Tuesday 25 February 2020


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Lazy gal evening routine

Following a great reception of the lazy AF morning routine and not at all because I had this one ready as well (lol), here’s a 5 minute routine for my busy boys and girls. We are not about compromising on quality here on Beauty Drama Queen so there may be less steps, but you’re getting all the benefits! There’s a method in my madness, I promise!

We’re all busy I get it, but evening skincare is a must, double cleansing is a must and then you may want to follow up with some gorgeous ingredients that will work hard overnight to maximise on that beauty sleep.

Cleansing oil or balm are the quickest in my opinion as they remove all traces of makeup, SPF and other grime in just one step, where if you opt in for likes of micellar water, I’d say you have two more cleansing steps to achieve a thoroughly cleansed skin that’s ready for the rest of your routine. The Deviant Skincare Cleansing Concentrate is a luxurious balm that melts away all the makeup and bad choices (lol) and washes off to nothing. So take a little scoop, watch it melt in contact with skin, massage it all away and wash off with water. Then follow up with something like Tony Moly Chok Chok Foam Cleanser*, a gentle foam that won’t leave your skin feeling stripped. I got it as part of the Chok Chok gift set (now on offer on Beauty Bay) which I’m obsessed with (the moisturiser is lush too!). It’s what all foam cleansers should feel like and rarely any do, as this one isn’t overloaded with drying ingredients!

Double cleansing is a must

I love a good mist or essence but if you want to save time, mist it is. The ultimate k-beauty offering Klairs Fundamental Ampule Mist is a hydrating godsend. It’s also not overly fragranced, just a very fine mist that does a little more than just refresh your skin. I love it just before serum, as it’s based on green tea extract, cucumber, rice, okra, kelp and trehalose which revitalise and hydrate as well as help carry active ingredients in your next step.

Skipping eye cream/serum isn’t an option, and is there any other brand that smashes this particular genre as much as Dermalogica? Nah, I don’t think so. The Stress Positive Eye Lift* is light yet rich enough it acts almost as an overnight mask for your under eyes. Plus the iron like applicator is a dream, especially if served cold. I know I keep saying it, but I do love my skincare delivered cold alright. No it’s not needed at all, it doesn’t make it any better, I just prefer it this way. Available from Dermalogica UK, John Lewis, Feel Unique and Look Fantastic.

Hydrate and hydrate some more

I don’t know about you but a good retinol based serum is a must. The issue with retinol vs you being lazy and not very good at rotating skincare, it can be pretty hard to use. Usually I’d always give my skin a break at least every other night, if not more, but with SVR Ampoule A Lift*, I found that its 0.3% strength (0.2% pure encapsulated and 0.1% pure) can be in fact used every night without side effects. It’s also packed with likes of glycerin, squalane and grape seed oil which help subdue drying effects of retinol. The serum is milky and sinks in instantly which means you don’t have to wait before continuing with your routine. Time saving you wanted and that’s exactly what you’re getting!

High performing serums and oils make a difference

Lastly, I opt for facial oil and not moisturiser if I want to save time. I mean both can act as a sealer so technically using both isn’t needed - read about it in more detail here - so just find an oil that does it all. I adore Drunk Elephant Virgin Marula Oil* for making my skin feel its best. It works hard to ensure your face gets all the loving it needs. You’ll wake up to plumped out lines and wrinkles, glowing complexion that’s healthy and happy with a continuous use. I’m about to go into it again, having been using other oils, as I simply miss it in my routine. Available from Cult Beauty and SpaceNK.

An essential skincare routine for busy girls

A key to streamlining your routine is finding products that work overtime and often double as two. Find a moisturiser that doubles up as oil or vice versa, a serum that addresses all your skin concerns and always look out for formulas that are gentle but work hard at achieving the results you want and your skin deserves. Glow baby, glow!

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