Monday 13 March 2017


Last week we've discussed spring trends - POST - and most importantly glowing skin, so I thought it's important we go in a little more detail regarding my morning skincare, as it's recently changed a bit. Spring calls for serious glow. You know, the one that makes people ask what's your secret! 

It's no secret that a good routine starts with cleansing and I love a good cleanse as no other! I've been recommended to try Oskia my my good friend Sionhán many times and I finally caved in recently! She is my own personal skincare guru and I usually love what she recommends. In fact we are quite similar in terms of our skin needs. Oskia has been definitely a discovery of the last weeks and thanks to great promo in Space NK - HAUL - and Latest in Beauty subscription (check out my Instagram now) I am currently testing Renaissance Cleansing Gel and Renaissance Mask. Both come with the signature Oskia scent, which I favour. I won't talk about the mask just yet. I've only tried it few times but cleanser works well as an only cleanse on those busy mornings or a second cleanse in the evening. It's not stripping and leaves my complexion brightened and ready for next steps. 

If you've been following me for a while, you know my love for toners. I never miss the step but lately I've been favouring Toner mists instead. The mists work great in the morning as they are super refreshing and my newest discovery does that brilliantly. Pixi Wake Me Up Mist gives me a shot of very much needed vitamin C (natural sunscreen) which wakes my skin up in seconds. I adore my glow mist and thought this would work similarly. The must is not as fine as with Glow Mist so sadly I won't be using it over makeup, but as I step after cleaning, it's a welcome one. It smells delicious too and if you like citrusy scents, you'll love it! 

In the morning I favour serums based on hyaluronic acid. The watery formulas are superb at keeping the dehydration at bay and ensuring my foundation won't cake up afterwards. I've been using a combination of Lacura Vitacell Serum Concentrate with TCR3* & Bravura Hyaluronic Acid Serum*. Lacura has the strangest formula I've ever seen as it's really just water. I find that I need quite a lot of product to distribute it evenly across face and neck. It's super firming, you can actually feel the lifting a moment after application. The scent isn't too great too with this one and only ever so slightly reminds me of the hair removal creams... I know, not pleasant at all! What I find is that you need something ultra hydrating to add to it, as firming and lifting products can make my skin feel just slightly dry. Enter Bravura. Hyaluronic Acid in its pure tone is the best thing that can happen to your skin, whatever your type. My dry skin loves it, but it'll work for the most oily types too. It's a genius little ingredient! I find most good quality serums to be ok and Bravura is no different. It leaves my skin just a tad sticky and ready for moisturiser. 

The eye cream choice has been Caudalie Premier Cru as of late. You know my love for Origins Plantscription I sadly said goodbye to and I've been on a look out for the same rich formula and I found it in Caudalie. This rich cream sinks in quickly and leaves my under eyes moisturised and prepped for the concealer. I really enjoy using it and given it's only a deluxe sample (5ml), I'm quite happy that it's proving to be very lasting as you only need a little. I would pack up a little more on the evening but for the morning you only ever need a tiny bit. This is actually good news given full size (15ml) will set you back by £50.00.

I've been praising Merumaya lately and managed to grab their Youth Preservation Moisturiser in Latest in Beauty box. This is a deluxe sample and it's been working wonders for me lately. Spring is fast approaching and weather can be tricky. I find that SPF20 is so far enough with the sun not being so prominent. My evening skincare consist of retinoids and AHAs -POST- so sunscreen is a must. Merumaya Moisturiser feels rich but my dry skin feeds on it as it sinks in super quickly. It works great under makeup and gives my skin enough moisture to ensure the foundation goes on smoothly. I've been absolutely loving it lately. As usual the packaging has a pump which I appreciate in skincare, as you want the ingredients to always work for you and not only until they're contaminated by exposure to other elements.

Do you update your skincare routine every so often or do you rather stick with your favourites? What formulas you like best? I found that lately I've been choosing a mixture of light and rich formulas and its been working great for my skin. I always end up changing up my routine as I continue to test new skincare, but there are some staples I always go back to. 

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  1. I already had the Pixi Mist on my wish list but now I want it in my life desperately...sounds so good. I used the Oskia mask last night and quite enjoyed it actually - yes, the scent is rather lovely. The Merumaya moisturiser is a life saver xxx


  2. I havent tried these two Oskia products, but the Reanaissance Serum and the 360 moisturizer, and the moisturizer is among my favorites. The latest Cult Beauty Goodie Bag had a Oskia product in it, so I am soon to try my next one and I couldn't be more excited.

    Linda, Libra, Loca: Beauty, Baby and Backpacking

  3. Thank you for the mention, Lovely! You know how much I love that Oskia mask! I LOVE the sound of the Pixi Mist and the Bravura Acid Serum - both have been added to my wishlist! xx


  4. Beautiful skincare routine! I change my skincare routine slightly for the warmer months, usually reach for lighter moisturiser but the truth is that being a beauty junkie means the routine changes quite often anyway :) x

    Mummy's Beauty Corner

  5. Now that we are moving into spring I've been using mists so much more, I'm currently using the Nuskin one but I really want to try some more brands. The fact that the Pixi one has vitamin C in it is a lifesaver!
    Charlotte / Charlotte's Picks

  6. Great post Dorota. Oskia cleanser and mask have been on my wishlist too.
    Ash |
    Instagram | Ms_tantrum

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