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Happy Monday my Queens. Waking up on a Monday morning, I always take longer to do my makeup. I'm still rested after the weekend and I take my time, especially with my base. It comes at no surprise, I love my foundations to have an ultra dewy finish. Lately, I've been opting for some coverage too. I know I know, glowing rarely comes together with coverage, you may add. Thankfully glowing foundation doesn't mean only sheer anymore and you can find a decent coverage and dewy finish easier than before. Depending on what you're after, I prepared a list of five amazing foundations offering medium to full (buildable) coverage. Finding a dewy base that lasts all day is a little trickier and I'll share with you tips & tricks to make it happen. Ready? Let's go! ❤️

Becca Aqua Luminous Perfecting Foundation | £34.00 | POST

Becca Aqua Luminous Perfecting Foundation in Porcelain

Having Becca in my life has definitely changed the way I look at the foundations. It offers light to medium coverage and beautiful dewy finish all in 1-1.5 pumps of product. It's super easy to blend and almost sinks into the skin creating a smooth, dewy canvas. It stays put up to 6-8 hours, but you can prolong this by setting it with the powder. I like to apply all my foundations with the finger first and then blend it with the beauty blender. It easily covers redness and uneven skin tone, it doesn't accentuate wrinkles or dry patches. Perfect for the dry and mature skin! The only minus is shade selection which is very poor in my opinion. The lightest shade is good 2 shades too dark and I have to mix it with whiteners to be able to use it. Given the price point, I'd expect more. It's a shame Becca must have heard this thousand of times, yet no moves are in motion to include fairer shades. 

Buy: Cult Beauty (UK), SpaceNK (UK), QVC UK, Sephora (US), Becca (US)

LA Girl HD Long Wear Illuminating Liquid Foundation | £11.00 | POST

Becca PRO.Coverage HD Long Wear Illumination Liquid Foundation in White & Fair

Definitely, the one to have if you're after dewy youthful finish and medium to full coverage. It's surprising how well this foundation covers, depending on the method of application. Again, I like to start with fingers and then blend it out with the sponge. This foundation takes the glow to another dimension and requires to be powdered down in order to survive the day. I find it'll last beautifully up to 8 hours given it's set at least in the t-zone. The shade selection isn't great and it's another that needs to be whitened in order to suit my super pale complexion. In the range, if offers foundation mixer, which I found to be superb! I mix a pump of foundation and just over half a pump of the mixer to create my shade. It's more yellow than pink, but with the whitener, it does fairly neutral so it suits me well. 

Buy Fair: Beauty Bay (UK + international), LA Girl (US), Cocktail Cosmetics (UK), LA Girl (UK)
Buy White: Beauty Bay (UK + international), LA Girl (US), Cocktail Cosmetics (UK), LA Girl (UK)

The Ordinary Serum Foundation | £5.70 | POST

The Ordinary Serum Foundation in 1.0P and 1.0NS

The newest out of all contenders managed to make me fell in love with it quickly. The Super watery formula reminds me a little of some of their serums and that's the point. A foundation that combines the coverage (easily medium buildable) and skincare benefits and looks amazing on my skin. Super easy to apply with the fingers or the brush, it blends seamlessly with any application method. I like the final blend to be with the Beauty Blender but you can use anything as the finish looks like your skin but better. The shade selection is excellent, you'll find all the shades explained on their website with N being neutral (yellow tones), NS neutral with silver highlights and P pink undertones. I love mixing NS and Pink together as I find this cool tone mixture suit my complexion best. You only need a little and one pump is a lot so I tend to just stick to a little at first. You really can't go wrong at £5.70 a pop! It lasts well on me, gives a pretty natural glow all day and is easily the discovery of 2017 so far! 

Buy: Deciem (UK + international), Victoria Health (UK)

L'Oreal Infallible Pro Glow 24hr Foundation | £13.95 | POST

L'Oreal Infallible Pro Glow 24hr Foundation in 201 True Ivory

That one foundation I get compliments on every single time I wear it. I don't know what it is, but boy does it look beautiful. Another drugstore choice, sadly not available in the UK, but I linked to my favourite eBay store. It's a little more expensive that way, but it's worth more than nearly £13.00 I paid for it. A Little tip, start with a little product and blend on your face first, only adding more, if there's a need. It's easy to overdo it as the formula is a little runny. The shade selection is ok, I think Fair is maybe half a shade too dark for me, but easy enough to fix with contouring concealer. I am fond of L'Oreal formulas and this one's no different. Once set, it'll last all day and starts looking it best after around 2 hours of wear. Stunning dewy finish isn't as glowing as Becca or LA Girl but more natural, glow from within kind! I recommend it for anyone, but dry skin should really like it given its tendencies to a little shine! 

Buy: eBay (UK), Ulta (US), L'Oreal (US)

Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Stick Foundation | £29.00-£30.00 | POST 

Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Stick Foundation in R230

One of the most incredible finishes goes to Make Up For Ever. Photoshop without a filter applies beautifully with both brush and a sponge. It transforms my skin with ultra soft, blurred out finish. On its own is not the most lasting, but given good primer and powder, it'll last all day long. It's almost impossible to want to powder it down though. It blends so seamlessly, you'll not believe the finish it gives. My complexion looks like after the photoshop and it photographs beautifully. The shade selection is great and my shade will suit the super pale with pink undertones. I think it's the most camera friendly of all I mentioned and I love using it on a night out. It lasts for good 6-8 hours and can be revived by taking an excess shine off with the Blotterazzi and adding a little foundation around chin and nose which is where my foundation seems to disappear most from. 

Buy: Debenhams (UK), Escentual (UK), Make Up For Ever (US), Sephora (US)

From left: Becca Porcelain, The Ordinary 1.0P, 1.0NS, L'Oreal 201, MUFE R230, LA Girl Fair, White

I am forever looking for new foundations, so please recommend me your favourites! I love a bit of glow but mostly it's the lasting power that counts. I also get slightly more oily in the summer. I have a couple on my list recommended by other bloggers (that list never ends lol!) but I'd love to know, what foundations are you loving right now? Let me know. Until next time my Queens <3

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