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Buying high end doesn't necessarily mean quality but drugstore can also disappoint. I never really bought in the whole disappointing products craze, as I prefer to be constrictive and not negative. Just because it hasn't worked for me, it doesn't mean you are not crazy in love with it. Makeup and skincare is a personal preference, but I thought I'll share with you the five products I'm slightly disappointed with. Here's why.

Garnier Micellar Gel 

So so this product has practically made me do the whole post. I got this during a recent drugstore trip - POST - and had quite the expectations. scratch that. I already made a mistake of buying a micellar gel based on my love for the micellar water from the brand (Looking at you L'Oreal - POST), so I really don't know why I expected more from Garnier. Pink Micellar Water is such a cult product and works perfectly fine for me. It is not my favourite micellar, as I made my feelings for Simple Micellar Water very clear over and over - POST - but it's a good product that doesn't sting my eyes and removes eye makeup well. Enter Garnier Micellar Gel... It is by far the most stinging cleanser I've ever used for eye makeup removal. Considering it is market as such, it's not excusable. I cried and sat with cold compress over my eyes for good 20 minutes after the first use. I thought maybe I did it wrong and done it to myself the very next morning thinking it may work well as a morning cleanser. It doesn't, it made me cry again. Yes it's cheap and I'm not missing out on much, but I hate wasting products and money. I now use it to remove swatches from my hands etc so at least I'll use it up somehow. It's awful though and I don't recommend it.

Bravura Cleansing Oil

Here's the deal. I don't despise this product, I actually quite like it. I just don't like it enough if that makes sense. I love my Superfacialist Vit C Cleansing Oil - POST - so much, nothing really compares. It's ok on the eyes but I would thread lightly as it made my eyes watery few times. I don't mind the scent, again it's not my usual cup of tea but it's fine, it cleanses well and haven't broken me out. The reason I don't like it as much is that it doesn't lather when combined with water like my cleansing oils and melting c;enasers usually do, so I don't feel like it's as easy to remove makeup with. I usually use it to break down face makeup week, remove eyes with micellar and follow up with a cleanser I just like better. It's a fine product but from all the Bravura bits I have been sent to test - POST - it's certainly my least favourite.

Superfacialist Micellar Water

I've mentioned that Superfacialist Vit C Cleansing Oil is one of my favourite cleansers and I wanted to love their Micellar Water as much, but I just don't. Again, as with Bravura Oil above, it is a very fine product. It removes eye makeup well, it doesn't dry out my face but I just don't think it's as delicate as it should be on the eye area. Let me explain, the way I cleanse my eyes is by soaking (and I mean it - I soak them good lol) the pads with micellar water and then I put them over my eyes for 30 seconds (YES I DO COUNT lol). With all these, I found the Micellar to sting my eyes if the pads were too wet. It did however removed makeup absolutely fine, I just need to be careful about amount of product to use and I just don't like to having to think about it, especially after a long day at the office. So yes, it's okay, just not for me. I'm not sure if this product is still available for sale, as it's not available in Boots or on the Una Brennan website.

Makeup Revolution Pro Blend Sponge

Makeup Revolution will forever be a king of dupes, so with the launch of their beauty sponges, I just had to give one a go. They cost £5.00 so it's definitely a cheaper alternative the the original Beauty Blender (RPR £16.00) but sadly, these are a no go for me. The sponge is really hard, it soaks up the water and it's really hard to get the water properly squeezed out. It fees like bouncing something really heavy of my face and it's not a pleasant feeling. For £5.00 you can probably find better. I used it few times but it really, really isn't good enough. It's just not. Sorry MUR, not this time!

Urban Decay Naked 2

I know there are some hardcore Urban Decay fans out there, who may eat me alive at even suggesting it, but Naked 2 is not a palette for me. I was given it for Christmas and must have used it only a few times before moving on. Recently I picked it up during my ongoing Shop My Stash project and day 1 I was bored of my mind. The quality of this palette isn't up there with Makeup Geek, Zoeva, Anastasia and many more companies. I am probably more excited to use a good MUR Chocolate palette for a week than I was with Naked 2. Don't get me wrong it's a beautiful palette and if you're a pro, you probably use it a lot for wedding makeup but I just can't get myself excited with it. Some of the shadows are beautiful and the matte black is a gorgeous shade, I just don't think there's enough mattes for me in it. I'm a matte girl through and through and need more than 3 shades in a palette to get my makeup going in the morning. There's also the fact that after an hour the shades blend in together so well, that you can't really tell if you're wearing a complicated combo of 12 or just one shadow. For the price, it is just not good enough. I don't think it's worth the price at all.

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  1. I guess we have all been there, some products just don't excite us as much as they seem to excite everyone else. None of the products you mentioned are products I own, but I was gifted the MUR dupe palette for Naked 2 once and just like you I get bored whenever I try to work with it. Everything looks same same on my eyes.

    Linda, Libra, Loca: Beauty, Baby and Backpacking

  2. I had plans to buy a palette Naked 2, but I heard that the pigmentation is weak compared to other, cheaper brands. Beauty blender for me really poor quality product. I prefer to use the ordinary brush or oval brush.

    Regards, TinaHa

  3. The MUR sponges are awful, haha!
    I sold my UD Naked 1 palette and don't regret it a bit, it was nice and good quality but just didn't excite me either and I much prefer other brands eyeshadows. x

    Mummy's Beauty Corner

  4. Oh, I really wanted to try the Garnier Micellar gel, now I'm not so sure anymore! Also, I understand what you mean about the UD Naked 2 Palette as I get that with a lot of palettes (including my Naked 3 sometimes): sometimes no matter which shades you use, it always looks the same after a few hours of wear!

  5. I really like my Naked 2 palette, but prefer Naked 1. That Micellar Gel sounds awful! xx


  6. I know what you mean about the Superfacialist did the job but didn't blow me away. And did sting the eyes a little too. Ah...I always wanted to try the Bravura cleansing oil but since the SuperFacialist Vit C is also one of my faves, I won't bother ;) xxx

  7. So many people have got that Garnier gel wash and have been loving it, I think I'll stay away from it. Since I bought the real beauty blender I haven't been able to use any of the dupes because they just don't live up to the real thing
    Charlotte / Charlotte's Picks

  8. Thanks for sharing this post Dorota. You saved my money babe.

    Ash |
    Instagram | ms_tantrum

  9. And I'm eager to try the Garnier micellar gel, but first will check the INCIs ;D! It's hard to find good dupe for bb even don't got one YET ;)

  10. Oh no! My precious Naked 2 palette :( :(
    Nah, it's cool! I actually really like it but it doesn't mean you have to like it too.

  11. I actually like reading disappointing products post because it let me know what to avoid or at least be wary of. I recently saw the Garnier Micellar Gel but didn't pick it up as I wasn't sure about the gel texture and now I will avoid it for sure.

    Shireen⎜Reflection of Sanity

  12. I am a huge UD fan but I agree with Naked 2. Far too many glittery shades and not enough matts


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