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From left: Concealer in Fair, Primer and Foundation in Porcelain
Becca may just be that one brand that can do no wrong in terms of their superb formulas, designed to give you THAT glow. You know which one, one that's only seen on red carpets, glowing complexion worthy the Oscar Ceremony red carpet. 

I've bought the Becca Baclight Priming Filter convinced by glowing reviews by my friends Leanne (LPageBeauty) and Siobhán (Beautylymin). I've never looked back. Dry skin problems include dullness, fatigue, lack of lustre and light, greyish tones etc. This magic in the bottle fights all that. It feels like most luxurious serum and gives an instant glow thanks to brightening formula. It's light and moisturising and it will work brilliantly on all dry and dehydrated types. If you're oily, I wouldn't recommend it and if you're combination you probably best to stick to your dry areas only. Light reflecting particles gives the most incredible glow to the skin instantly, this Primer works so well on the foundations I couldn't use before like Chanel Les Beiges. So if you have any foundations that are too dry, too full coverage, too Mask like, this Primer should help fixing the cons! It's not the cheapest by any means but I honestly love it so much, I know it'll be a very long and fruitful relationship! 

Becca Aqua Lumionous Perfecting Foundation have the most incredible finish I've ever used. It's light to medium coverage but somehow hides all the imperfection whilst providing the most beautiful glow. Again light reflecting particles work Illuminating making it a perfect choice for even the mature skin. Sadly and it truly makes me sad, there's a very real con to this foundation, the lightest shade Porcelain is in no way light enough... Yet again, us pale faces are denied a superb formula due to the limited shades available. Don't get me wrong, it's only a tone and a half darker than my usual self, and I could probably make it work if I ever wore fake tan, but I actually enjoy my pasty complexion! I wish Becca would think of bringing out more shades as sadly, if you're super pale, this foundation is a no go. I started to use it only recently thanks to LA Girl HD Illumination Foundation in White. Not only does it improve coverage bringing it to a nice medium but it also lightens the shade. I use two drops of Becca Foundation to half a pump of LA Girl White Mixer. It's harder to talk about the powers of Becca Foundation knowing it is mixed with something else but this combination works beautifully on my skin, giving me the perfect amount of glow. I've used it everyday last week and only powdered down the nose, chin and a little forehead to ensure it stays put all day. I've used RCMA No Color Powder and pressed it down with a Beauty Blender, which has to be my favourite method of powder application recently. Going back to Becca Foundation, I still think it's a great choice but only if you're more of an usual pale and no super pale types, unless a white Mixer is used! 

Becca Aqua Luminous Perfecting Concealer is a product I have a strong love/hate relationship with. We are constantly on and off. Last week I've used it everyday and I stand by my original thoughts, it's a great moisturising concealer and works beautiful if you don't have problems with dark circles as it gives a very light to medium coverage. My problem doesn't stop at the lack of coverage sadly. The lightest shade, again is just too dark and too yellow. Yes I can make it work with a brightening powder but there's no way to light contour with it. What I love about it is the moisturising and super light formula, that doesn't crease too much if set well with powder Andy under eyes look really lovely and hydrated. It does crease just a tad and I'm sure it's similar in formula to Bourjois Radiance Reveal which is a lot cheaper and available in every drugstore. I also find that not enough of product is dispensed on the doe applicator. I have two take the product out twice under one eye. It would be excessive with any other concealer but it works well with this one. It conceals a little but on the bad bag days, it's definitely only a first step concealer. 

As you can see I found both pros and cons to all the products but I still love using them all! I think they work great together and on the days when all I want is to make my skin looking glowing and beautiful but I don't worry about anything else, they're the perfect choice. I've loved using the Foundation mixed with white Mixer last week and worn on top of Too Faced Hangover Primer. I feel using both Primer and Foundation together would give it too much glow, even for the drier types. If you're dry and love a healthy youthful complexion - the above trio will work wonders! I would recommend it to people with little to none problematic skin, as it just gives you that 'no makeup makeup' effect and the most beautiful finish without the effect of the mask. Have you tried any of the Becca base products? What are your thoughts? 

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  1. I just can't wait when Becca will be available in Poland!!!

  2. I've put off trying that primer for so long but now I think it's time I give it a go. I could always do with some illusion of glowing skin ;) xxx
    Sal | UmmBaby Beauty

  3. Thanks for the mention, lovely! I am really surprised at how dark the shades are! I'd like to try the foundation but might skip the concealer. I want to try the new Becca primer! xx

    Beautylymin| LuxuryFragranceGiveaway

  4. I love BECCA products so much, I definitely need to save up for the aqua luminous foundation & concealer as they sound amazing x

    Beauty with charm


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