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We don't get too many summer days here in UK but when they come, it's all about surviving the heatwave. I type this on a hot Sunday evening, eating a watermelon straight from a fridge and I wish I  could sleep outside tonight. I was thinking of post ideas all day and I thought I'll share with you my recent skincare loves, summer edition style. There aren't many this time, because the heat makes me super lazy but few suprised me from the first use.

My love for face mists have been well documented here and on my Instagram. Now in summer it takes a different meaning. I love how refreshing it feels to use one every five minutes. Mario Badescu  Facial Spray with Aloe, Cucumber and Green Tea does just that, it refreshes instantly, especially if kept in the fridge. Unique mixture of aloe juice, peppermint leaf water, Cucumber Fruit Water and Fruit Extract and Camellia Leaf Water is full of antioxidents and hydrates the skin. It leaves me feeling refreshed and my skin revitalised. I use this non stop lately as a skincare step or even to refresh my makeup diring the day as the mist is super fine. 

Another mist deserves a mention here and that's Pixi Sun Mist which offers a cooling represhment of a mist combined with broad spectrum SPF30. I've spent a whole day in the sun yesterday and I've used this mist as an SPF topper, not only on my face but also decolette and shoulders and I did not burn. I used SPF50 on my whole body in the morning but ended up topping up with Pixi Sun Mist every hour and it worked a dream. You can even use this on top of makeup which is a dream come true. I actually prefer it to Bioderma one & may need to stock up on it before my holidays in few weeks. 

Facial SPF is super important to me and lately I've discovered Ultrasun Face Anti-Ageing Sun Protection. It's aimed at ultra sensitive skin and water resistant. It offers broad spectrum SPF30 combined with antioxidants, hydrates at cellular lever and offers a wide environemntal protection. The formula is super light sinks in almost instantly. It works great under makeup as it doesn't leave any oily residue, instead some stickiness can be felt. I feel as this holds my foundation on even better, so I highly recommend you try it. I've got a lovely deluxe sample which is a great addition to my makeup bag. I use it on my face and decollete in the morning and to top up SPF on my hands during the day. 

You know my love for facial oils by now. I battled all my dryness and dehydration and now proud myself on normal with tendencies to dehydration skin. Using oils in summer can be tasking. Your skin, even dry, will be probably more oily given more sun exposure can make our skin more dry and prone to excessive sebum production. I discovered The Hero Project Glow Drops and I can't get enough. Not only does it have the most kick-ass ingredient list - it's all natural, it's classed as dry oil. I use it both morning and evening for the extra level of hydration. It's enriched with Vitamin C which helps reduce the signs of UV damage but also prevent the new. 3-4 drops is all I need to give my skin the most youthful glow without the residue as it sinks in within minutes. Can be used before foundation to add dewiness. 

Lastly I needed to mention my recent mask favourite. Charlotte Tilbury Goddess Skin Clay Mask does it all. It's clay based so it draws out impurities and cleanses. The formula is ultra thich but doesn't fully dry. It visibly lifts and brightens. It's not as obvious as some AHA/BHA based treatments but lately it's been a firm favourite of mine as it hydrates but also regulates sebum production which is a nightmare for me in the heat. Having heard mixed reviews, I wasn't so sure I'll like it, but I took a plunge and thankfully have no regrets. 

What skincare heroes do you swear by in the heat? I'm looking for body SPF recommendations before my holiday, so if you know any SPF50 blockers worth a mention, please let me know.

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