Tuesday, 8 March 2016


Welcome to Day 2 of Makeup Revolution Week :) I'm already way too excited for my weekend away in London to celebrate with the brand and sing Adam and the team a very loud Happy Birthday :) But enough about me, today I'd like to share with you my newest contour/strobing favourites from Makeup Revolution. Are you ready?

Makeup Revolution Pro Illuminate and Duo Face Sculpt remind me a lot of recent limited edition offerings from MAC (MAC Sculpt & Shape review here). Both come in plastic packaging with transparent lid with logo and product name. I already own Ultra Bronze which is similarly packaged and writing comes off pretty quickly. Both are large and there's a lot of product in each so they will last you forever. Both priced at only £4.00 so total bargain. Available here.

Pro Illuminate is a gorgeous golden highlighter. It's very finally milled, with no glitter. It swatches beautifully. I've been using it non stop as it's just gorgeous on the skin. Golden highlighters can sometimes be too dark on pale skin, but this one isn't. It provides an amazing highlight effect and you can go really light or full on strobe if you so wish. Formula is just lovely, it's so soft, it's almost creamy to touch. I highly recommend this highlight to anyone. It will look beautifully on fair skin as well as darker tones. Shop here.

From left: Pro Illuminate, Duo Face Sculpt (natural light, no flash)
Duo Face Sculpt contains matte highlight of a very natural light beige tone and matte bronzer. It looks warm in the packaging, however swatched and on the skin it has a very lovely neutral tone. I was afraid it would look orange on me, but don't fret. It blends beautifully to a very natural effect. It's super easy to contour with. I use the matte highlight to set my under eye concealer as well as to set the foundation with and it's really great :) It doesn't look cakey on top of my foundation which is a huge success. If I'm to compare it to MAC Sculpt and Shade, I prefer matte highlight from MAC but contour shade from Makeup Revolution. Buy here.

I really enjoy using both products, but my favourite must be the highlighter. It's just so pretty and looks amazing on the skin. If you're on the lookout for a new gold highlight, you should really check it out, you won't be disappointed :)

Have you used any of the above? What's your thoughts on newest highlight and contour products from Makeup Revolution? Let me know in the comments below :)

Thank you for reading,

Dorota x

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