Friday 30 June 2017


June... Summer has come, can you believe it? In a true fashion, it hit us with a heatwave.Not that I remember it anymore, 10 degrees yesterday!  It's been another busy month. Work's been crazy, again but I'm proud to say that it didn't have much effect on my blogging this month. I still managed to blog at least twice a week, but mostly three times. I am more on top of my social media too and I plan on going back to posting twice a day on Instagram. It's been difficult with the workload, but getting definitely better now.

I have had different priorities beauty wise too, keeping my nose shine free being one ;) Kidding aside, it was a month of one sweep shadows, tons of highlight and super light bases. In the heat of 25C and more, there was no way I'd be spending more than 15 mins on my routine, so quick routine came into play.  It felt as if my blog's finally going in the direction I wanted it to and the hard work being recognised. It means the world to me, to have you visiting more, being more engaged and happy! Without further 500 words epilogue, let's see what I've been loving in June! 

Good hair - of course, I care

I have a love/hate relationship with my hair. Since the haircut, we've reached a new high but not without a huge help from Grow Gorgeous Scalp Detox*. I have an updated hair care routine coming soon, so watch this space, but I need to mention it now because it's well deserved. I've been complaining a lot about a hair loss. Maybe it was a change in seasons, maybe it wasn't but my hair's been falling out like crazy and I was very worried. I never really worried about my scalp help or knew out dry scalp condition. I don't suffer from dandruff, surely I didn't have dry scalp? How wrong I was. Scalp Detox helped my scalp and my hair achieve something I never knew was possible. My hair's got some shine back, it's not weighted down by product build-up anymore and most importantly it's no longer falling out. I use every other time I shampoo my hair (I only shampoo every 3 days) so practically once a week. I apply a generous amount (similar to how much hair mask I would use) to the scalp and massage it in in circular motions using my fingertips. The massage & the scrub work beautifully together at exfoliating my scalp. It's also super relaxing. You'll need to wet your hair first and apply when it's damp. I take a scoop in my hands and massage it in for a good 2-3 minutes, enjoying the scent and relaxation that follows. I then let it sit for a good 10 minutes before following up with a shampoo and a conditioner. I worried a little about rinsing out the scrub from my hair (imagine having sand in your hair) but it's actually pretty easy. 

Buy Grow Gorgeous Scalp Detox | £28 for 190ml | The Hut | Grow Gorgeous UK | Look Fantastic

I mentioned above that I don't wash my hair every day. I don't have the need nor the time and I find my hair prefers it. On a day 2 & 3, I help it using a little of dry shampoo. Soap & Glory Rushower is a discovery of June for sure. Firstly, it smells so lovely but that was a given from Soap & Glory. Second, it does work! I haven't been as lucky in the past few months and few dry shampoos left me disappointed (watch out for my disappointing products post coming soon!). Rushower not only refreshes my hair, it does it better (yep!) than my trusty Batiste... I know, I am as shocked as you are. Having said that, the shampoo leaves quite a bit of white powder behind, so whilst it works for me (dark blonde hair) it may be problematic for dark haired beauties. I find that the residue brushes out easily, but I can't promise that would be the case for raven haired beauty. It is a fabulous product in my opinion and I'm happy I discovered something that works brilliantly and isn't Batiste! 

Buy Soap & Glory Rushover Dry Shampoo | £4 for 200ml | Boots | Soap & Glory UK 

Scrub it well, scrub it good

Don't you just love (not!) my attempts at humour with the little sub-titles? I don't have too many skincare items this month. Only because I've only just published the updated evening routine, so I didn't want to duplicate too much! However, Omorovicza Refining Facial Polisher deserves a quick shoutout. It had become my mid-week exfoliating go to and replaced Oskia Renaissance Mask. I still love Oskia but needed a change and Omorovicza filled that need nicely. The mix of chemical and mechanical exfoliation isn't my favourite as I prefer chemical exfoliants only, but in this formula, it works. The mechanical exfoliant (lactobionic acid) is super finely milled yet quite harsh, so anyone with capillaries prone skin should be advised, but it's been gentle enough for me. Another product that combines the powerful Hungarian Moor Mud, green microalgae, copper, fruit extracts and lava powder to reveal a clearer, smoother and brighter complexion. It combines the effects of a mask and a peel and it's super time efficient as it only takes 2-3 minutes to work its magic. You can still grab a deluxe sample in Latest in Beauty subscription too! 

Buy Omorovicza Refining Facial Polisher | £65 for 100ml | Omorovicza UK | Cult Beauty | Feel Unique | Bath & Unwind | Latest in Beauty (deluxe sample)

Make me up 

Surprisingly given recent temperatures, I still have a healthy list of makeup items I loved in June. I mentioned it in the intro and my recent makeup post, that time was of the essence and with temperatures soaring, I wanted my makeup to be light and lasting. I love love love Inglot Beautifier which is one of the best BB creams I've used in a while. The formula is super creamy and feels more like a moisturiser than a base product. It gives pretty decent coverage (strong light) and the shade adjusted well to my undertones. Most importantly, it's super easy and quick to apply in the morning and if powdered down (RCMA No Colour Powder of course!) it lasted a good 8 hours on me. Not bad at all! It doesn't accentuate dry patches or wrinkles either which makes it perfect choices for people with dry, dehydrated and mature skin. The one slight minus is the packaging. I mean come on, it's ugly! Lol 

Buy Inglot Beautifier | £16 for 30ml | Inglot US | Inglot UK | Inglot Ireland | Inglot Poland

Loving the glow me, I had to pick up the Primark PS... Pure Glow Highlighting Palette. If you're on a budget but looking for a great starter highlighters, look no further. The palette comes with 4 finely milled (no glitter!!) highlight shades perfect for anyone with ultra fair to medium skin. I like to mix and match and use three out of four shades in the palette. For £5.00 you really cannot go wrong so if you find one (good luck!) in your local Primark, don't hesitate, it's brilliant!

Buy Primark PS... Pure Glow Highlighting Palette | £5.00 | in store only

I don't remember if I mentioned it or not on the blog but I must. My brow routine hasn't been simpler since I discovered brow products. This is my second packaging too, which shows how much I love it. Another Latest in Beauty discovery is Eylure Brow Amplifier in Blonde. Forget Gimme Brow and More Brows I was using before, Eylure came up with a brow mascara to end them all. It's so pigmented, it's the only product I use on my brows. It's been months since I've used a pomade or a pencil. Ok, I'm quite lucky with my natural brows, but I still had to use at least a pencil to draw in the bits. Not anymore as Brow Amplifier does it for me. The shade is also very taupe like which suits my hair very well. Super pleased with it, plus what a time saver it's been! 

Buy Eylure Brow Amplifier | £9.95 for 3ml | Feel Unique | Boots | Eylure | Latest in Beauty

I don't remember the last time I wore a smokey eye to work. Lately, I've been choosing a simpler eye as I've been wearing my glasses a lot more. One swipe shadows are definitely in and Inglot Aquastic Cream Shadow has been a pure joy to work with. I apply it on top of a primer (lately it's MAC Painterly) and blend it out with Zoeva Concealer Brush. I love this rose metallic shade for every day, it compliments my eyes well and stays pit all day. It now takes 2 minutes to do my eyeshadow instead of the usual 15-minute blending, so I'm a happy bunny! 

Buy Inglot Aquastic | Inglot US | Inglot UK | Inglot Ireland | Inglot Poland

Bling bling

I updated my wrist porn with this gorgeous copper/rose gold bangle Finery London (part of Jackson D-Shape Bangles) . It comes in a pack of three (silver, gold, rose gold) but I come to wearing it separately. The design compliments my Pandora bracelet and I love the rose gold! I got mine in Latest in Beauty subscription and if you're lucky, it's still there now. I love it! 

I also fell in love with my new Pandora Timeless Elegance Ring. It's made from Pandora Rose with a gorgeous Cubic Zirconia details. It's stylish and classic and compliments my other rings, especially if worn close to my Oliver Bonas Sia Textured Circle Silver Ring. I adore the two and can't stop wearing the combo. I've been definitely more into accessories now it's summer! 

Pretty Little Liars

Who's A? Who's uber A? Who's A.D? All our questions were finally answered last Wednesday. I won't spoil it here if you haven't watched it yet, but OMG! With so many shows coming to conclusion in 2017, I am left a little sad. RIP TVD, RIP PLL! The shows I've watched in my twenties are gone, does that mean I have to grow up too? Back to Pretty Little Liars, I think the last season was brilliant, there were few surprises (Caleb & Spencer???!!! No no no!) but other than few cringe-worthy moments, the series felt more adult, which fitted me just fine. I will miss it on my screen, but with the power of Netflix, I may just treat myself to a PLL summer binge and watch it all again! Have you been surprised by the reveal of A.D? What did you think of the last season? 

Did you do anything exciting in June? I still can't believe we are saying goodbye to it already. I am three weeks away from my summer holidays and I couldn't be happier. I need some time away to recharge the batteries. What are your plans for summer my beauties? 

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  1. I LOVE that ring! I'm pretty sure I saw a girl wear it the other day and I asked where it was from as I loved it so much and she said Pandora. I will be checking it out! x

  2. Love your favourites post!
    That scalp detox really intrigues me, I've never even thought I might need something like this :)
    My June's highlight has been definitely my job :) x

    Mummy's Beauty Corner

    1. I'm so proud of you! Mom of two, working, keeping up with blogs and socials! It takes a hero to do all that :) If you have a chance, check it out, its such a weird concept but it really works! X

  3. I've heard such good things about that soap and glory dry shampoo lately!

    1. It's brilliant! My new fave and I haven't had much luck with dry shampoos lately! X

  4. This is such a well written post! I have been reading a lot about scalp detox products recently but haven't tried one myself. And you're not alone who has raved about S&G dry shampoo, now you really got me intrigued and I'll need to pick one up for myself.

    1. To be perfectly honest I wasn't sure how much of the hype was obviously large sponsored marketing campaign, but I am glad I picked it up when in Boots, because it's bloody amazing! X

  5. I have still yet to watch the last season of PLL, Netflix Germany is not offering it right now, and it annoys me so much!!!

    Linda, Libra, Loca: Beauty, Baby and Backpacking

  6. I've been really impressed with the rushower dry shampoo - it feels so much better in my hair than other dry shampoos and doesn't leave it feeling heavy and weird.

    Gemma x |

  7. I love the Soap & Glory dry shampoo, I find most dry shampoos don't work with my hair, but this one is lovely. I also love that ring, so pretty!

    Rachel | Hey Rachieface

  8. I am loving that Pandora's so me xx

  9. Grow Gorgeous Scalp Detox sounds amazing!


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