Monday 7 March 2016


I keep bragging about Makeup Revolution and this week marks the brand's 2nd birthday. I was asked to join them for celebration and I'm off to London on Thursday for their 2nd Birthday Party :) I'm super excited to meet some of the fellow bloggers and finally have a chance to chat to the founder Adam Minto in person :) To mark this occasion I will be blogging every day this week (Monday to Friday) and it's all about Makeup Revolution. Freedom Week has been a huge success before and I hope you will like Makeup Revolution Week as well. 
I also plan to snap the Birthday Party so if you'd like to follow me on my London adventures follow me on my Snapchat, just search 'i.dorottka' and add me not to miss live videos from MUR celebration :)

To start off I would like to introduce to you Makeup Revolution Rose Gold Lipsticks. They're are brand new, boast beautiful shades and are packed within a beautiful rose gold bullet. As as woman and a complete magpie these have captured my attention instantly so I made "a little" order and here they are. They're so pretty :) They cost only £3.00 each and are available directly from Makeup Revolution website.

Series boast 5 new shades, all of a cream satin finish. I am normally a matte finish kinda girl but my lips are in a bad form recently so I have been straying a bit and enjoying a more hydrating finishes. The staying power is around 2-3 hours which is ideal for a satin finish, but if you prefer something more lasting, these are not for you. They are super comfortable to wear, it feels as if I was wearing a creamy lip balm, which is definitely soothing for my dry lips at the moment. Hallelujah! As I've mentioned Rose Gold Lipsticks come in five shades, let's have a little look at them individually, shall we? 

Chauffer is a pink brown nude. I am very into nudes at the moment and this one has stolen my heart. It's pigmented and stays on within lip lines well. I have been bragging about it on Snapchat a lot recently and had some positive feedback from people about it. I like to combine it with my all time favourite Rimmel East End Snob lip liner for a daytime nude. 

Girl Best Friend is a typical Barbie pink. It's a very 'in your face' shade and my least favourite of the bunch. Even though the shade itself screams pink, it doesn't transfer to lips too well. It looks fine from afar but close ups show pigment moving on the lips.

Red Carpet is a true red and another favourite of mine. It's beautifully pigmented and looks amazing on the lips. If you want more staying power, combine with a lip liner to ensure no smudging. Any vibrant and darker shade with cream finish has a potential to move around a bit so be warned. Having said that I wore it for 3 hours and even had a snack and experience no smudging. Bonus :)

Diamond Life reminds me a little of MAC Rebel, it's just more berry in undertone than purple. I love the shade, however it lacks in pigment just a little bit, so it doesn't transfer to lips fully opaque. It is a shame as I adore the colour. This is easily fixed if you use a lip liner in similar shade. 

Private Members Club is a full on dark berry. I personally love this shade but it's a bit of work as it can apply patchy to lips. This is an issue with any dark cream based lipstick and as with Diamond Life easily fixed by applying a lip liner to the whole lips before applying the lipstick. I had many of you loving it on my Snapchat recently as well. It's a really beautiful shade but it could do with being of a matte finish with a tad more pigment as well :)

I really like the design of the packaging. I'm a sucker for anything rose gold/copper so these are right up my street. I also prefer bullet from to any geometrical designs so it's a winner design wise. Shades are beautiful but clear winners for me are Chauffer and Red Carpet as they apply opaque to the lips and don't go patchy. I am also in love with Private Members Club shade, unfortunately not the formula. If you're looking to update your collection with a natural looking nude and beautiful red - look no further than Rose Gold Chauffer and Red Carpet. I can honestly recommend these two shades are they're look truly beautiful on the lips and are super comfy to wear as well :)

Have you tried any of the new Rose Gold Lipsticks? What are your opinions? Sound off in the comments section below :) 

Thank you for reading,

Dorota x

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  1. I agree about Chauffeur and Red Carpet being the best even though Chauffeur is too pale for me. MUR have nudes and reds perfected across all of their lip products. xx

    1. I love Chauffeur. It's hard for me to find a truly nude light shade, as I'm super pale so Im glad to found it :) Red Carpet is just gorgeous !! X

  2. Chauffer looks so lovely and the packaging of these lipsticks is absolutely gorgeous! *-* x

    1. It's a gorgeous shade ! I love the packaging X

  3. I love the packaging! But non of the shades seems unique or spoke to me therefore I haven't ordered them although initially I was very excited when I saw they launched them. The red looks gorgeous though! x

    Mummy’s Beauty Corner

    1. They are sure very pretty, but I really would love the darkest shade to have a different formula as the colour is just incredible :)


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