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Glossier Futuredew: one step to glow
Wow Queens, it’s been a while. I’m sorry but life certainly got in a way and half working MacBook was there to blame too. Now I’m back, a grand lighter but with a beautiful gold MacBook Air and tons of ideas for posts. I had a few end of year posts pre-written but it’s now February, so I’m back with a new content and jumping straight into what this Drama Queen knows best: my new secret to natural glass skin in 1 simple step. Hey, Glossier Futuredew, I see you girl.

I love Glossier aesthetics but the bottle of Futuredew is even more special and straight from get go promises a glow like you’ve never known before. And glow it gives, alright? A hybrid between makeup and skincare gives you luminosity without feeling too heavy on the skin. Just be careful - a sample-first tactic is what I always recommend, as like with most products, opinions have been divided. I went to a Glossier pop-up in London and tried it there first. The back of my hand just soaked the product in seconds leaving skin looking 'oh so healthy' and beautiful. However, others found it sitting on top of their skin, despite us having a pretty similar skin type. So do your research first my Queens.

Futuredew is enriched with a blend of skin loving oils such as Jojoba, Grape Seed, Evening Primrose, and Rosehip, alongside sugarcane extracted Squalane, Evodia Rutaecarpa Extract known you increase brightness as well light-reflecting minerals responsible for the instant glow you see on the skin straight after application. Thanks to the above mentioned oils, you’ll get that moisturised skin feeling, perfect if you’re dry/dehydrated and Glossier promises you a hydrated complexion for up to 12 hours as well.

Glass skin in a bottle

I only ever use a little, one pump is more than enough to give my skin that healthy glow without overdoing it. I don’t tend to wear it under foundation, but as a last step in my skincare routine, after moisturiser and SPF of course. Light-reflecting particles make for a beautiful base, a little perfecting of course, but don't take away from your naturally beautiful skin. It enhances your natural glow and does it well, if I say so myself.

You can use it under makeup of course, as a hydrating primer as once absorbed it won’t disrupt the makeup you put on top. Perfect for that 'a little too matte' foundation, underneath or added to, whatever your preference. Again, it’ll work in different ways on everyone, but for me, it’s just such a beautiful 1-step product to the ultimate dewiness. If you’re after that glass skin feeling - you may be on the way to finding ‘the one’.

Glow baby, glow

Have you tried Glossier Futuredew yet? Now you can grab yours with -10% off your first order by clicking here. It’s my affiliate link which means I get store credit and only available for new customers, so you may need a new email address *wink wink*

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