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Last year marked the launch of very first facial SPF mist from Bioderma. The beauty world rejoiced, myself included.  I use SPF all over my face and body in the morning and tend to layer up facial SPF. From moisturiser to separate filters, I don't put makeup on until SPF has been applied thoroughly.  You should always re-apply every couple of hours for it to be most effective, even if you're not soaking in the pool all day. It was almost impossible to top up your SPF during the day if you wear makeup, which often resulted in exceeding the safe limits of sun exposure. The facial mist with SPF can be applied over the makeup, meaning no longer having to go without. Today, I'd like to talk about the three facial mists I've tried so far, starting with the SPF Mist pioneer from Bioderma, through the new offerings from Pixi and Garnier. They all come at the different price points, so you can truly have your pick, whatever your budget.

Pixi Sun Mist | £18.00 | POST | POST 2

I've been singing praises and it truly deserves all the fame. I feel this is the closest we got to SPF water so far. No, it's not exactly water and it creates a film over my face, but unlike others, it's not oily. It does not affect makeup in any way so it can be safely worn over. I feel I'm protected fully when the mist is applied as it may not be ultra fine but it's definitely not grainy. It worked a dream on my recent day out in the sun. I didn't burn, my makeup wasn't compromised and I really can't fault it. Yes, it's pricier than rest, but also the bottle hosts 100ml of the product and it's not an aerosol, just a standard mist. It is better and meaner than Bioderma and get's my vote and a definite repurchase.

BUY: Pixi UK | Cult Beauty | Look Fantastic | ASOS

Bioderma Hydrabio Eau De Soin SPF30 | £9.50 | POST

The pioneer of the SPF mists comes in 50ml aerosol spray. Often compared to SPF water, water it is not. The formula is actually pretty oily, as the usual SPF is. Mist can be fine but sometimes goes pretty grainy, which means you end up with few drops of SPF quite visible on your face. I think given the launch, it was great to start the venture into facial SPF mists with. Formula whilst not perfect was the better option than not topping up your SPF throughout the day. I still enjoy it on my no makeup days, however, cannot be used on its own as I don't feel the mist covers every inch of my face. I actually liked it last year and I think I would still appreciate it if not for Pixi which formula has blown my mind this year.

BUY: Feel Unique | Escentual | Amazon UK

Garnier Moisture Bomb Protecting Hydrating Mist SPF30 | £9.99 (offer £6.65)

Just now, linking this post I realised this offering from Garnier is actually £9.99?! I bought it for £4.99, so I assumed this was the full price and not the introductory offer. I didn't have much to say about it before and now? It's a flop. What this mist did to my face cannot be described in calm words. Imagine your makeup cake up. Now think of the most extreme case of cakiness you've seen. Now multiply by 100. The blog wouldn't be called what it is, if I wasn't prone to slight overreaction, but... I hate it. No it's not all bad and on no makeup days you can probably use it and sit in the shade... See what I did here? It's bad! Unsuspecting I spritzed it all over my beautifully made up base as I was outside (no mirror!). I felt oily on the way so I rushed to work's bathroom the moment I got to my building. I looked hysterical. Safe to say it's a no from me. Please don't waste your money. Even on no makeup day (Yes I tried it too, despite my initial horror impressions), I burned. I sat outside for 30 minutes and I burnt. No words (despite the Garnier paragraph to be double the word count to others). I guess for someone who may not burn as easily it can work, sadly it didn't for me.

BUY: Garnier UK | Superdrug 

There's a clear winner here and it's my well loved Pixi Sun Mist. I prefer the formula, the finish that dries to leave a film on the skin and how well it worked when I was out in the sun all day. The only one that actually refreshes at the same time as protecting. I don't usually mind richer (read: oily) formulas but in this particular product, I prefer the true combination of SPF and the mist that Pixi presents. I won't be changing anytime soon. Unless someone comes up with SPF50 option that is!

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