Wednesday, 23 March 2016


I like cleansing my skin. I have a whole routine in place that sometimes takes 15 minutes in the evening just so I can thoroughly cleanse my skin. It's such a therapeutic thing to do, as if whilst cleansing I also rid of stress of the whole day. My first step for over a year now is a Micellar Water. I have tried many with pink Garnier Micellar and Simple Micellar Water being ones I come back to all the time. When I recently stepped in to Boots and saw a new oil-infused formula I couldn't not take it home with me and test it. I have a dry and dehydrated skin and whatever I do, whatever products I use, cleansing often leaves my skin little irritated. 

Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water (RPR £4.99) is a dupe for the corresponding Bioderma product. I have tested both and I couldn't justifice the more expensive Bioderma as in my opinion they're identical. It removes the face makeup very well, but it can struggle on waterproof mascara's or foundation, same with liquid lipstick. Therefore I always had two separate products to remove makeup from face and eye/lip. With my sensitive dry skin, I feel as it removes a lot of moisture as well, sometimes leaving my skin slightly irritated. I like to start my cleansing with coconut oil to break down the makeup I have and then cleanse it all off with two large pads soaked in the Garnier Micellar Water. This duo has always worked for me well :)

Garnier SkinActive Oil-Infused Micellar Cleansing Water (RPR £5.99) looks more like as duo-phased eye makeup removers I'm used to. Formula is oily but not heavy, more of a dry oil result after you cleanse. It leaves the skin with a barrier of moisture which is always a plus for those with dry skin. In order to test them against each other, I have removed my whole face/eye/lip makeup using two pads. My left side being standard micellar and right oil-infused. I feel that SkinActive Oil-Infused Micellar Cleansing Water removes the makeup exactly the same as the standard water when it came to face products. Difference lays in removing eye and lip make-up. The oil breaks down mascara just a tad quicker, same goes for liquid lipsticks. I still experience a tiny bit of irritation on some days, but it certainly is less than with standard micellar water. I feel like my skin is better prepare for actual cleaning as it feels plumped and clean after use, even with a tiny oil barrier left. 

To sum up I would highly recommend Garnier SkinActive Oil-Infused Micellar Cleansing Water for dry, dehydrated and mature skin. Due to the oil based formula you will experience less tagging on your eye area when removing make-up. There's also no real need for a separate eye makeup remover product. When it comes to face there's no reason to switch as standard micellar water will do the trick, but if you worry about your skin being stripped from moisture, oil-infused one is definitely a better choice for you.

Have you tried any of the Garnier Micellar Waters? What is your opinion on them? I quite like them and they have been a staple in my bathroom. I must say I really like oil based one just a slightly better than the original formula :)

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