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Happy Friday your gorgeous beauty queens! I'm in an excellent mood this week. My blog has finally gone under the knife and got a little nip & tuck! I'm very pleased with how it turned out, it's still not perfect but so much more in the direction I want to take it! I got some amazing feedback but as always, please do let me know, what you think, what you like and what things you want to see here! 

New blog, new me and all, so I decided it will be fitting to do a little clear out of my empties pile! I'm coming to you with part 1 - skincare or what Drama Queen's love most :) I had to cut It in half as even I wouldn't read a post that long. If I included Makeup, we'd be here for a while! Without further blabbing, let's have a look at what products I've used up recently and if there's any I'd repurchase!

Let's start with masks and I have quite a bit here to talk to you about so please bear with me. Firstly the very quick mention to Lush Oatifix. It's not really a big secret that I'm obsessed with Oatifix and use it pracically non stop! For all you dry and sensitive types, it's one of the best I've used if you're looking for a Moisturising effect and a bit of gentle exfoliation. It's gentle so can be used daily, I normally use it couple of times a week. It's not something that will miraculously make you 10 years younger but it'll give you a moisture fix + it's the best scent ever, so feels really good when applied! At £8.00 it won't break the bank either! Repurchased? Obviously! 

Few Sheet Masks I've used recently and really enjoyed. I normally do Sheet Mask on a Monday or Wednesday depending on my schedule, so once a week. I look for hydration, radiance, plumped skin full of life. I've used few masks recently and one definitely deserves a huge shoutout. Skinfood Broccoli Sheet Mask which I loved for the light scent and the pleasure of wearing it! It made my skin plumped and really radiant and if I wasn't a skincare freak, I'd probably could go without following with anything afterwards! Really enjoyed using and already added Skinfood to my ever growing 'wish list'.

The second best would be a Masque Bar Brightening Sheet Mask which doesn't come with a whole great list of ingredients but it didn't hurt my sensitive skin plus it has a really nice brightening effect! My skin needed a moisturiser afterwards yes, but it felt very smooth and I had an instant glow! Highly recommend using before an event, like a little facial at home! It's widely available in Boots and costs £10 per 3! 

Lastly I really nice Mask from Missha. Missha Green Tea Sheet Mask was a nice and refreshing one. It felt a bit like a Toner masks I like to do. For that reason, I don't see a point in repurchasing as it's cheaper and probably more natural to do with your fave toner and condensed Sheet masks from eBay :) It's not bad tho, I found my skin nourished and hydrated with a little glow but the consistency was very watery, which I found a little strange. Never the less, it's a nice and refreshing mask and maybe it'll be better suited to combination skin. 

Cleansing wise I finished a few products, two of which didn't wow me at all and took ages to finish up as they were my last point of call if that makes sense? Let's start with them maybe? 

I like Garnier duo phase eye remover, just don't love it! It's very gentle on my sensitive eyes, it removes makeup well enough, but the film it leaves is super oily and I'm just not a fan. I rarely use waterproof mascaras anymore and plain old Micellar water or coconut oil is more than enough to remove makeup for me, so I don't find myself reaching for the duo phase cleansers. If you like to remove makeup quickly and don't follow a 5 step cleansing routine (like some people, ahem... me?lol) it's a really great eye makeup remover and I would highly recommend it, it's just not for me right now. 

L'Oreal Micellar Gel gets a most resounding no from me, one product can get. It's useless at removing eye makeup and considering it's marketed as such, it's just not good enough. It takes ages to break down the product and I end up having to rub it all of, which is not something I recommend doing at any age. Given I'm not in my 20s anymore, I don't want to risk it. I tried using it as a face makeup remover and it blocked my pores badly. It's crazy as I really enjoyed the Micellar Water from the same series! No from me, never again! 

I hate being negative about the products, so I'm happy to announce my next Cleanser which I was super sad to let go. Merumaya Melting Cleanser is a definite favourite of mine. It smells lovely, has a great formula that removed makeup (eyes too) easily! It's a pleasure to use both as first or second cleanse and I can't recommend it enough. I wrote about it HERE if you'd like to know more and I already have couple of more deluxe samples to keep me going! It's reasonably priced for what it is and a huge tube at just over £18 is a steal! Highly recommend you give it a try! 

I also managed to finish the Clinique Pep Start Eye Cream. I really enjoyed using it for the morning. It sinks in quickly, moisturises the under eyes well and the applicator makes for a lovely massage in the morning. It brightened the eye area and was great at reducing puffiness which I suffer with due to the medication I take at night. It's really reasonably priced and lasted forever, given I only really used it in the morning as I prefer richer formulas for the evening. Would I repurchase? I would, however I have quite a few of eye creams waiting their turn, so it's a not right know kinda repurchase. 

I only recently ran a giveaway on my blog together with Silidyn! I know the winners already received their products and I hope you'll enjoy using this Silicon Supplement as much as I did. The bottle lasted 10 weeks for me and in the time it improved the appearance of my skin and hair. It worked briefly for my nails but sadly I'm a bitter so I didn't enjoy the effects for too long. There's no scent to it and comes together with so much information about the product, importance of Silicon in our diet and general information! I already re-purchased this as I really enjoy the effects it's having on me! 

I must have told you about hundred of times that I'm super lazy in terms of body care. Skincare wise,  I can spend 20 minutes cleansing my face in the evening (including facial massage) but I'm too impatient to wait few minutes for a body butter to sink in. Therefore I always choose lotion sprays. Easy to use and sink in super quickly! My favourite so far is Vaseline Spray & Go Cocoa Radiant. It moisturises really well and literally takes seconds. I use it at least once daily and I don't suffer with dry skin on my body, so it works well enough on me. No you want get that body butter effect with it, but it's really brilliant for a busy (and body lazy) girl like me! I'm currently testing a new body moisturiser spray from E45 but will probably repurchase at some point as I really like the scent of it. 

I don't know how many bottles of this I went through already but it's the best! I have waist long hair and tend to get a lot of tangles so Schwartzkopf Gliss Liuid Silk works brilliantly for me! It's a leave-in conditioner that works not only at giving my dry ombré ends a little life but also hydrates, reduces split ends, detangles and doesn't weigh it down. At £2 per pop you really can't go wrong! Already got a new bottle on the go! 

I wasn't sure which part of empties to include Freedom Pro Studio Priming Water because I use it both as skincare and makeup... So I decided to talk about it twice :) It's a really nice face mist and reminds me a lot of MAC Fix+. It's supposed to be a dupe for Smashbox, however I didn't try the Smashbox one, so I can't really comment. It provides an extra level of hydration, can be used under and over makeup and works great as both. It won't extend the wear of makeup but it will give your skin a little glow. I really enjoyed using it and if I didn't have at least 4 other mists going at the time, I'd give it a go again! 

Lastly Sure Invisible Body Spray. I thought I'll mention it as it's a great travel friendly deodorant. The bottle is compressed so you get a full size product in a mini form which I find works great if you rather be protected throughout the day and keep it in your purse. It's not the longest lasting one and will need a top up after 7-8 hours though. It doesn't stain your clothes but you still have to be careful with black clothes, as it does leave a bit of residue. I won't be repurchasing at present as I went back to using my fave Mitchum one but it's certainly a great purse friendly option.  

Comment below if you survived all the blabbing & didn't fall asleep whilst reading this rather long empties post! I wish you all a great weekend! 

Thank You For Reading,

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