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Birmingham, UK

The moment I laid eyes on new palette launch Zoeva Matte palette , I knew it'll be mine. Sadly Zoeva Matte launch is not available on the usual UK selling outlets and it's exclusive to Zoeva website. The good news are, the delivery is dead cheap and comes at £2.50 whatever your order. Palette is priced at £17.50, so slightly cheaper than our usual pricing here and all came at £20.00. Delivery took 5 days and I missed a day due to being at work first time, they've tried to deliver. That's pretty decent considering it's coming all the way from Germany. You can buy it here.

In all honesty I nearly ripped the package open, I was so eager to lay eyes on this beauty. The unboxing was the highest ever viewed clip on Snapchat (i.dorottka), so thank you to all who were watching :) Zoeva Matte comes with the stunning dark charcoal hardened cardboard, without the mirror, making it travel friendly. I really love the design of the outer packaging and the inside of the palette. It's a lovely image of the city, making it a perfect #citygirl pick! The design was inspired by th silent city at night and it's truly fitting. It reminded me a lot of a strolls I love to take through London at night, with the lights and shadows. There's ten shadows in the palette, with each shade weighing 1.5 grams. The pans are of the usual size I think and the shades have been chosen really well.

Zoeva Matte consists of 10 matte shadows with a great selection of light, medium and dark shades. It's mostly warm in tones but you'll also find some cooler toned shades. I personally love warm tones and there's a brilliant selection here. I adore the orange and red brique like shades and I've been playing around with them constantly. There's so many warm toned eyeshadows on the market now, but these have truly surprised me with their intensity, pigmentation and ease of blending. You can honestly build a whole spectrum of looks with these two shades. The pigmentation and shadows formula differ from shade to shade and there are a couple of shades which disappointed me when I swatch them. However they transfer to lid incredibly well, somehow even better than some other palettes I own, which swatched better but the transfer to lid wasn't that great. Whatever Zoeva's doing in terms of formula is obviously working, as their Plaisir collection (click here for the POST WITH SWATCHES) was already something else in terms of quality. I was slightly disappointed with the lightest shade as it's lacking in the usual opaqueness Zoeva is known for. The other light beige shade is barely visible on my skin in the swatches, however it transfers to lid well and it's been a perfect transition shade for me. If you're pale, getting transition shade that's light enough is always tricky so I'm glad I found it in this palette. Let's have a closer look at all shades individually:

Nighthawks - is an off white shade, slightly on a warmer side, swatches quite sheer and has a minimal sheen to it. Still works great as a setting shade for the primer and as a semi matte highlight. The pigmentation is okay, but not outstanding.
Urban Culture - light to medium camel matte, warm in tone, swatches beautifully and have great pigmentation. Amazing crease shade or all over shade. 
Through The Window - muted orange matte, super warm, great pigmentation. I love this shade all over the lid and in the crease, one of my favourites.

Cheap Bar - warm reddish brown matte, superb pigmentation as you can tell by the swatches. This is a perfect shade to build up the crease, as all over shade or to deepen the outer corners.
Lost In Thoughts - slightly cooler in tone medium beige with taupe notes, mostly neutral matte, another great pigmentation. Brilliant crease and transition shade or as as all over the lid shade. I love building my 'fake crease' with it. 

Across The Street - light beige with some yellow tones matte. Pigmentation is good and works great as a transition shade for super pale complexions or all over the lid as a setting shade for medium skin tones. 
Eerily Empty - muted medium brown with orange tones matte. Pigmentation is superb and works well as a crease shade or even for outer corners if you prefer lighter eyes for the daytime.
Chat Late at Night - the most beautiful muted brick red matte with stunning pigmentation. It's a gorgeous all over shade or an accent shade depending on your preference. It works beautifully with blue/grey eyes as it really makes them pop. I've been loving it all over the lid recently.

Lonely City - muted medium-dark purple matte. Great addition to this mostly warm palette. Great as an all over the lid shade for smokey eyes or an outer corner shade. I love missing it up with Two Clocks for my outer corners.
Two Clocks - dark charcoal grey with purple tones matte. Okay pigmentation, great outer corner shade and as mentioned above works beautifully together with Lonely City.


  • Reasonable price, £2.00 per shade is excellent and the quality of shades similar to that of Makeup Geek, so you're saving yourself a small fortune
  • Beautiful composition of shades with neutral and warm tones working together well
  • Great pigmentation and transfers to lid well, super easy to blend
  • Super light and travel friendly
  • Longevity is quite incredible, shadows lasted up to 7 hours on the lid without the primer and 14 hours with the primer
  • Some shade seem a little chalky and dusty when swatches. It does not affect the transfer to lid though.
  • Available only from Zoeva website 
  • No mirror
  • No dark brown or black shade, lightest shade lacking pigmentation

In overview I adore Zoeva Matte Palette. It's completely overtaken my life in the last week and a half since I've got it and it'll be hard to start using something else. I adore the colours, the pigmentation and transfer to lid is pretty amazing and the shades last so well on my rather oily lids (hooded eyes too!). I found a spectrum of shades which will work on the lightest complexions which is truly rare. For an all matte palette, this is a class of its own as the quality is truly superb. Given the price point you really can't go wrong, so if you're missing a good quality warm toned shadows, look no further than to Zoeva Matte. 

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  1. Wow, this palette is absolutely stunning! No wonder it is out of stock already ;)

  2. Oj nie moje kolorki. Dla jesiennego typu urody świetne <3


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