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Too Faced Sweet Peach vs I Heart Makeup Chocolate & Peaches

To splurge or to save is a question I get asked everyday when I recommend product to my friends and you lovely readers. There's always a question of good business, great price but most importantly quality. The two products I'll be reviewing and comparing today, have been deemed dupes. The question remains, are they? Let's talk it through step by step.


Too Faced Sweet Peach Palette wins this category. I am a huge fan of chocolate design by Makeup Revolution but the shade chosen doesn't appeal as well to me as the shade of Too Faced offering. Having said that Makeup Revolution plastic packaging is sturdy and heavy, indicating good quality. I love metal casing of Sweet Peach though just a little better.

Mirror wise, you get a bigger mirror with Makeup Revolution so if you tend to travel a lot, makes it more friendly. I rarely bother with mirrors in the palettes though, so it's not a huge minus for me if palette doesn't have one or has one that's smaller.


Too Faced Sweet Peach takes a glory here too, as there's no denying the slightly fake peach scent is super sweet and makes for fun application. Please don't ask how I know, but it tastes of peaches too. It's actually delicious! Sadly Chocolate & Peaches follow the usual, very faint slight chocolate scent of other Chocolate palettes and I wouldn't recommend tasting them.


Here's where it gets tricky for me. I wouldn't class any of the palette as top quality eyeshadow formula. Sweet Peach has a great range of shades and some finishes are better than others but with mattes you can find them lacking. They're matte and not satin like as within Chocolate & Peaches. Some shades will take more than a swatch to build a pigmentation but they transfer to lid well, blend easily and don't disappear when blending. Sweet Peach wins in terms of shimmery shades as the finish is simply stunning and used on mature eye doesn't accentuate it as much (played around with Mom's makeup for that reason alone). Chocolate &Peaches shimmer pigmentation is as per usual at very high quality but it tends to accentuate the mature lid. I personally don't have a problem with that, but if you're a MUA, you may want to splurge and not save on this one. Mattes are ok, not my favourite formula if I have to be honest. I find Zoeva (especially with their latest launches) and Makeup Geek to be at completely different standard. I like the semi-mattes of Chocolate & Peaches. Pigmentation is mostly good and they're blendable. I find Sweet Peach to be slightly easier to blend, with more buttery shades, some are not as pigmented as others. Having said that, Sweet Peach is great palette and I love it. I think within the budget range, you will not find shadows as good as Makeup Revolution.


Sweet Peach Palette RPR £39.00

To Faced is finely widely available in UK via Debenhams. They don't stock all products and we sadly missed out on some limited editions but most of permanent stock is available either online or in store. I find shopping experience at Too Faced counter in Birmingham Bullring's Debenhams a total pleasure with the girls on the counter easy to chat too and super helpful. All products can be swatched. Sadly the lightest foundation shades aren't available, not even testers, so if I had one complaint, this would be it. 

The accessibility is a plus, given Tam Beauty website, Superdrug online and bigger stores all stocking it Makeup Revolution and other brands under tam Beauty umbrella. The price point is also super accessible. Most stores stock some testers but as with drugstore, I would't dare to swatch them sometimes. Lots of swatches are available online and on their respective Youtube channels. I Heart Makeup stands are only available in limited Superdrugs with limited stock which is a real shame. I wish they would expand the range in store as it's my favourite in terms of formulas.

Sweet Peach Palette swatched in natural light no flash


White Peach - soft off white semi matte, pigmentation had to be built up a little but transfers to lid well and provides a good base as a setting shade for a primer or as a matte highlight.

Luscious - stunning light champagne bronze almost highlight like shimmer, great pigmentation and transfer to lid. Beautiful all over shade or as an accent.

Just Peachy - medium rosy pink with peachy tones and gold shimmer running through which isn't as sivible when transferred to lid. Pigmentation is ok, but less opaque than others. Provides more of a flush of colour.

Bless Her Heart - muted olive satin with some golden sheen to it. Well pigmented and transfers to lid beautifully. Great add on to the warm tone palette. All over shade or as an accent.

Tempting - almost black brown with a satin finish. Well pigmented and transfers to lid semi-matte almost. Great to darken the outer corners or as a all over shade for smokeys.

Charmed, I'm Sure - muted medium to dark brown, neutral to warm. Well pigmented if a little dusty (no fallout though). Great smokey eye shade or to darken the outer corners.

Nectar - champagne shimmer with strong yellow tones. Well pigmented, again slightly dusty, but no fallout. Lovely al over shade, to accent halo eyes or in the inner corners.

Cobbler - medium bronze shimmer. Good pigmentation and transfer to lid. Great all over shade or as an accent to brown smokeys.

Candied Peach - warm medium peach matte with pink micro glitter running through, which almost doesn't transfer to the lid but can be visible on finger swatch. Very powdery to touch.

Bellini - light rose gold with a stunning highlight finish. Beautiful all over the lid, halo accent or even inner corners. 

Peach Pit - dark bronzed purple shimmer. Great pigmentation. All over shade or as outer corner accent. Great for smokey eye accents.

Delectable - deep plum satin. Well pigmented. Great for outer corners or all over shade. Transfers to lid nicely.

Peaches & Cream - light beige with yellow tones matte. Slightly powdery but great as an all over shade or to blending out darker shades.

Georgia - muted peachy pink with some warm orange tones. Almost sheer pigmentation, needs a primer to give it the colour payout. Beautiful shade nevertheless.

Caramelised - medium dark bronze with shimmer finish. Well pigmented and transfers beautifully. Great all over shade.

Puree - muted camel with red tones matte. Great transition shade, for paler skin tones can be combined with Peaches & Cream.

Summer Yum - muted reddish brown matte. Stunning in the crease to deepen, all over shade or outer corners.

Talk Derby To Me - almost black purple matte with purple & pink micro glitter running through. Great for outer corners or for blackened smokey looks.

Chocolate & Peaches swatched in natural light no flash


Delicious - off white matte. Okay pigmentation but needs to be build up.

Fruit - light bronze shimmer. Good pigmentation and transfer to the lid. Nice all over shade or as an accent to the bronzed smokeys.

Soft - medium pink satin with soft peachy shimmer. Lovely all over or as an accent. Good pigmentation.

Choc - olive green with soft golden shimmer. Transfers to lid slightly worse than the Too Faced Bless Her Heart but still a very beautiful muted green for green lovers.

Delight - semi black matte, okay pigmentation, transfer need to be build up and small fallout. Lovely as all over shade (over black base to intensify) and as an outer corner accent.

Sweet - light champagne with yellow tones. Pigmentation is good and lovely as a halo accent but mostly for inner corners. Apply wet to intensify.

Candy - warm medium dark bronze with soft shimmer. Great pigmentation and transfers well.

Rich - dark bronze with orange tones. Again pigmentation is good with good transfers. All over shade for blue/grey eyes.

Peach - medium almost orange peach semi matte with slight satin feel. Great to transfer darker shades with.

Taste - warm dark bronze, almost antique like. Great pigmentation. Lovely all over or as an accent.

Nice - almost black purple. Pigmentation is quite sheer and needs building up. Some micro glitter running through.

Lush - peachy beige. Almost skin line shade, okay pigmentation, as all over shade or even transition for paler skin tones.

Fine - medium dark camel matte. Okay pigmentation but needs building up to full opaque.

Luscious - medium dark reddish brown matte. Okay pigmentation if only slightly too sheer.

Keen - dark neutral brown matte. Great in the outer corners or all over shade and well pigmented.

Satisfy - medium yellow beige. Okay pigmentation but little chalky. Transfer is okay but the shade is buildable.


I really like Makeup Revolution I Heart Makeup Chocolate series. I think they represent quality better than the rest of the palettes from the brand and are my absolute favourite drugstore eyeshadows. I will always recommend them to anyone on a smaller budget or only starting up with makeup. Makeup Revolution did what the name suggests, it revolutionised the makeup forever. No more good quality shadows dominate only high end market. It brought makeup to the masses and is probably responsible for half my most viewed posts. Do I agree with copying products? Not at all. However I see Makeup Revolution palettes are more inspired by than the exact dupes anymore. I found that the palette I love most from the chocolate series like Vice or Naked Chocolate aren't based on any high end palette and I respect that! I adore Peaches & Chocolate although don't find it to be a true dupe for Too Faced palette. Yes some shades are similar, especially the olive green but the rest have some individual qualities unfound in Too Faced offerings. I feel this is the palette to own if you're not quite there with spending £40 on a palette but want to play around with warm tones and some peachy shades. 

I must admit that Too Faced eyeshadows weren't really my favourites until recently when shopping my stash I managed to use a palette after the palette, week after week. I am a convert now. Not only does the Chocolate Bon Bon smells of milk chocolate (and tastes it too!), their bronzers too but the Peach Palette smells of a sweet peach and again tastes like one too. It is not a peach fruit scent and taste, rather a sweet produced peach. For that alone, the shadows and formulas are something we haven't really seen on the market and I applaud that. The formulas differ with mattes being slightly less pigmented but is that a bad thing necessarily? I spent the last few weeks discussing this with some of my pro mua friends, who all agreed they rather have a beautifully milled medium pigmentation that is build able than some other crazily pigmented formulas, especially with your usual client work and not photo sessions. I feel Sweet Peach fits in the warm toned market craze well and I really love certain shades. Having now tested the palette on different eyelids I find that it does look better than any other's I've tried on mature and wrinkled lids. It's a true pleasure to work with and very versatile thanks to the add ons of an odd green and purple mixed with peach. These shades work so well together. 

It's hard to ask a palette harder to choose between two babies. I feel both palettes come with benefits and few cons and I'll let you decide, if it's ever worth spending £39.00 on an eyeshadow palette. I feel the price is justified and works out cheaper than single Makeup Geek shades. I feel Sweet Peach would make an excellent gift you can give to your loved one, a friend or to yourself and peaches are a strong trend coming with us to spring/summer 2017. So whatever your budget, choose accordingly. I feel that both palettes have a lot to give. If I say I prefer Sweet Peach just slightly more, I won't be lying though. Must be the scent! <3

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Splurge or save? Too Faced Sweet Peach palette vs I Heart Makeup Chocolate And Peaches palette

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  1. I always find that Makeup revolution produce amazing dupes for so many different palettes especially the too faced chocolate bar ones. If I'm wanting to try it I'll always go to MUR first. It's interesting to hear that you don't think they are dupes due to the shades offering different things. Of course the quality isn't going to be the same but I think I'd still go for the cheaper option.
    Charlotte / Charlotte's Picks

    1. I couldn't agree more! They really made the market more open haven't they?

  2. First of all, stunning photos, Dorota! Absolutely beautiful!
    Second, I agree with you, both palettes are similar and it all depends on person's budget which one to choose. Unfortunately MUR shimmers don't look as good on mature lids as the ones from TF so that's a big thing for me.
    Oh, and stop eating your eyeshadows, you crazy girl! hahaha

    Mummy's Beauty Corner

    1. You know me, If It smell delicious... Lol! Agreed! I recently started playing with my Mom's makeup more and it's just not good enough unless I use superb quality shadows! X

  3. Brilliant post & gorgeous photos, Dorota!

    I'm not a fan of MUR because of the copycat thing but I can see why they appeal to some people because they price point is good! xx

    Beautylymin| LuxuryFragranceGiveaway

    1. Thank you Siobhan! I adore some of the pics which as you know doesn't happen very often! Exactly, Not everyone is Obsessed and have the budget for high end!

  4. A jednak Too faced bardziej do mnie mówi ;)

    1. Do mnie też haha! Ale to juz kwestia preferencji oczywiście :)

  5. twoje zdjecia sa nieziemskie :)ja z mila checia obie przygarne :)

    1. Dziękuje kochana! Nawet nie wiesz jak mi miło! Bardzo jestem zadowolona z jakości ostatnio chociaż jak zawsze pracuje żeby się poprawić! X

  6. Love your detailed comparison Dorota. Your photos give me life. And I can't get over the makeover of your blog. Its very fresh and chic! Lol I keep mentioning this again and again but everytime i visit ur blog, i just can't resist.

    Ash |
    Instagram: @ms_tantrum

  7. I love my Sweet Peach palette and have been using it every day at the moment. Great post.
    Michelle xx
    IG: @shellie_belle_


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