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Spring is just around the corner and I think everyone can feel it. It's there, we just need to be patient for a little while longer. This spring will rule out few beauty trends and bring back some others. Catwalks always present a pretty scary version to an every day woman. It's important to read between the lines to understand the vision of
a designer or makeup artist. There's few trends I'll be bringing with me from the catwalks to my vanity, so if you'd like to know more, please continue to read. 

Get that glow.

With spring fast approaching it's time to ditch your full coverage heavy bases and invest in light and glowing foundations/ban creams! I love to glow so glowing skin is my cup of tea. There's nothing wrong with wanting both the coverage and the glow and LA Girl Illuminating Foundation & LOreal Pro-Glow Foundation are lately my go to! 

If you're skin is perfect on its own, try Becca or Bare Minerals instead! They're super light and we'll give you that coveted no makeup makeup look! 

It's ime to invest in a good highlighter to add even more shine to your skin! I've been loving theBalm Mary-Lou Manizer & Becca Champagne Pop lately 💥💥💥 

The new minimalism.

This trend is not new but just got a little spring makeover and I for one, couldn't be happier. Dark lips are my favourite and the idea to put my dark berries away until next autumn was making me sad! No more. Dark lip is here to stay. To give it a little spring touch, keep the rest minimal. Glowing skin, brushed up feathered brows, no makeup makeup suits dark lip like no other! 

Too scared to play around with gothic vibes? Fear not, it's also super fashionable to wear orange reds again! Yay! I love a good bright orange red like no other red and can't wait to bring back my classic statement lip! Again, keep the base glowing, maybe pair with a little sun kissed skin (aka it's bronzer time!!!) and lots of highlighter! 

My picks:
Jeffree Star Designer Blood & Checkmate

The new you eye.

There's so much inspiration coming from catwalks on the daily lately and I've chose some trends that suit my estethics as well as my more playful side. 

80s are back! 

This makes me so happy to see so much colour on the lid and all over the face! 80s were incredibly tacky so adding a modern twist to the 80s look is a must! Play around with shades. Be that on the lid, instead of contour, on the brows! Sky's a limit. I'm not saying start painting rainbows on your face (although why the hell not?) but maybe pick a shade you're afraid to and make a statement with it? I'll be using my Morphe Brushes 35B palette to create some crazy colourful looks


Peach is the most beautiful colour, it's warm, it's super flattering to any eye colour and just fun to play around' with palettes such as Too Faced Sweet Peach - POST - it's simple, it's modern and you should just go ahead and try it! The most out here combination is see on catwalks Aquamarine + Peach combo which I plan to take advantage of on the holidays to Spain! The makeup this season isn't about perfection. It's a little undone, so even an amateur with brushes, should be able to it off! I'd go for all peachy eye and make it halo by adding aquamarine to the centre of the lid. It'a one of those looks that may seem ridiculous but end up looking glorious! 

Elongated half cat eye! 

Another variation of your usual cat eye! Perfect for those with hooded eye too! You start your line mid lid and elongate it towards your temple. You can go super dramatic, or easy, but this gives you occasion to yet again play around with makeup and maybe add some colour? 

Glitter everything.

I love glitters, I just do! I'm your typical magpie so anything shiny & I just have to have it! Stila came out with liquid Eyeshadows shade which gives plenty shimmer plus the shades are just gorgeous and I'll be buying one or two very soon! Also Inglot's coming out with liquid highlighter like Eyeshadows and with so many beautiful colours to lust over, I may need to pick one (or two lol) up! But for now I'll be sticking to my Makeup Revolution Eye Foils and Inglot AMC Pure Pigments to add the most beautiful shine to my lids 

In terms of glitter we have glitter lids, bottom lash line, glitter mascaras, glitter brows, lips and even beards so whatever floats your boat, just sprinkle some glitter over it & have fun! I've been loving this OCC glitter lately! It's quite incredible! 

For your day to day basic, I'd probably stick to some glitter on the lid, unless you're a lucky duck who doesn't work in the office! I've seen glitter lips everywhere now so maybe adding a touch of glitter to the mid of your lips, instead of gloss, will give you a refreshing new look! Try it and tell me glitter isn't awesome!? 

Beach hair + micro braids! 

Ok so there's really no telling which catwalk look to follow but I'm a huge fan of not treating my hair to heat so beach waves are what my hair gets on the daily! I use a bit of Oribo Texturising Spray to add more volume and sleep in couple of braids to accentuate the usual waves in my hair.

This season I'll be adding some micro braids to the look! I loved it on the catwalk and I think it looks very festival friendly, yet inconspicuous to be able to pull it off every day! 

I hope you enjoyed my babbling today. I'd love to see your spring/summer 2017 inspirations, so tag me on Twitter & Instagram, using hashtag #beautydramaqueen. Can't wait to see what look you'll be sporting!

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  1. With the exeption of glitter and dewy bases I like all the trends and think I will incorporate quite a few of them.

    Linda, Libra, Loca: Beauty, Baby and Backpacking

  2. Same śliczności, fajne te trendy :)

  3. LOVE this post, Dorota! I'm happy to put the berry lips away but I'm all about the glowy skin as you know! xx


  4. I've been loving glitter lately so I'm happy to be 'on trend' :) And I'm excited to play with some colourful eyeshadows, I haven't created any bright, colourful look for a long time :) x

    Mummy's Beauty Corner

  5. Glow is just everything for me haha just get them to dunk them in a vat of glitter and im happy! :P

  6. I am in love with this post, it puts the latest trend in more simple lanugage! Peachy coloured makeup and the glow is my favourite

    Parie x
    Class and Glitter

  7. szczerze mowiac sednio podarzam za tredami :) oczywiscie bardzo czesto kusze sie na kosmetyczne nowosci, ale mam swoje stare zwyczaje malowania sie i wiem, w czym najlepiej sie czuje, wiec nie eksperymentuje :)

  8. Ooooh such a great run down. I am not ready for neon colour on my eye lids just yet though I have been enjoying reds/oranges which is pretty out there for me. I am all about the half cat-eye liner and now just need to try it elongated to be on-trend ;) xxx

  9. It's only spring and I can already feel the hot weather making my go sweaty betty!! I've been loving using glitter recently and I really want to try it on my lower lash line for a pop or something!
    Charlotte / Charlotte's Picks


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