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My Makeup Geek collection must be a most requested post to date. It has become an instant hot when I first show you my haul and since it has grown significantly. After few weeks of daily testing I come to you with my opinion on the eyeshadows. 
I am a complete fanatic when it comes to matte shadows and they are most prominent in my collection. I have plenty of shimmers from companies like Makeup Revolution and they are of great quality so I saw no reason in investing in shimmers. Good mattes however are harder to come by so I wanted to invest in these mainly. I also couldn't stay away from foiled finishes, having seen them everywhere from blogs to Youtube. There's few more shadows on my NEED LIST, but for now I am super happy with my collection, so it's time to share it with you :)

MATTE EYESHADOWS formula is pretty impressive considering the price of shadows. These are half price from MAC for example and just a joy to work with. They are soft to touch, almost creamy, super pigmented and practically blend themselves. out of all shades I will show you today, I cannot complain at a single one. There's no fall out, they stay on for up to 16 hours on MAC Paint Pot Painterly base which is a base I use for all my eyeshadows. The colours don't shade throughout the day, they stay vibrant and don't crease. When blending mattes, there's always a risk of shadows disappearing, but not these ones. They blend beautifully and as vibrant as when you first apply them.  They cost £4.95 per pan, available on Beauty Bay.

White Lies - matte pigmented white shade, perfect to set your base with or for matte highlight to the inner corners.
Baby Face - matte pigmented cool tone beige, perfect all over the lid shade and to set your base with.
Sorbet - matte pigmneted pale pink shade, again great over the lid shade and as crease colour for natural makeup looks.
Peach Smoothie - matte pigmented warm beige with yellow undertones, perfect crease colour.
Creme Brûlée - matte pigmented warm toned medium beige with orange undertones, great crease shade.
Desert Sands - matte pigmented warm toned yellow brown (it's so hard to explain but it looks like poop haha), despite my description it's a great crease shade, perfect to start darkening up the colours.
Chickadee - matte pigmented muted dirty yellow, another great crease shade, perfect for warm smokey eye looks.
Morocco - matte pigmneted muted dirty orange shade, another great warm shade. perfect for all over the lid, in the crease or outer corners.
Poppy - matte pigmented peachy red shade. This one is beautiful for those of your with light eyes (blue, green and grey) as it brings out the colour like no other. I like to blend out my browns with it for added warmth to my eye look.
Barcelona Beach matte pigmented light brown taupe, cool toned shade. Great in the crease colour.
Frappe - matte pigmented warm toned medium brown. Great to darken up the crease, as an all over shade or for outer corners.
Cocoa Bear matte pigmented warm toned chocolate brown. Beautiful shade for darkening up the crease, all over or outer corners. This is an already a cult shade and for good reason - it's stunning.
Mocha - matte pigmented cool toned dark brown. Great shade, again you can use it however you like but I love it in my outer corners and on the bottom lid. 
Americano - matte pigmented dark brown with purple undertones. Amazing for brown smokey eyes instead of using a black in the outer corners. This is very defining shade.
Bitten - matte pigmented muted neutral to warm brown red . Simply stunning !! I'd use this shade everyday if I wasn't obsessed with creating new looks ;)

From left: Peach Smoothie, Sorbet, Baby Face, White Lies
From Left: Morocco, Chickadee, Desert Sands, Creme Brûlée
From Left: Mocha, Cocoa Bear, Frappe, Barcelona Beach
From Left: Bitten, Americano, Simply Marlena, Poppy
SATIN/SHIMMER EYESHADOWS are also quite a joy to work with. Super pigmented, they blend beautifully and create such a subtle sheen to the lid. They are everything I already said about mattes but with a different finish to them. 

Mango Tango - satin finish orange coral with gold shimmer running through. Beautiful in between shade. I like to apply it to the mid lid or on the lower lid. It creates a lovely contrast with mattes and in between blended effect.
Simply Marlena - satin finish pink purple. Named after Makeup Geek founder Marlena it's one of the most beautiful shades I've seen. I used it in a tutorial recently if you'd like to check it out. Stunning !! 

FOILED EYESHADOWS are a formula never seen before really. When these came out, beauty world went crazy for them. Super pigmented, almost wet effect shimmers are all stunners without the doubt. Creamy to touch formula, they apply super pigmented on the lid (use your finger for max pigmentation). I can't praise these enough. I have few more on my wish list but they have been out of stock on Beauty Bay.

Whimsical - is foiled finish pale lilac shade. Perfect for inner corners and to give your mid lid a bit of wow effect.
In The Spotlight - is a peachy rose cold/copper foiled finish. Beautiful for mid lid or even inner corners if you're going for slightly darker eye !! Gorgeous !! 
Magic Act - yellow gold foiled finish. Stunning gold shade to brighter inner corners or for mid lid. 

From Left: Magic Act, In The Spotlight, Whimsical
From Left: Mango Tango, Mai Tai
DUO-CHROME EYESHADOWS are the ones that I skipped mostly on as only one shade truly caught my attention. Duo-Chromes are specific finishes that look different in every lighting as well as when applied on light or black base. They are truly unique in finish and the shade I choose, I absolutely adore

Mai Tai - is a peachy base with pink shimmer duo-chrome finish. Beautiful in between or all over the lid shade. It's truly a stunner :)

I adore Makeup Geek shadows. Formulas are each unique and stunning in their own light. Matte are true mattes, there's no semi matte finish to any of them. Pigmentation is intense which is so important when creating makeup looks. They truly blend themselves so of course they're a joy to work with. There's a great variety of shades in all finishes as well. Foiled shadows are amazing. What else is there to say. Pigmentation and finish are just insane !! I also love satins and duo-chrome finishes as the shades I picked up scream me :) I cannot say one bad thing about the shades. I simply love them all. They are worth their price, to be perfectly honest they are worth much more, as I prefer them to MAC shadows that are double the MUG prices. Duo-chrome in my opinion is much better to work with than Zoeva ones and of better pigmentation. 
Have you tried MUG shadows? What do you think of them? Is there any shades I don't have and you think I should try? Let me know in the comments section below.

Thank you for reading,

Dorota x

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  1. I just adore MakeupGeek... Marlena knows what she's doing man!!!! Great post <3

    1. She sure does !!! They're incredible :) love each and single one of them !! Xx

  2. Great overview, very useful! I love MUG shadows too, I find the matte ones can be hit or miss though. My faves are Frappe, Mango Tango, Vintage, Grandstand, In the Spotlight and Flame Thrower. And I will buy more haha.

    1. I'm still to find one I don't like ;) I really love this little palette - mainly want tones are sure my favourites :) Flame Thrower is sold out on Beauty bay and I want it so much :)

  3. Wow, great collection! I am saving this post because I have yet to order any MUG shadows but so many here have caught my eye xx


    1. Let me know how you get on with them :) I'm sure you'll love them :) xx

  4. I love MUG shadows! I need to up my game and finish my palette! Poppy looks stunning. I'm heading ver to beauty bay haha xx

    1. Poppy is an incredible shade !!! Cocoa Bear is my fave daytime smokey shade :) I love my warm tones <3 xxx

  5. Desert Sands is definitely one of my favourite shades i use it all the time! I also love Starry Eyed and Cosmopolitan.
    Emmy | Emmys Beauty Cave | GIVEAWAY | Win Makeup Geek, Morphe & More

    1. Cosmopolitan is on my wish list :) I like my warm tones as you could probably tell from the above haha X

  6. I love your collection! I like the quality of MUG eyeshadows but I rarely reach for them. I have this strange feeling that I need to create my perfect palette before really dive into them, haha! Thankfully I'm almost there :) x

    Mummy’s Beauty Corner

    1. I can't wait for you to finish your perfect palette and share it with us :) I am the opposite - I keep going for warm smokeys thanks to this gem <3

  7. Oh, find really cool matte shadows is very hard task for me! I think they are in Inglot but not always they are perfect there. If this brand is available here, in Ukraine, I'll buy all of the shadows you have showed! They are so cute for everyday make up, I think, especially if you don't want to look defiantly.

    1. Beauty Bay has free international shipping :) and they are amazing !! Xx

  8. I can't stop reading Makeup Geek posts at the moment haha we have quite a few shades in common but I've actually never tried any of the duo chrome ones - definitely next on my hit list :) xx

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