Monday 21 March 2016


It seems Makeup Revolution Week has just finished but today I finally get to share with you my review of Fortune Favours The Brave palette by Jane from British Beauty Blogger. I swatched it on MUR event recently and I had to have it. It definitely doesn't disappoint :)

Package arrived pretty early considering the palette was much hyped about by all of us and I purchased it on the day of early release. It costs £10.00 and it's available on MUR website and it should be launching in Superdrug this week :)

Packaging gets a huge well done from me. Firstly, it's not shiny black and although it's also made of plastic, it feels more well done. It is not luxury packaging but for the price it comes very close. Definitely closer than any other MUR palette ever came. I love the logo and the matte gold plastic. It's super pretty. Definitely an eye candy for my vanity :) Inside you will find a very large mirror and small double ended brush. It's really tiny with one end being a synthetic flat brush and other a small blending brush. I really like the size of the blending brush but as usual, this one is quite stiff and too scratchy for my liking. Bristles are definitely not quality enough to be considered for using it everyday. I find that flat side doesn't pick up product very well either. Please don't be discouraged, I reject most of the brushes that come with palettes even the more luxury ones like Urban Decay or Anastasia Beverly Hills. I personally wouldn't include the brush at all.

30 shades are of various finishes. You'll find plenty mattes of semi matte to matte finish, satins, shimmers and baked. Oh the baked shades - some of them are super pretty :) Most shades are beautifully pigmented with one or two slacking in the pigmentation department. It's a very versatile palette, having both neutrals and colours in. I'm a little surprised it has launched for spring, as I will definitely consider using it more in autumn as colour shades have that autumn dirty look to them. Nevertheless you are getting 30 incredible shades ranging from cool through neutral to warm tones. There's plenty here for everyone :)

Let's have a look at individual shades. I apologise in advance - this may take a while, so if you haven't already, make yourself a cup of tea and relax :) Done? Ok then, let's dig in :) * all shades have an great pigmentation unless stated otherwise*

Glimmer - champagne shade with shimmer finish, great for highlighting
Buffer - warm tone matte beige, great as a base crease shade for transitioning 
Peachy - warm peach satin finish, lacks in pigmentation and needs to be applied few times to get the colour intensity, shade wise - just beautiful as an all over shade or mid lid transition from dark outer corner.
Hope - light brown satin finish, neutral tone, gorgeous all over the lid colour.

Fortune - vintage gold shimmer finish , neutral tone, another great all over the lid shade.
Skylight - dirty blue with gold shimmer running through, baked finish, lovely shade for adding a hint of colour
Transformer - dark blue with green undertone matte finish, great for outer corners or all over the lid.
Smoothie - dark navy/grey matte with blue micro -glitter running through, lacks pigmentation.

Ice Cloud - icy white shimmer finish, beautiful for highlighting 
Golden Coins - medium brown gold shimmer, baked finish - beautiful all over the lid shade
Cashmere - medium taupe satin finish - great all over the lid or for transition from dark outer corner.
Tip Top - muddy yellow toned taupe, matte finish, lacks in pigmentation a bit but still ok as a transition shade.

Yes Please - vintage gold with green undertone, super pigmented all over the lid.
Green Machine - muddy green with gold shimmer, great all over the lid shade
Smoothie - dark green matte finish, lacks a bit in pigmentation, will need several coats to really work
Caffeine Fix - chocolate brown matte finish with neutral to cool tones, greta for darkening up the crease and outer corners.

Latte - light brown, neutral to warm tones, matte finish - great transition shade  
Pink Diamond - light to medium pink shimmer, a little crumbly for my liking
Creme - light yellow beige shade, matte finish, great for setting primer.
Drama Queen - dark brown with purple undertones, cool toned matte finish - great outer corner shade

Lonely Planet - dark purple black matte with berry purple micro glitter running through. This one looks beautiful in the pan but it's harder to transfer to lid as opaque as its swatch.
Blacqua - true black matte finish - now that's a great black shade, pigmented and easily transferable, may experience a bit of fallout 
Soft - peachy light beige, matte finish, great for setting up your primer
New World- icy white with gold shimmer running through, baked finish - just gorgeous for inner corners.

Favour - peachy rose gold shimmer, beautiful all over the lid shade
Sunset Hour - medium brown gold shimmer, great all over the lid
Super Gold -  dark gold shimmer, great all over the lid

Winning - muted dark taupe purple, matte finish, lovely for darkening up the crease and outer corners
Brave - dark purple black with micro glitter
The Revolution - matte purple taupe with tons of berry purple micro glitter, the matte shade lacks in pigment just a bit.

I hope you survived the overview of individual shades and chosen your favourites already. For me I love the shimmers, all except of Pink Diamond really. From satins the clear winner for me is Peachy, despite the fact it seriously lacks in pigmentation - it is the perfect peach shade !! I love all baked shades but few caught my eye the most. Lonely Planet looks amazing and cosmic in the pan, and New World is my favourite shade, simply gorgeous. Mattes are lacking the wow factor, but light beiges are better pigmented than in other palettes so hats off to MUR and Jane. Blacqua is a great black matte that every palette truly needs. I also like Winning and Drama Queen. 

There are unlimited choices here for you to create any look. Shimmers are as per usual gorgeous and transfer to lid incredibly, there are few good mattes to complete the look and baked shades may steal your heart as they've stolen mine. All you need is a little imagination and Fortune Favours The Brave may quickly become a staple on your vanity. Shadows are very lasting and they survived my oily lid and hooded eye for 6 hours without the base and 12 hours applied over MAC Painterly so you are getting quality here, no questions. The only little issue I have is the release date as this palette screams autumn/winter with the colour shades muted, mostly cool undertones.

What do you think? Do you adore this palette just as I do? Maybe purchased it already or it's on your wishlist? Let me know in the comments below, what you think of Jane's first palette with Makeup Revolution? 

Thank you for reading,

Dorota x

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  1. Replies
    1. Cieszę się, że ci się spodobała. Jest naprawdę wyjątkowa i piękna :) x

  2. This palette is a dream! 😍 It is one of the most beautiful palettes from Makeup Revolution! x

    1. I agree, it's truly gorgeous !! Packaging and shadows :)

  3. This has to be the bargain of the year! xx


  4. I just love MUR, they can do no wrong! I agree some of the mattes do lack pigmentation but at £10 a palette the value for money is crazy! xx

  5. I love the packaging, I think it's the best so far but the palette itself is nothing special to me, I find it a bit dull to be honest. :(

  6. It still surprises me when I see colours swatched by other people and they look different on them than they do on me. - My favourites are the greens and purples but that's no surprise there! The black is an odd one. Finger swatches nicely, swatches terribly with a brush but then you put some on your fluffy brush thinking it wont perform well and BAM! I appreciate a pigmented black that can double for liner or for brows xx

  7. Amazing colors!!! Do you want to be friends with me on bloglovin? If yes, just follow me and I'll follow your blog back ASAP!<3

  8. I just posted a review of this palette :) I love the packaging and many of the shades. Unfortunately there are some that are poorly pigmented but for the price I can live with that :) x

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