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I used to think lasting curls weren't for me. I blamed everything, my hair, my skill, heat devices. Finally, I found the perfect curler and curls were not only possible but also beautiful and long lasting. Recently I have had an absolute pleasure to discover a new drugstore brand Style Freedom so I thought I'll show you the products from a different angle. Instead of a bland review, you get my step by step instruction to gorgeous and healthy curls.

Step 1 - remove product build up with Style Freedom Hair Detox* | £7.99 per pack

We give our hair a hard time every day. The products we tend to use weight it down even if we don't notice it at first. How often do you buy a new shampoo and conditioner and after the first few washes you're amazed at how well it works? Then few washes later you're wondering what happened? Product build-up can be daunting for your hair and Style Freedom's Hair Detox is here to fix it. I find I only need to use it every other week to ensure my hair's free from all the product building up. You start with few minutes Step 1 Purifier, where you leather the product to your hair and scalp (it's sulphates free, so lather is minimal) and wait few minutes for it to work. Then rinse thoroughly and apply Step 2 Revitaliser, which is a conditioner and should be left to work for few minutes only. I find that best results are obtained if Step 2 is only applied on the ends and kept for2-3 minutes at most. By removing the product build up, your hair becomes more manageable, which will result in bouncy, long lasting curls.

Step 2 - detangle & nourish with Style Freedom Detangler* | £7.99 for 250ml

The lightweight leave-in conditioner gives my tangly hair a chance at better tomorrow. It's light in formula, so it doesn't weight it down. It makes detangling easy and pain free and has a light scent which lingers for a while. I use it before brushing my hair, always at night as I rarely brush my hair more than once a day. I know, I know, but my hair's naturally wavy and has tendencies to frizz so I really don't have the option. With my shorter do, I don't find I need to use it as much as I used to, but it's a great product to have. It certainly helps with detanging after Hair Detox, which leaves my hair little stripped. 

Step 3 - get a curl on with Style Freedom Curl Angel* | £7.99 for 100ml

The creme de la creme from Style Freedom family. I don't think I am able to even say, how much I love this curling creme. Not only this is best used alone to allow your hair to curl naturally, but I find, that by applying it before drying my hair, it makes it quicker. When my hair's dry, I use curling irons and curl up sections of my hair, keeping it on for 5 seconds per section. I find 5 seconds to be the optimal time for my hair type but you're probably best to experiment with yours and see how long you need to curl each section for. I then use two more pumps of Curl Angel to gently nourish and separate my curls and voila. No need to hairspray as my hair tends to keep the curl for at least 24 hours - I know!

Step 4 (optional) style it up with Style Freedom Vitamin Wax* | £7.99 for 75ml

Probably my least used product from the range I was kindly sent by Style Freedom. I use the Styling Wax at the very end and only, if I remember. It's not a bad product. I find it great and all, I just don't use it enough. It's great for keeping flyaways at bay and if you struggle with lots of baby hair. I'm most likely to use it when I streighten and not curl my hair to pull my hair back in a very sleek 'just got out of the pool' kind of hair do. 

I hope you enjoyed this mini tutorial/product review. I absolutelyt adore my Style Freedom range and can't wait to try more of their products. With the range growing, I'm sure I'll be shopping for more soon. Have you tried any of Style Freedom products? What are your favourite hairstyles? Please let me know in the comments section below. 

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Coming soon is the super exciting (because it's my first here on Beauty Drama Queen) 'The Ultimate Summer Wishlist' where I share with you what caught my eye recently and give hints to my friends and family given my birthday is less than two months away.... ;) LOL

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  1. The curls in my hair just never hold for more than a few hours x

  2. Such a helpful post and your hair looks brilliant!

  3. Your hair looks fab, Dorota! I love the sound of this range xx


  4. Your hair looks really fab! It's such a great brand! Fab post x

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    Chantelle x
    The Girl In The Tartan Scarf

  7. This is such a good post, loved it! Your hair looks amazing too x

  8. Maybe I am not using the right products but my hair never ever hold the curls. :-(

  9. I love a good curling tong and this leaves such a lovely curl. xx| Dior Giveaway

  10. Lovely post, your hair looks incredible! I have never tried anything from Style Freedom before, they sound like a great brand though!
    Grace xx

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    Rachel | Hey Rachieface

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