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Morphe The Jaclyn Hill Palette review with swatches on pale skin

Morphe's new release named simply The Jaclyn Hill Palette has taken my heart by storm. The updated formula works a lot better in with mattes being soft and buttery and metallics absolutely stunning. It is better and the price point reflects that. I've used it for a few weeks now and tried every single shade in the palette at least twice, so decided today's the day to share with you my findings. Oh, and it's back in stock on Beauty Bay. So if you're still struggling to decide if it's worth the hype, let's find out together!

Morphe x Jaclyn Hill palette packaging front
The back of Morphe x Jaclyn Hill palette


Both outer and palette packaging are matte white with Jaclyn name printed in metallic silver. I love how it looks now, but I vary about it getting dirty with prolonged use. I like the hardened cardboard used more than Morphe's previous basic black plastic. I feel that brand became more suggestive to the opinion of reviewers and made necessary changes to make their product look a lot more professional. I don't mind the fact the palette has no mirror included. It keeps it travel-friendly light in my opinion. The only thing I mind regarding the packaging is lack of names printed on the palette itself or even the plastic cover for shadows. Having to go to the website to view the names of the shadows? Given that the price nearly doubled already, I feel this should have been done.


There's a lot of discussions online regarding the formula and the increased price point. Did it really change? I own another Morphe palettes and believe me when I say it, the shadows in Jaclyn Hill collaboration are of a different quality. Is it because of the formula, or maybe a better presses used for shadows? I am not an expert and won't comment on that, but anyone who's ever used Morphe matte almost chalky shades can see and feel the difference here. Shades are more buttery and definitely more pigmented. Oh, and the usual Morphe fallout is nearly non-existent. I rather pay extra and get quality, but I understand that such price increase can make this palette unavailable to a lot of fans. 


RPR £37.00 (or $38.00 in the US) may be a huge increase for a large palette from Morphe but you are getting a better quality packaging, more eye-friendly design (although in my opinion there's a lot of work to be done here!) and 35 shadows in a palette. That's £1.06 per shadow and I dare you to find such quality eyeshadow for the price of barely a quid! For example in the new Anastasia Beverly Hills Prism palette, you'll pay £3.07 per shadow, in Huda Beauty Desert Dusk £3.11 per shade and the single Makeup Geek shades are now between £4.95 and £7.95 per shadow. 


How does one review a 35-shade palette and not create a monster post? I found the way! I have created a separate PDF with named shades explained by yours truly and those compared to what Jaclyn had to say about them. It took a lot of work and I hope you enjoy it! You can find it all below.


Morphe The Jaclyn Hill Palette swatched (fair skin) - no flash, natural lighting

Morphe The Jaclyn Hill Palette swatched (fair skin) - no flash, natural lighting

Morphe The Jaclyn Hill Palette swatched (fair skin) - no flash, natural lighting

Best and worst.

I must say, Morphe The Jaclyn Hill Palette is one of the most consistent palettes on the market. The quality is mostly great, with only a couple of shades getting just a good score. The darkest mattes: Enchanted and Soda Pop appear to be a little chalky and swatches show this. In the shimmer department, only Obsessed hasn't met the expectations. It's still gorgeous and applied by finger or wet brush absolutely stunning, but it doesn't swatch as much. 

My favourites transition shades are Silk Créme and M.F.E.O (made for each other), as both are buttery and pigmented so creating a fake crease with them is a pure joy. I'm also impressed with the rest of mattes, such as Hunts which is a stunning red and Pooter, which breaks up a warm trend with its neutral to cool tones. Abyss deserves a huge shoutout too for its stunning blacker than black blackness. It is a gorgeous shade and so pigmented it makes my heart sing! Chip and Mocha are my most used everyday matte browns as they cover the warm and neutral spectrum well. 

Shimmers and metallics are what this palette is all about with the obvious Royalty, Twerk and Pool Party giving this neutral palette a most needed twist. I've already played around with them in my Halloween Unicorn tutorial and really enjoyed using them. Pigmentation and blending are insane! For more day to day shimmer, I choose Hustle, a stunning almost gunmetal shade applied all over the lid with my finger. It gives a daytime smokey that extra something! The three musketeers: Faint, Sissy and Little Lady Confession are the most beautiful play on rose gold trend. All stunning and pigmented, I adore them all over the lid or with Faint in the inner corners. 

Morphe The Jaclyn Hill Palette

Pros and cons.

The biggest pro argument I have is the fact, I haven't put this palette down for even a second since getting it. The perfect palette for any beauty enthusiast, especially one on the budget. If you're limited in your spending and want that one perfect palette, I truly believe this is the one you should get. 

The only thing The Jaclyn Hill Palette is missing is the matte white, off-white or light beige. It's truly missed, especially for someone as pale as me, as I always need to grab a shade from a different palette for setting my eyeshadow primer and for under the brow bone. Given two similar highlight shades, I feel one should have been made matte. 

I feel the packaging upgrade to the hardened cardboard was such a great choice but using white? Maybe not so much. I can see this looking less than fine in few months of everyday use, so it's a slight con in my opinion. Also, no printed names anywhere in the palette is a huge disappointment.

You are truly getting a lot for the £37.00. 35 stunning shades will take anyone from a day to evening makeup. It's a well-thought collection and mattes are truly incredible here. Great mattes are a must in any eyeshadow palette and here, they truly rock. Metallic and shimmers are stunning as always and there's so much choice here. 

Very important to note is the ability to blend of all the shades. The formulas blend not only like a dream but it doesn't blend shades into each other like some Urban Decay Naked palettes are well known for. The shades don't disappear and using more than 3 in a look is not only possible but also quite visible on the eye. It's so important for any elaborate look, as you all know!

Morphe The Jaclyn Hill Palette 

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