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There are many skincare brands trying to focus on anti-ageing. There are only a few redefining what ageing really means and how not to get overwhelmed by many bullshit slogans beauty industry sells on daily basis. Maleka and her team redefine what beauty feels and looks like and how to be fabulous at any age. Having met the team recently, I'm even more sure about the branding and the idea behind Merumaya. Today, I'd like to talk to you about all the products I've been using and what ageing gracefully means to me. 

Merumaya Melting Cleansing Balm | £17.50 for 100ml | POST

The product that started it all. I received a sample or two in one of the beauty boxes and I was hooked. What's most recognisable about Merumaya is their Signature Essence Blend scent, the unique blend of mostly essential oils that combined provide spa-like experience. The gel like formula melts away any makeup and works beautifully as first or second cleanse. Gel is thick at first but starts to melt on contact with skin. Perfect if you like to give yourself a little face massage in the evening. 

Buy here: Merumaya (worldwide) 

Merumaya Gentle Exfoliating Toner | £17.50 for 128ml 

The unique mix of natural AHAs (Citric, Tartaric and Lactic Acids) gently exfoliates and reveals the brighter complexion in only couple of weeks. The highest AHA concentration I've seen in a toner stands at est. 15% is gentle enough for everyday use but also strong enough to really make a difference and fast. Adding Hyaluronic Acid and Natural Betaine deeply hydrates and softens the skin . I was a little sceptical when I first got it, as it's my first acid toner without glycolic acid. In comparison to other acid toners, the concentration of AHA is 3 times the usual and works almost instantly by brightening and smoothing uneven skin tone and plumping out fine lines. I use it in the evening and allow the product to work 15 minutes before continuing with rest of my evening routine. 

Buy here: Merumaya (worldwide)

Merumaya Mud Marvels Mask | £19.50 for 50ml

I love products containing activated charcoal and here it's combined with ground volcanic ash to deeply cleanse, detoxify and oxygenate. I love using it once a week (or more if necessary) around my nose and chin area where I'm most likely to suffer from large pores and potential hormonal breakouts. Kaolin clay mixed with volcanic ash, charcoal, AHA blend (lactic, citric, glycolic and malic acids), natural oil blend (oat and sweet almond oil) and cocoa butter not only boost cell renewal, exfoliate and deeply cleanse but also protect skin's natural lipid barrier and moisturise. It's quite unique in formula and super thick. It makes squeezing the product out of the tube super hard and I find that puts me off using it. However the results are pretty impressive and with continued use, it gets rid of all my hormonal breakouts. I haven't noticed any reduction in pore size though. 

Buy here: Merumaya (worldwide

Merumaya Iconic Youth Serum | £38.50 for 30ml

The very new addition to my routine and I bloody love it. The scent, the super light yet ultra smooth formula packed with many no bullshit ingredients that just work at smoothing the skin surface, add radiance and plump out fine lines. Perfect in the morning, as the smoothing effect is instant and makes for easy makeup application later. Enriched with Echium Oil that helps to plump out fine lines and improves the elasticity of the skin. The Resistem contains plant stem cells responsible for adding luminosity. Infused with Rabdosia and Seigesbeckia extracts clinically proven to increase radiance and reduce redness caused by irritation. If there's one product I recommend you try, it's the Iconic Youth Serum. It was love at first use for me and few weeks in left me with visibly brighter, even and glowing skin that's the talk of the town.

Buy here: Merumaya (worldwide)

Merumaya Youth Preservation Moisturiser SPF15 | £35.50 for 30ml | POST

I have a deluxe sample of the older formula of bestselling Merumaya moisturiser but I hope to get to try the SPF20 version soon. I find that the formula is ultra creamy and rich but sinks in fairly quickly. I find that using one pump of serum and one pump of moisturiser lasts for the whole face and neck application as both formulas glide on the skin. The instant softness is here and it preps my skin for makeup application. I find that leaving it on for 5 minutes before applying makeup, allows both products to fully sink in. Moisturiser is packed with hydrating ingredients such as multiple molecular weight of Hyaluronic Acid, antioxidants and blend of synthetic and mineral SPF filters for an all-day protection against environmental factors. I've written about it before and I'll say it again, it's one of my favourite day moisturisers for days when my skin lacks moisture and feels dehydrated. 

Buy here: Merumaya (worldwide)

Merumaya Retinol Resurfacing Treatment* | £35.50 for 30ml | POST 

One retinol based treatment that works by gently exfoliating my skin overnight but doesn't dry it up. Retinol, otherwise known as Vit A is a funny ingredient. It's the only one proven anti-ageing ingredient responsible for improving collagen production and plumping out wrinkles. It's also nearly impossible to use without experiencing side effects such as skin peeling and ultra dryness. Retinol Resurfacing Treatment gives me all the amazing anti-ageing effects of Retinol without the pesky side effects. Using a mixture of stabilised Vitamin A Palmitate and Aroleat Samphira whichimitatess the natural Retinol plus the addition of ultra calming  Mediacalm (Boerhavia Diffusa Root Extract) restores skin youthful softness. I wrote about it previously and I still love it. Given warmer and sunnier days I reduced the times I use it to once a week or even fortnight and use Vit C based products instead, but it's still my firm favourite overnight glow-inducing treatment. 

Buy here: Merumaya (worldwide)

Merumaya Lip Restoration Treatment* | £19.50 for 9ml | POST

If you struggle with lip balm textures, you should really give this dry rich lip cream a go. Not only does it hydrate but also fills in lip lines instantly. Over time it can help smoothing the lip and around the mouth vertical lines. I've written about it before and even shown you before and after pictures, so I won't be repeating myself, but it quickly became a staple product that actively fights existing skin damage as well as preventing new ones. Winner in my book. 

Buy here: Merumaya (worldwide)

Merumaya Concentrated Spot Treatment | £14.50 for 10ml | POST

I like it for days when my hormones play up a bit and gift me with questionable presents around my chin. I don't get mini spots there, mine are those large under the skin painful cystic spots that require immediate attention. Whilst it'll work at the very beggining of the formation of the spot, it takes longer than my usual spot treatment which is plain Sudocream applied topically overnight. What I like the Merumaya for is top ups during the day as the clear gel like formula can be applied topically and it's not as visible as Sudocream. 

Buy here: Merumaya (worldwide)

My Merumaya wishlist:

Treatment Toner - I've been obsessed with Vit C skincare lately and this hybrid toner-essence-lotion needs a place on my bathroom shelfie.

Everything Everwhere Beauty Oil - Cacay Oil, Squalane, Grape Seed and Jojoba in one bottle? Yes please! 

Skin Brightening Exfoliating Peel - Just because the 10+ acids peels I currently have on rotation isn't enough. What can I say, I like my baby face :)

Let's talk ageing - no bullshit

Despite the fact I talk about skincare and anti-ageing a lot, I don't personally like the term 'anti-ageing skincare'. Nothing will stop the ageing of our skin. It's the natural process and no ingredient will ever cure it (at least not yet, but if a sexy vampire comes around - fingers crossed lol). However, I strongly believe in taking preventive actions. I take my vitamins to boost my immune system, therefore preventing colds, why wouldn't that be the case of my body's biggest organ - the skin? A healthy diet, good sleeping pattern, adequate water intake and lack of stress can have an incredible effect on how we look. Same with beauty products. I truly believe some ingredients to be more beneficial than others. I believe in natural ingredients, especially oils. This is based on my own experiences, purely because natural oils have changed my life and given my skin a second chance. I believe that ingredients such as AHAs, BHAs, retinoids and hyaluronic acid are also super important in any skincare routine. Why? Because they work. No, you will not reverse however many years of ageing and you probably won't look 30 at 60 but you can look your absolute best by simply taking care of your skin. Be gentle, treat it well and in few years you'll still be getting compliments on how great you look. Ageing gracefully is what we all can aspire to, as it's not all about stopping ageing, but accepting the changes, making the best of it and just living our lives to the fullest. Fine lines tell a story, there's a journey in every line you see on your mother's and grandmother's faces. Respect and accept the ageing and stop worrying about those first lines around your eyes and mouth - they only tell a story of your beautiful smile. 

What are your thoughts on anti-ageing? I'd love to know you a little better, so if you don't mind sharing, let me know how old you are what concerns you about your skin and what your attitude to ageing is! 

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