darkened up the outer corner with Exquisite and added Wrapped in Silk on top. I then blended a little of Sheers and Voiles in the middle. I then highlighted inner corner again with Spun Pearl. I then decided to add a little more on top lid to even further lighten up the inner corner and mid lid :) a little of Inglot Pigment Mamma Mia in 91 on the mid lid finished the job. I added two coats of L'Oreal mascara to complete this look.

For lips I wanted them to add a touch of colour and match with colour of the cheeks so I choose Maybelline Creamy Matte Magnetic Magenta and applied it all over the lips. I then decided to connect my highlighted (in extreme way lol) cupid's bow with the lips. I added Inglot pigment again on the top of the lipstick creating frosted ombre effect.

There you have it, the completed look is definitely something I haven't done on a blog before. It's bang on my style - classic daytime smokey but with an added extra. By extreme highlight and add on of frosted lips, you get yourself a perfect Winter Wonderland look. Snow Queen at her best ;) I hope you like it. And if you do recreate it, don't forget to tag me using #dorottka on Instagram. I would love to see what you come up with :)

Thank you for reading.

Dorota x

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Thursday, 26 November 2015

New in: ZOEVA ENTAUPE PALETTE REVIEW WITH SWATCHES - for the lovers of daytime :)

Hello my beauties :) If you follow me on Instagram you know I ordered new Zoeva enTaupe, when it got released on their site last month. After few extra days as DHL had to redirect my package (GRRRR) I finally got it. I gave it a good run for money, as I read so many mixed reviews. When the reviews come mostly negative, you want to ensure you give the product little more testing to make sure your own review will be as comprehensive as possible. So it took me a little longer than normally to fully test it & I'm happy to present it to you today :) I hope you'll enjoy ! Enough about that, let's sink in ... ;)


 £15.50/ €17.50 available Beauty Bay and


Classic Zoeva and their love for sleek and light hardened cardboard packaging. I really love the design as well. Beautiful deep taupe with geometrical lines inter winded as if to form a crown with different triangles coloured in different shades of taupe. Minimalistic and chic. Gorgeous add on to an already impressive collection Zoeva produced. As usual no mirror which I find to be a plus for these palettes. They are so travel friendly as they're super light and sleek. Dream for all the travelling MUA's out there.


Formula is what every other blogger seems to be complaining about as if certain shades were lacking in pigmentation. I disagree. I find shades to be pigmented, but be that by the name of the palette itself, taupe - the colours are muted, less harsh... This is the palette of taupes of any kind from mattes through satin, shimmer to duo chrome. From lights to darks these shades are understated, quiet, making them perfect to create any daytime look. All shadows are soft and creamy to touch, yet without unnecessary fall out. In fact I didn't experience any. Blendable and easy to work with, this palette can take on daytime as any other Zoeva ever created. It's also a great add on to a collection providing softer options to nighttime glam.

What's inside:

It's the season of taupes announces Zoeva and boy aren't they spot on. With fashion world still fixating on greys and taupes, your makeup can now join the forces. In my opinion this is the palette of winter. Light snowy days aren't meant for harsh makeup, clashing colours of autumn makeup. Whenever I imagine winter, I picture snow. I see soft glowing skin, highlighted to perfection. No contour, just a healthy looking colour to the cheeks in the name of soft cloud of blush. Eyes light and defined. If sparkle is added  it's to match it with the highlight of the skin. Red lips as a statement and so beautifully clear colour to contract light of eyes and skin. So yes, I am thankful to Zoeva for coming up with my own version of perfection for winter eye makeup. 


From left: Stitch by Stitch, Handmade, Gallery, Hour by Hour
From left: Spun Pearl, Sheers and Voiles, Outline, Wrapped in Silk
From left: Old Master, Exquisite
Stitch by Stitch - very light matte beige, good pigmentation. Works great to highlight brow bone, inner corners and to set you primer with.

Handmade - very light pink with rose gold finish shimmer, good pigmentation. Beautiful all over the lid and to highlight the inner corners.

Gallery - light grey taupe matte with purple undertones. good pigmentation. Great as a transition shade, in the crease to build up to 3D effect. 

Hour by Hour - light dirty pink taupe matte, good pigmentation. Good as a transition colour and in the crease. Will work as an all over colour.

Old Master - medium grey matte with purple undertones and rose gold and gold micro glitter. I haven't experience any fallout and worked great to slightly darken the outer corners and on the lower lid.

Spun Pearl - pearly white with shimmer finish, good pigmentation. Works beautifully all over the lid and to highlight inner corners.

Sheers and Voiles - duo chrome warm grey with a light-reflecting pink gold, ok pigmentation. Great as an all over lid colour or for lower lid.

Outline - cool brown with light reflecting gold shimmer, good pigmentation. Beautiful all over the lid for golden brown smokey or to darken your outer corners.

Wrapped in Silk - medium taupe with purple undertones with rose gold shimmer, good pigmentation. Beautiful all over the lid shade.

Exquisite - cool toned, medium purple taupe, ok pigmentation. This one is more chalky and powdery than the rest, it can seem as it disappears when blending but I think that's been planed as the palette should be just a wash of colour as it's taupes.

To sum up. I really enjoy using Zoeva enTaupe. Would I change it? Perhaps getting the last purple shade just a tad more pigmented? I understand the concept behind this choice, as this is the palette to create the light & soft meadows of an eye makeup, something dreamy and ethereal so there's really no place to add any harsh colours; I applaud Zoeva for coming out with a brand new concept for a daytime palette. With these shades even the beginner can create amazing and well blended looks for daytime makeup.

I hope you enjoyed today's ramblings of a mad woman ;) If so, don't forget to subscribe to my social media and the blog itself. All the links below :)

Thank you for reading.

Dorota x

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Tuesday, 24 November 2015


Good morning my beauties. Today I'd like to talk to you about my slight lipstick obsession of the last month or so. Maybellibe Sensational Creamy Matte Lipstick recently premiered in UK with 6 shades. Shades are really stunning, even though full selection isn't available. There are quite a few more shades available in US but we have to be happy with what we have here :)


I don't mind the packaging as I normally do with drugstore lipsticks, it's a well made matte, plastic. It doesn't wow me either as no magnetic lock makes me think twice before just throwing it in my handbag. As for it's price it isn't bad though, it won't break easily which is a plus.


As promised by a producent, formula is very creamy and goes on nicely on the lip. It's very similar to the formula of MAC matte but without the dryness of retro matte finish. It goes on smoothly but due to the bullet shape you may want to have a lip brush on hand to correct the application. I find them less drying than Bourjois Velvet Mattes or retro mattes by MAC. They sit comfortably on the lip for up to 5 hours. Standard wear time will be between 3-5 hours depending on how much you plan to eat in the meantime. It wears off nicely too, leaving pigment behind so you only need to top it off once during a 8 hour at the office.


Nude Embrace is a warm, light brown nude. Looks very natural on the lips, perfect colour to choose for that smokey eye or a daytime look.

Rose Rush is a light Barbie pink. I am not the biggest fan of this colour on it's own but mixed with Nude Embrace it creates a lovely pinkish nude. Great for daytime.

Magnetic Magenta is the most vibrant colour of the bunch. Very pigmented fuchsia, perfect daytime and evening statement lip. Cool toned so it whitens your teeth just a little bit.

Craving Coral is the coral red with orange undertones. Again very pigmented and will work best on someone little tanned. Another daytime staple for those warm daytime smokey eye.

Siren in Scarlet is a vibrant red. Beautiful shade for every day red lip. I really love how vibrant it is and how well it works with any eye makeup. 

Divine Wine is a deep burgundy. Perfect autumn shade and very pigmented. Great for a daytime statement lip.

If I were to choose my favourites, Magnetic Magenta, Siren in Scarlet and Divine Wine have stolen my heart. I prefer a statement lip to the nudes and I really enjoy wearing these shades. I also like the formula as they are comfortable on my dry lips. Wear time is also great and for £6.99 they are smashing drugstore matte lipstick game :)

What do you think about Creamy Mattes? Any of them stolen your heart? Sound off in the comments below.

Thank you for reading.

Dorota x

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Sunday, 22 November 2015

HOOKED ON LUSH - my not so anonymous story of fighting bath addiction

Hello Sunday !! What a day !! Woke up at 6 am and started writing up some posts. Around 9am I realised, I haven't got one for today. Decided it's too stressful and took a bath... It then came to me - My Name Is Dorota and I'm Addicted To Lush... Yep sounds about right to every guy who ever dated me and got stood up because I was still having a bath 2 hours after our dates were supposed to start... And to every time I looked at my bank statement and saw multiple Lush visits... You think there are naked men working behind those counters lol

Ok I decided I was being way too serious talking about myself as a makeup junkie. Well I am that... And then there's a little skincare obsession. My inability to ever use a whole body lotion. My paranoia that one day Urban Decay stops making Naked palettes. The whole 1 million plus lipsticks obsession. And then there are baths... I mean, if you don't like the good old bath - don't speak to me ever again - WE CANNOT BE FRIENDS !!! lol

I discovered Lush couple of years ago and what a love story that is. It's the best bloody relationship I was ever in. Recently I was told "no one will be able to stand you for the rest of your life", well Mr "frog" you, Lush will. Lush and me go a way back and I can't see us breaking up anytime soon:)

I recently went out and met up with a fellow blogger friend of mine Iza (check her out at Makeup with Bella & her Instagram). We went for a lovely, wine fuelled dinner, then "little" shopping trip in the Bullring. Our last stop was Lush. And Lush did we do it right :) 

Here's my mini haul ladies :) I only got few bits this time. I recently am obsessed with Lush bubble bars more than I am with bombs !!! I know !!!

Candy Mountain Bubble Bar (RPR £2.95) - pink bath and bubbles here I come. It smells divine, it's vegan and fair-trade !!! 

Granny Takes A Dip Bubble Bar (RPR £3.65) - Psychedelic bubbles are definitely my thing. Mixture of cool colours and the amazing smell of ginger, pepper and lemon creates an unique experience. Plus the name !! Love it !!!

Butterbear Bath Bomb (RPR £1.95) - Vanilla Scented creamy cocoa butter bath bomb - you just know it'll be an experience :) it's the first one from the Christmas range I purchased and I'm planning on going back for many many more :)

Thank you for reading.

Dorota x

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Friday, 20 November 2015


Good morning lovelies :) And happy nearly weekend <3 Yesterday I promised you a little surprise collaboration.

If you follow me on Instagram (and if not??? No more excuses - check me out HERE lol) you know that she's the reason behind half of my outrageous spending and my diet consisting of red wine, as I, no longer, can afford food. For those who don't know, Dagmara is a woman behind Mummy's Beauty CornerSo if your own spending habits are in line and you can still afford to have a life - you can go and follow her Instagram now !!! Here are her other links --> Bloglovin' --> Twitter --> Google+ !!!

Urban Decay Vice 4 has brought me so much inspiration this last week or so. My makeup is never the same in the morning but what does't change is the use of mattes and swapping in between Flame and 1985 as colour add ons :)

I created this look for you, which summarises my own style perfectly. It's fun and light and full on glow. I paired it with a glowing skin, good amount of highlight and just "a tad" of contour ;) Here's what I've used:

  • Bare Minerals Complexion Rescue in Opal
  • Urban Decay Naked Skin Concealer in Fair
  • Makeup Revolution Ultra Contour to set base and contour & highlight
  • The Balm Frat Boy
  • MAC Painterly
  • Urban Decay Vice 4
  • L'Oreal Volume Million Lashes So Couture in Black
  • Makeup Revolution Awesome Metals Eye Foil in Rose Gold
  • Freedom Makeup Brow Pomade in Blonde
  • Urban Decay Matte Revolution Lipstick in After Dark
As you can see I wanted to use a fair bit of Urban Decay products :) I used all my favourites & I hope you like the finished look.

For my eyes I started by prepping my eyelid. I recently can't get enough of MAC Painterly and I used that as a base. I then dusted Framed all over the lid and above the crease to set the base and help with blending. I defined the crease by using Bitter in the crease and above it. I blended and added colour till I was happy with the depth of the colour. I really like Bitter as a transition shade. I then deepened the crease and outer corner (both upper and bottom lid) by adding Delete. On a slightly dampened brush I added Flame to the middle of the upper lid and placed some Harlot at the inner corner (top and bottom). Bottom lid  is all about my second favourite shade after Flame --> 1985 (and not just because it's the year I was born in lol). I love how it defines the colour of my eyes :). I finished up the look by adding a little Makeup Revolution foil in Rose Gold mixed with Inglot's Duraline :). Two coats of L'Oreal mascara completes this easy, daytime look with the hint of colour :) I really hope you like the finished look :)

If you'd like to see a more of daytime to evening look created by Dagmara please click here :) I absolutely love how green enhance her eye colour. Isn't her finished look just gorgeous? 

I hope you enjoy our tittle collaboration. If you recreate any of these looks please tag me & Dagmara on Instagram :) 

Thank you for reading.

Dorota x

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Thursday, 19 November 2015


Hello ladies !! Happy Thursday !! As I'm holidaying and staying up late way too much I'm a little behind on a social media front - SORRY !!! I shall be back to form from Saturday onwards :) Enough about that:) 

Today I have something special for you. URBAN DECAY VICE 4 is one of those palettes you may go by in the shop and say; meh, I prefer neutrals, and COMPLETELY MISS OUT. I did for the last 3 years... I was never a fan of colour and only recently started experimenting with colours, textures, formulas, finishes. Result? I am obsessed with it. Someone asked me recently, if I have to  choose one of the Naked palettes in my collection, which one would I go for and I said neither. I know, I know - stop gaping - I still LOVE my Naked palettes, I just think that, if you are an Urban Decay virgin - I'd go for Vice 4 any day. Here's my reasoning - You are still able to create a daytime look with it (more about it tomorrow) and you can experiment with different textures, finishes and colours unlike any !!! 

Let's start with packaging. Palette comes in the black pouch/makeup bag designed to match the palette itself. Holographic lines crossing at irregular intervals on matte black material with holographic UD logo. Vice 4 palette is a stunner in its own light. Purple/green lines again crossing at irregular intervals on black matte plastic with shiny black lines. I must be totally messing up the description and my camera definitely not giving it enough credit. Inside we will find a large mirror making it a perfect travel companion. Yes, I'm aware palette isn't really compact but with 20 shadows both matte and shimmers, neutrals to colour, it's the perfect one to take on a holiday with you. I have it with me now and loving the choice :)

Double ended brush will not be replacing any of my eyeshadow brushes but again, as with Naked Smoky it's been upgraded and I have used it today - not bad at all. Worth keeping that's for sure. One end is a duo-fibre blending brush and other end is a fluffy eyeshadow placement brush. You can also use it for in crease blending but it's rather on a small side. 

Palettes hides 20 square paned eyeshadows and I must admit, I prefer these to the Naked format. Shall we look into each single shade now? As you wish. I swatched them by the column and not the row view. So please bear with me :) 

Bonespearly sheen light beige with cooler undertones, semi-opaque pigmentation.
Framed - a matte light-medium peachy beige/orange with warm undertones, good colour payoff.
Discreeta matte muted, light-medium lavender with subtle, warm undertones, ok pigmentation.
Bittera matte muted, medium-dark brown with warm, orange-red tone, great pigmentation.great in crease, transition shade.

Grip - a faded, medium taupe with warm, brown tones and light sparkle, sheer coverage, one of the less easy-to-use shades in the palette, due to glitter fallout and slight pigmentation.
Fast-Ball - a sheen bright, medium coral pink with warm tones & micro-glitter, decent color payoff that works better applied wet or over sticky base.
Grasshoppera sheen bright, medium-dark green with emerald green sparkle. Good colour payoff.
Flame - a medium coral-orange with gold glitter and sparkles, semi-opaque pigmentation with a bit fallout if applied dry. Great with a little Duraline mixed in. Colour wise this is my favourite shade, shame about less than great pigmentation. Stunner though!!

Deadbeat - a dark, charcoal gray with ridescent teal shimmer. Good pigmentation, hardly any fallout. Little powdery so slight less blendable. Use light hand for the ease of application.
1985 - a frosted sheen bright fuchsia, good pigmentation & easy to work with. Micro-glitter doesn't translate on the lid. As 1985 is the year I was born, it's a shade I will be using over and over ;)
C-Note - a muted, smoky medium-dark green of a metallic sheen with gold sparkle finish, good pigmentation and blendable. There's a lot of fallout to be experienced so either use a very light hand or try using a slightly wet brush.
Low - a muted, dark brown with large chunks of silver glitter, semi-sheer colour. A lot of glitter fallout.

Beat Down - a pearly sheen, bright medium-dark purple with micro-glitter, good pigmentation but glitter gets lost in the brush.
Underhand - a medium-dark plum of a frosted finish, great pigmentation.
Arctic - a bright medium-dark blue/teal of a metallic finish with teal sparkle, great pigmentation. I experienced quite a bit of fallout so I recommend application wet for less fallout and increased pigmentation.
Crowbar - an olive green with gold glitter over a metallic finish, good pigmentation, but a lot of fall out when applied.

Pandemonium - a frosted sheen, blackened plum with pink sparkle. Lots of glitter fall out during application, ok pigmentation.
Harlot - a sheen pale lavender, nice pigmentation. Looks silvery on the lid.
Robbery - a muted warm, dark taupe brown, great pigmentation. Sheen finish with micro glitter.
Delete - a matte, dark brown/red, great colour payoff.

This isn't the best and easiest palette you can work with. As there's quite a bit of shades where fallout is a norm, it's better to do your eye makeup first. If you're inexperienced, cleaning up may be a b**** ;) Pigmentation of most shades is really good and shades are really unique. I am totally in love with quite a few and have been using this palette since Monday. I found myself suddenly inspired when doing my daytime and evening makeup. Wear time is great given a good base is used. I swap in between MAC Painterly and UD Primer.

*I have a little surprise waiting for you tomorrow... Great collaboration coming up :) Two posts... Two looks using Vice 4. Daytime from me... Evening from...??? I hope you love it as much as I do <3 *

So much love coming my way on Instagram, FB and Bloglovin' :) Thank you !!!


Dorota x

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Tuesday, 17 November 2015


A lot has changed in the world of makeup. At drugstore price we are able to find near perfect dupes to the more expensive products. Does price always equals quality? Of course not ! I love a good dupe and the hunt for it :) What I love about the beauty blogging universe is the ability to test and compare the products so it’s an another comparison I have for you today. 

I started my journey with a setting spray nearly two years ago. I didn’t tend to use it before as I rarely wore any foundation, a bit of concealer and a blusher was my go to most days :) When I started wearing more makeup I discovered that having super dry skin makes it really difficult to find a good powder that felt and look invisible on the face and set foundation well at the same time. I tried them all from the cheapest drugstore brands to the pricey luxury. None did the job well. Then I discovered Youtube and beauty gurus. Having been recommended Avon Setting Spray (125ml for £6.00), I started using it and discovered that I don’t need powder to get my foundation to look and feel better. Nothing prepared me for what came next and the purchase that changed the way I look at makeup and ability to achieve perfect dewy naked skin look - Urban Decay All Nighter (£21.00 for 118 ml or travel size 30ml for £9.00).

Avon Setting Spray

Packaging is plastic, black semi-translucent bottle. The spray works pretty well dispensing fine mist that dries quickly to semi matte finish. It contains vitamins A, C and E, however it is not paraben free. As I am now little more cautious about products I put on my face, this could be an improved formula, if Avon ever comes up with a new formula for this product. For all the animal lovers, unfortunately Avon still tests their products on animals. Time to stop this barbarian practice Avon !!

Formula itself did not do me any harm. My skin is not only dry but also super sensitive with a lot of redness and the setting spray worked well and didn’t break me out. You need few good sprays to cover the whole face and mist is fine but not super fine. It doesn’t move the makeup in any way of course and dries pretty quickly, but you use a bit of product each time. Using it everyday on myself only I’d say it'll last for around 3 months. It’s not bad but pretty average. Does it make your makeup look more natural, gets rid of the powder residue? Not so much, no. There’s a slight improvement but no wow factor here. Same goes for the prolonging of the makeup, I find that my makeup will stay on for all day given I powdered my face down. Unfortunately it will not make my foundation to last without the setting powder. I rarely experience shine, well except on those full on strobing days (highlighter is my one and only love these days lol), but I find that my face produce slightly more sebum when using the setting spray. I honestly don’t think it will do you any good if you have a combination to oily skin.

I think it’s a great all round starter setting spray. It does slightly improve the appearance of powdered skin as well as setting everything in place. It may not work too great at prolonging your makeup but it will do so slightly as well. It gets 3 out of 5* from me.

Urban Decay All Nighter Long-Lasting Makeup Setting Spray

Packaging is white plastic with purple writings and a lid. The spray dispenses super fine mist that dries quickly to the matte finish (It will not make your super glowing face go matte, so dewy looks here I come). All Nighter is the medium product in the range of setting sprays. It’s aimed at combination skin. You can also choose De-Slick for oily skin and Chill aimed at dry skin. I am yet to try Chill as having a very dry skin and using All Nighter works great for me so far :) I may try the travel size version first to see if it really works better for me :) It’s paragon free and UD products are not tested on animals - yay :) 

Formula works great to prolong the way your makeup looks just after application. I like my complexion to be glowing with invisible foundation and this little spray helps me achieve this effect and make it lasts without having to powder/set it all. If I do powder it, it also minimills the appearance of the powder making it look less obvious on the skin :) Big bottle will last me around 3-6 months depending on how often I wear makeup and believe me I give myself few days a week off, unless of course I’m testing a lot of new product and wear it more frequently. I wouldn’t say it will make my foundation last 12 hours on its own but it lasts all day in the office and I don’t look like an idiot when I come back home lol. It stops foundation setting in the fine lines, however it does not help with the glasses effect on the bridge of the nose - well not for me anyway. I am yet to find a product that does that.

Overall it’s an amazing product and very well loved by me. I always buy a big bottle and have a travel size with me at all times. It’s definitely worth the money and one of those products I find really hard to replace. I’ll give it 5 out of 5* as I haven’t found a setting spray that works better than this one for me and my skin.

That's it for today. I hope that my post will help some of you in making a decision between going for an affordable versus more pricey option. I would gladly find a cheaper dupe for UD Setting Spray as believe me, I don't really like spending so much money on the mist but I am yet to find something even comparable to it. If you have any in mind that you'd like to recommend please let me know :) What do you think ladies? Do you use setting sprays, if so what brands and what makes you choose that particular one? Sound off in the comments below. 

Thank you for reading.

Dorota x

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