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The Inkey List: top 5 picks

When it comes to skincare I’m often too boujee for my own good, so to find some affordable gems without sacrificing on the luxurious textures and formulas - gimme me all of that. The Inkey List is the answer to anyone who may not be able to or want to spend a fortune on their face but at the same time is very conscious of the need for great routine that keep your face happy and glowing. Let’s chat my favourite picks for a complete skincare routine under £43!

OAT CLEANSING BALM* | £9.99 for 150ml

An affordable cleansing balm that doesn’t sting the eyes, has a heavenly texture and comes in a massive tube that will last forever? Yes, please. If I were to compare, the two it comes closest two are: Emma Hardie texture bar the scent, as Oat Cleansing Balm is scent-less and scent and texture wise: Drunk Elephant Slaai. Both of these I use and love but I’ve waited a damn long time for a budget cleanser to appear that will do what they do without the hefty price tag! I tried The Ordinary Squalane and it was good, but honestly, it is not even close to how good The Inkey List feels. Oh and TO was cheap but tiny, so not really that cheap when you think about it. The formula is based on Sweet Almond Oil with the addition of Oat Kernel Oil. It emulsifies beautifully thanks to skin friendly Candelilla Cera - a nature option to beeswax which acts as a stabiliser and emulsifier. This balm starts soft and rich, melts on the contact with heat, removes makeup quickly and then washes off to nothing without stripping and compromising your skin. I have been singing praises about it for weeks now on my Instagram, and this post is no different. If you’re on a market for a new cleansing balm, I suggest you look into  this one, whatever your budget. I mean, why spend a fortune if you can get a luxurious cleanse for less than a tenner, am I right? Available from Cult Beauty, Feel Unique and Look Fantastic

HYALURONIC ACID SERUM* | £5.99 for 30ml

Doctor Anne made me buy it as she branded it the best HA formula ever and boy was she right. The biggest issue with hyaluronic acids is that sometimes they tend to leave the sticky film as they sink in. I’m pleased to say that The Inkey List serum doesn’t do that without sacrificing on formula. Talking about formulas, this particular serum features 2% hyaluronic acid at different molecule weight to ensure it hydrates your skin at different levels of penetration. Hyaluronic acid is my go to every time I sit down to do my routine, always a first serum before I go with something a bit stronger, if you know what I mean. A magnet for others, it helps other actives penetrate and helps you stay hydrated as it attracts water back into your skin. Affordable, I honestly see no reason to spend more, unless you want something more ‘all in one’ than this straightforward formulation. Available from Cult Beauty, Feel Unique and Look Fantastic

The Inkey List: best skincare on a budget

BRIGHTEN-I EYE CREAM* | £8.99 for 15ml

Similar in packaging to my fave from Dermalogica, I must admit, that Brighten-I has dominated my routine over the end of last year. I love the feeling of the iron-like tip in the morning and the evening, as it helps rid under eyes of pesky puffiness alongside brightening and hydrating ingredients. At this price point you really can’t go wrong, but I especially recommend it to those of you who may been living your best life a bit too much lately and suddenly found themselves with some dark circles and puffiness. No cream, however amazing will fix genetic dark circles, but those had through lack of sleep and bad diet can be helped. What I love about this particular formula is that it doesn’t claim to fix all your problems, but it has a lot of optically brightening ingredients that help you look more awake whatever the reason for your dark circles. Personally, I rarely suffer with those, unless I’m having a bad time anxiety-wise, but puffiness is a bane of my existence so a super light formula, preferably applied straight from the fridge really helps! Available from Cult Beauty, Feel Unique and Look Fantastic

SNOW MUSHROOM* | £9.99 for 50ml

My favourite out of all The Inkey List moisturisers I’ve tried, this gel-like formula is ultra moisturising yet light, I absolutely adore it. I’ve used it for almost exclusively in warmer months, almost every morning and evening without fail & I’m impressed with how well it worked. Tremella Fuciformis, also known as snow mushroom is an ingredient well known in Asia for its natural ability to boost hydration levels in our skin. Think of hyaluronic acid on steroids as snow mushroom can hold up to 5,000 tones it’s weight in water. Oh and technically speaking, the molecule is a lot smaller than HA, meaning that it can penetrate skin quickly and more deeply too! The texture is insane, if you’re into gel-like formulas, that not only hydrate but soothe, then you’re in for a real treat. Oh and apply it straight from the fridge for the ultra cooling experience! I know it sounds weird for a 34 year old to say that all the time, but early menopause symptoms sadly are a thing for this particular 30 something, so a fridge-chilled skincare is a blessing okay? Available from Cult Beauty, Feel Unique and Look Fantastic

Best Hyaluronic Acid on a budget

ROSEHIP OIL* | £6.99 for 30ml

An affordable and one of the ‘safest’ oils for all skin types, my love for rosehip seed oil knows no bounds. Packed with essential fatty acids, this highly antioxidant formula helps to keep your skin hydrated whilst improving texture and having soothing and balancing properties too. Not every rosehip oil is the same, it seems but despite an affordable price point The Inkey List formula is actually very lovely. I use a few drops all over the face and a few more on the neck and décolletage and it sinks in easily. It’s a pure Rosa Canina Fruit Oil - so there’s no additional dyes or fragrances, which is fine as I don’t mind rosehip scent, not that it lingers for long anyway! At £6.99 I can’t really complain, other than that the packaging isn’t optimal for oils in my opinion and a pipette would be a lot better to help you measure the amount you use. Having said that, we can’t have everything, especially at this price. I personally don’t mind it as much anymore, but it was a bit of a learning curve when I first introduced it to my routine. A facial oil is a must for me. Whilst my skin is normal, I have tendencies to dehydration and even dryness depending on the time of year, a month, a day. Hormonal imbalance can affect us in many ways. An oil is a great way to seal whatever you used before, and at night especially, I like the feeling of ultra moisturised skin, don’t judge! Available from Cult Beauty, Feel Unique and Look Fantastic

The Inkey List skincare for healthy and happy skin

Have you tried The Inkey List yet? If so what are your favourites from the brand?

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