Friday 6 March 2020


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Beauty on a budget

We’re back baby. Bringing back one of your favourites, we’re talking awesome makeup on a budget straight from the aisles of Boots and Superdrug. All £10 and below. All amazing. New serum wonder. Delivering glowing coverage. Dreamy eyeshadow palette & another mascara below £5 that will knock your socks off. Treat yourself without breaking the bank!

I’ve only just recently talked about a budget skincare brand, so won’t be talking The Inkey List today, but it wouldn’t be Beauty Drama Queen without dropping some magical sh*t, just like the new Superdrug Me+ Acacia Collagen Booster serum aka cheap AF silky hydration dream. Everyday miracles are a thing when browsing secret skincare aisles. There’s plenty more where it came from but you know, I’ve been opting for hydration, hydration, hydration when it comes to my routine lately as winter been kicking my not so skinny behind to a lovely dry AF Sahara face, so in your face wind and cold and central heating - a brand new to me acacia extract is truly a discovery of recent months and so easily accessible to everyone. Just browse the Superdrug own skincare shelves in your local for the brand new Me+ range that concentrates on ingredients and the INCI that’s not too long and overwhelming both to you the consumer and your skin!

New and affordable makeup and skincare

NYX Born to Glow foundation

Okay, I’m a bit late to the party here but nevertheless I arrived and I’m happy I made the stop at my local Boots’ NYX counter time pick up the fairly new Born to Glow foundation and the Born to Glow concealer. The foundation is light in texture and offers medium skin like coverage with a dewy finish. And we know that’s what I’m always here for. The foundation lasts well into the 8-10 hour mark on my combo dry and dehydrated skin, covers enough and doesn’t leave me looking like Jim Carey in a certain movie. Concealer however is a hydrating coverage bomb. The packaging is okay, a squeezy tube with a sponge (the horror lol!) which I personally don’t mind. As long as you give it a bit of a wash every so often and it’s for personal use only, you’ll be fine. The coverage is full but not too heavy, it looks natural under the eye, I’ll go as far as to say it’s mature under eyes friendly. It stays on when set, doesn’t crease more than any other quality concealer and really just looks well you know. And both being below £10 mark makes it accessible to more than the exclusive makeup clubbers.

Could there be a budget post without a Revolution palette? Nope, I don’t think so either. And this beauty is STUNNING! I was enabled to get Revolution Rose Quartz Palette after watching the talented Melissa (YouTube/Instagram) do wonders with it. It took me a few weeks as it seems to be constantly sold out but if you can get your hands on it - just get it! The quality of mattes, the slightly more neutral and cooler colour scheme and incredible foils will keep you entertained for ages, I promise. I’ve been reaching for it daily as it’s just such an easy palette to throw on. The two mattes: ... and ... just make the base of my everyday smokey which I top up by either... or ... metallic foils. At £10 quality here is truly on par with ABH palette if you ask me! Currently only available via Lady Makeup, so grab it while you can, as I don't think it'll be coming back into stock!

Revolution Rose Quartz Palette

Revolution Rose Quartz Palette foils swatched

Last but not least, the cheapest of them all, a new Essence Mascara as you know I have a soft spot for them. I’ve used What The Fake* last year and bloody loved it, then moved on to Lash Princess Waterproof* which didn’t quite hit the spot but now I’m using the original formula Lash Princess* and living for the lashes it gives me. This comes from mascara hating freak so you know I’d tell you if it sucked. Every mascara smudges on me, but this one doesn’t do it too obscenely, and is easily salvageable with a blending brush around 8 hour wear mark. Can’t really complain given this baby will set you back by a mere £3.30. Forget £10 drugstore mascaras and seriously consider browsing what Essence has to offer as they very rarely (looking at you Waterproof) disappoint. 

Best drugstore beauty below £10

Did you find any amazing budget makeup or skincare lately? Should I try it next? Voice off in the comments section! Until next time!

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