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Oilgasm in a bottle: Beuti Skincare The Beauty Sleep Elixir

If you’re new to Beauty Drama Queen, you may not be familiar with a term 'oilgasm', so welcome and let me tell you all about it. I try and test a lot of skincare and facial oils especially are my undoing. Not every oil can reach the holy grail status and oilgasm is reserved for creme de la creme of oils. Only two so far have reached that status, but have I found the third..?

I have a soft spot for Camellia Oil and Beuti Skincare The Beauty Sleep Elixir* is not only rich in it, but also combines it with other 13 plant based oils - it’s an oilgasm heaven if you ask me. So why Camellia Oil you may ask? Well for one, it’s a non-greasy emollient (rich in Palmitic Acid and Omega-6 Linoleic fatty acids) that keeps skin moist and supple. It’s also a great source of skin loving and protecting antioxidants. Other seed oils in the formula include: chia seed oil (increases skin hydration, relieve itchiness, fortifies skin barrier), bitter cherry seed oil (high in Omega-6 and 9 acids, plumping and anti-inflammatory), strawberry seed oil (also rich in fatty acids as well as ellagic acid, helps relieve symptoms of irritation), pomegranate seed oil (high in Punicic Acid: helps reduce inflammation, and has strong cell regenerative properties), blueberry seed oil (potent antioxidant, plumping), cranberry seed oil (protects skin from environmental stressors, has firming and tightening properties), raspberry seed oil (rich in vitamins A & E), seabuckthorn fruit berry oil (promotes skin elasticity, cell regeneration, actively fights and prevents acne). 

Repairing facial oil loved by celebrities

Beuti Skincare’s elixir promotes a new ‘trend’ known as anti-inflammaging skincare. Essentially, inflammaging is a process caused by inflammation that is chronic. Take your standard redness and irritation and multiply by all the inflammation you don’t see at a cellular level. What Beuti Skincare proposes is a formula that combines a lot of anti-inflammatory ingredients aimed at reducing irritation and promoting faster healing and prevention of said irritation caused by various factors such as environmental stressors etc. Anti-inflammaging focuses on repairing the skin barrier, as a healthy barrier that is not compromised has a better chance at protecting itself. You can certainly see this in the ingredients chosen as a base for this nightly treatment oil. As mentioned above, most are fatty acid-rich with strong anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties that aim to prevent irritation, as well as ensure skin heals quicker if affected.

Personally, I am very partial to the formula: I find the texture very appealing, it sinks in fairly quickly (that will depend on the amounts used - I find 2-4 drops to be sufficient, but I usually use more, as I don’t mind if I have to wait a bit for it all to sink in). The oil is very soothing, perfect if my skin’s angry at me for whatever reason. It’s a great moisturiser, perfect if you’re currently going heavy on retinol, thanks to all the emollients in the formula it'll help with the peeling and getting your skin back to its normal hydrated and glowing self. 

I am mostly intrigued by a combination of Caribbean Coral Extract and Sandalwood Nut Kernel Oil in the formula. The extract is said to be responsible for neutralisation of enzymes responsible for skin ageing (cell degeneration) and the oil also helps prevent the breakdown of collagen and elastin in the skin. I find this especially curious as a few weeks in (okay probably like 6-8 weeks to be exact) I’ve noticed an improvement in skin overall firmness. Combine it with Dermalogica Phyto-Nature Firming Serum* at night and I think you’d see the results even faster. I hate the term anti-ageing, but these two can be an answer to a more youthful looking skin.

New anti-ageing hero? Facial oil that does it all

As mentioned, a few drops is more than enough. You can pat it gently in as a last step in your routine, or use a bit more and do a bit of a face massage before bed. It’s not overly scented, although it’s important to mention that it does help itself here with some essential oils, so patch test may be needed if you’re overly sensitive or just in case. Personally, I’ve used it on my most desperate days, when dehydration caused my skin to become overly sensitive and tight and experienced no side effects. The oil isn’t heavy per say, but it’s also not the quickest to sink in, so not sure how oily skin would react to it. Perhaps a lower dosage is recommended but I personally don’t see why the formula wouldn’t work, just by a quick glance at ingredients list. It may feel oilier that some other oils, but that doesn’t translate to it sitting on the skin doing nothing, quite opposite actually. I always wake up to happy skin without oily residue in sight when using it at night and that’s with a hefty half to a full pipette if I’m opting for a face and neck massage.

You can also use this prior to foundation as a priming oil, but a low dosage (1 drop) is essential. If you wake up dry and dehydrated because of winter, retinol and/or enter any other reason, it’ll help skin achieve that velvety smooth finish in seconds - quite literally. Simply apply a drop into the palm of your hands and press it in gently instead of primer. Mind you, I wouldn’t do that everyday as I simply don’t need an oil primer so often, but only on days my skin feels particularly parched.

There you have it, the Beuti Skincare The Beauty Sleep Elixir* wasn’t one I first reached for the most, but when I finally gave it a chance I understood quickly why it’s supposedly loved by likes of Meghan Markle, Kate Middleton and Rita Ora to name just a few. It truly is an elixir that works with your skin to help it repair overnight and thanks to a little lavender oil - it should help you relax a little too. No, the scent doesn’t linger, but it’s there at first, so if you’d like to, you can breathe in a few times when it’s first applied to the palms of your hands, as a little aromatherapy break before it even lands on your face. Overall, it’s a 5* for me here, a beautiful nighttime oil that works beautifully, soothes and hydrates whilst working overtime when you sleep.

Sensitive skin will love this

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Grab a bottle of Beuti Skincare The Beauty Sleep Elixir at Harvey Nichols or on their website right now | RPR £47 for 50ml.

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