Wednesday 22 March 2017


Happy Spring my Queens! I can't believe we've made it! Winter has been long and it seems to still linger with rain and cold weather but I'm writing this on a phone going to work on a Tuesday morning and it is glorious out there. Bloody freezing but sunny and beautiful! Here's to hoping warmth will follow up soon! 

As many of you probably know, I've been really into shopping my stash lately and every week, I do a change of makeup I'm using! This has been an eye-opening task. I've realised how much of my collection just sits there! I'm sure this is helping me in a way, as seeing how much I already own, stops me from constant Boots/Debenhams/Selfridges trips! The best part of shopping my stash is re-discovering old favourites and today we'll talk about my recent 5 huge loves I found gathering dust in my Alex drawers! 
It's not a surprise I like to glow and highlighters are a huge passion of mine. In one of my first weeks of shopping the stash, I took out theBalm Mary-Lou Manizer and fell in love with it all over again! This is such a universal shade, light champagne like with ultra glowing finish and zero glitter in sight! It was my first more expensive highlighter and a true love once upon a time. It's been such a pleasure to use it daily for a week and I know I need not forget about it again! I'm still in shock linking it to you, that it costs £20.00 now as I remember it being £15.00 before! 

Hourglass Ambient Lighting Edit Palette or the best spent £65.00 ever! Worth every penny! There's something about Hourglass powder formulas that works so beautifully on the skin. Imagine smoothing Instagram filter? You can have that look without it! The lightest powder is on the lowest of lows, maybe few applications left & I'll be buying the full size for sure! It is stunning for under eyes and even as a second powder. You need something stronger to set your makeup with? That's fine, just apply a dusting of Hourglass over it to give your skin the most amazing glow from within! Jut beautiful! I've also been using the blushes all the time recently! I just mix both colours and apply them to my cheeks. Again the formula is so Smoothing your blush doesn't just add you a healthy colour to your cheeks but also just smoothes the skin! Beautiful! I only ever use the bronzer in the summer or for evenings as it's too warm on my pink undertones but it's also super beautiful! You can't buy this version anymore, unless you're willing to spend £££ on a questionable product from eBay, but you can still grab the newer version down at Space NK 

Hourglass Ambient Lighting Edit swatched in natural light - no flash

Mary-Lou Manizer & MAC Sculpt & Shape swatched in natural light - no flash

Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet in La Raffinée swatched in natural light - no flash

Contour wise, I've been so obsessed with my Kobo Contour Powder in Sahara Sand I've practically used it every day. It's nearing its end now so I picked up this MAC Sculpt & Shape Powder and I really like it! I'm only ever using the bronzer in Bone Beige as I find the powder shade in Emphasize to be so hard the brushes don't pick up the product!! So that's rubbish! However, the bronzer picks up much nicer, blends beautifully and creates a healthy shade to my face! It is not too cool toned and for me, I use it mainly to bronze my face and not contour with but can be used for both! This is an another limited edition, so you can't really buy it in a store anymore but both shades are available in the standard collection so you can still pick it up! Buy Emphasize here & Bone Beige here

My first and still only one Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet in 34 La Raffinée - POSTis a gorgeous daytime shade if you're into rosy tones. It's got a gorgeous pigmentation, has a semi-matte finish and lasts well over 3 hours with eating and up to 5 without! There's something so luxurious about the packaging that makes it so perfect as an add on to your daytime makeup bag! The shade will suit any skin tone and will look beautifully ageist ghastly pale or even the darkest complexion! It's a universal medium rose that will flatter anyone really! And it always makes me chuckle as it's one of the makeup items both me & Nishi (check out her YouTube here!) adore! We've dubbed ourselves #chaneltwins so it's our lippy forever! I've been loving the ease of application and how comfortable it is to wear! Perfect daytime shade and I highly recommend you check it out if you're on a hunt for high-end lippy. 

Lastly and finally something more affordable - Makeup Revolution I Tint My Brows in Fairest! - POST - If you are blonde with unruly brows - you will love this Brow Gel! It'll lighten the hair ever so slightly but also keep them in place for 24 hours plus if needs are! It's only £1.99 and honestly one of the best Brow gels I've ever used! If I could wish for something it would be a smaller applicator and I'd be willing to pay double the price for it! I've had it for a long while and it's still good to use! There's a lot of product there and the shade is quite cool toned! It's light so if you're done a bigger Brow and looking for ways to soften the look, it'll make a perfect companion! It's been a while since I've used it so it was a great re-discovery! Definitely recommended! 

What are your holy grail products? Have you ever considered shopping your stash and changing the products used on a weekly basis? I highly recommend it to anyone with bigger makeup collection as the process of choosing your products is very satisfying! It also makes me feel better that I'm actually using the products in my collection! I highly recommend makeup rotation to anyone. It can be a great tool if you're feeling uninspired!

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  1. Mary Lou Manizer is a beautiful highlighter - I should use it more often! I love that Hourglass palette too. I have shopped my stash a bit more in the last few months too - it's amazing how many gorgeous products we forget about owning! xx


  2. I've been loving shopping my stash as well! There's so many products I have that haven't been touched in months it's like having something new to play with :)
    I used the bronzer from the Hourglass palette like crazy last year around Summer time and it has serious dent :)
    That Chanel lipstick is gorgeous! x

    Mummy's Beauty Corner

  3. I used to swap out my makeup on a weekly basis as well, but recently I got into a rut. I just couldn't be bothered on Sundays to pick new items. But it is time to get back into this routine, my looks are lacking Inspiration.

    Linda, Libra, Loca: Beauty, Baby and Backpacking

  4. I love shopping my stash from time to time, but it makes me realise that I have way too much makeup! Mary Lou is yet to be mine! x

  5. It wasn't until a couple of weeks ago that I went through my collection and switched it all up, it's such a good process a real eye opener. I love the colour of that Chanel lipstick, such a pretty shade. Sounds as if that brow gel is really good, I'm looking for a new one so hopefully they have one in my shade!
    Charlotte / Charlotte's Picks


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