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Happy Friday my Queens! I thought I'll finish this week's on a positive note, so I'm bringing you yet another giveaway. I have been testing Balance Active Dragon Blood skincare range for a couple of weeks now and I'm ready to share with you my findings. Plus you can WIN THE ENTIRE RANGE too! 

I've been contacted by a lovely Rhiannon, about a month ago or so and asked if I'd like to review their new anti-ageing range and you know how this girl feels about new skincare! Of course, I said yes! I was sent a trio of products to test including Dragon's Blood Lifting Cream, Lifting Serum and Eye Lift Balm.  

What's Dragon's Blood?

You've seen it everywhere lately, haven't you? Is it best kept anti-ageing Secret? Dragon's Blood has nothing to do with animal kingdom (or dragons - Game of Thrones dragons weren't hurt in making it, I promise!) or blood itself. The extract is substracted from the cutting of certain species of Amazonian trees. Where cut, trees 'bled' the tears of the Dragon's Blood. The pure Dragon's Blood is reddish in tone and that's where the name came from. It has, in fact, a long history of medicinal use. The extract applied over wounds helps with healing, it was also used to treat fevers, help fight infections and has strong antiviral properties! The sap dries quickly sealing the wound and protecting it from infections and other factors. 

Dragon's Blood use in cosmetics

The unique properties of dragon's blood make it an excellent addition to cosmetic applications targeting protection, anti-aging, and general wellness of skin. New findings in cosmetics are always exciting but finding new uses for ancient ingredients makes an excellent case. Some of the old recipes have made our race survive, haven't they? The plumping factor of Dragon's Blood is well known and can be used as a replacement to modern fillers. Dragon's Blood fills in wrinkles, protects against environmental factors. It works almost as a second skin. As I mentioned above, the pure extract forms a protective film over wounds and diluted extract in cosmetics does the same to your face. The smoothing effect is almost instant. The skin feels smooth and tightened. 

Balance Active Dragon's Blood range

Not everyone can afford Dragon's Blood in cosmetics, given brands such as Rodial's price point. It's great to see an affordable brand coming together and releasing a whole range enriched with Dragon's Blood resin extract aimed at modern women, who love to care for their skin and prevent ageing! The range also features an award-winning Liftonin-XPress which is clinically proven to lift, tighten and minimise wrinkles. The strength of which balances between 2% (face cream) and 3% (eye balm and serum). 

Lifting components and dry skin

This is where using lifting products gets complicated. I have super dry skin and whilst the whole range gives me an instant botox like effects, it's important to pair it with additional use of moisturising factors. I found that mixing Dragon's Blood Lifting Serum with any Hyaluronic Acid based serum gave me the best results. Also adding oils to your routine gives more enhanced results. 

Is it worth it? 

100% yes. I actually thoroughly enjoy using the range together. I find that using it in the morning, it preps the skin well for makeup. Both serum and face cream make my skin so smooth it's unreal. However, they're not as moisturising as my dry skin requires, so I always add hyaluronic acid to the mixture (and we know I love to multi-serum!). 

Dragon's Blood Lifting Serum 

The serum has an almost watery consistency and it's easy to 'overdose'. I need at least full pipette to apply all over my face and neck. Mixing it with a gel like hyaluronic acid serums, gave me the best results. Instantly my face felt tightened and super smooth, but not in silicone like way, more dry smooth if this makes sense. The serum is enriched with Dragon's Blood and 3% Liftonin-XPress, which work well together giving the promised firmed and tightened skin. The skin looks lifted. After a couple of weeks, it's difficult to comment on long term results but given the time, I've noticed my skin to feel more plumped than before. 

Dragon's Blood Lifting Cream 

A very much needed dose of moisture after the application of the serum. It also features Dragon's Blood and 2% Liftonin-XPress but also boasts moisturising ingredients. It sinks in instantly and is non-greasy. Perfect in the morning. I'd say super dry skin types may need a kick in moisture on top of it in the evening but works well under makeup in the morning. I feel oily types should LOVE this range! After serum and moisturiser, my skin feels so smooth and looks visibly lifted. I was little worried at the beginning if it won't increase any dry patches due to little levels of moisture the range offers, but that's not the case at all. In fact, I've noticed no such thing. The super-light formula is actually super pleasant in application but has a quite strong almost medical scent. I don't mind it and I'm sure it reminds me of Dragon's Blood range from Nip+Fab which I used to love! Buy here

Dragon's Blood Eye Lift Balm

The consistency of eye cream is definitely more balmy in texture. It leaves almost a protective barrier on the skin and sinks in quickly. It works well under makeup in the morning and I noticed instant lifting. In the evenings the formula lacks in moisture a little but I always add an additional oil after any of my eye creams, so that's ok with me. Again as with the serum, the tightening is there and after a couple of weeks of using together with grape seed oil, my little wrinkles under eyes appear slightly less visible. Nothing miraculous, but I do feel that the range is working its promised magic. 


If I had to choose one product I love most it would be a combination of serum and face cream. I feel that together they work so well and give instant lifting effects! I feel this range is well suited to all skin types, but dry should consider adding extra moisturising products such as HA or oils. The combination and oily types should love this range as it's non-greasy, doesn't leave oily residue, sinks in quickly and helps healing process of the skin. 

Win an entire Balance Active Formula Dragon's Blood Range 

Thanks to generosity of Balance Active Formula, I have an entire range of skincare to gift to one lucky reader. Here's some T&Cs and you can enter via Rafflecopter below.

Terms & Conditions:

  • Giveaway is open to UK & Ireland
  • You must be 16 and over to enter. Under 18, you must ask your parents for permission to share your personal data with me and the brand.
  • Giveaway starts now and it'll end on 10th June 2017 and winner announced three days later.
  • Entries will be checked and winner will be chosen using Rafflecopter
  • To validate your entry you must follow me on Bloglovin' & Twitter and comment 'Entered + what product most peeked your interest' 
  • You must follow Balance Active Formula on Twitter.
  •  Extra entries will be available through Rafflecopter. 
  • This giveaway is sponsored by Balance Active Formula. 
  • Winner will be announced on Twitter and contacted via email. You'll have 48 hours to claim your prize by replying to my message with your full name and postal address. Please ensure the information given is correct.

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