Monday 9 March 2020


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Hair and face essentials

Hey Queens, how are we this lovely March morning? Spring is just around the corner, but as it’s still a bit cold, I thought we should sit down and have a little chat about beauty essentials beauty bloggers rarely talk about. I have a secret to perfect hair, the only affordable micellar I truly rate and the lip balm to end all lip balms. If that sounds like something you’re interested in, please keep on reading. 

Hair by Sam McKnight Cool Girl* is what my baby hair and frizz are most afraid of. Cool Girl Hair is a weightless texture spray that ended my war on baby hair. It adds a bit of texture to my hair, but that’s not why I love it. After straightening, I spray it all over the top of my head and lightly on the lengths to smooth out any flyaways without making my fine hair greasy or taking away from any volume. Honestly it’s the best hair product I’ve ever discovered. I’m actually obsessed. Plus it does make my vanity look good - just look at that packaging. It’s like w combination of non matting dry shampoo, a volume spray, smoothing and texturising spray in one. It’s a bit pricey but given I don’t really spend/use that much hair care, one I’d happily spend money on once it’s gone. Available from Cult Beauty and Selfridges.

Cool girl's hair

Gentle makeup remover for sensitive eyes

I’ve spoken about Simple Micellar Water from the beginning of Beauty Drama Queen (anyone here remember iDorottka Talks Beauty?) but recently I picked up the Simple Water Boost Micellar Cleansing Water made with sensitive eyes in mind. I never experienced any issues with the original, but thought it would be good to test this one too. I was a little worried that it may not be the strongest at actually removing makeup given my recent experiences with other gentle on the eyes micellar water (Garnier Organic looking at you...) and the type of makeup I like to do on the weekend (colourful Insta makeup) but I was thankfully wrong. I’ve been using it everyday to break down the eye and lip makeup before going in with double cleansing and I’m pleased with the formula. It removes makeup quickly and without the need to rub, it’s super gentle on the eyes and simply (lol) does the job. Available from Boots (half price!) and Superdrug.

I talked about Image Ormedic Lip Enhancing Complex* before of course, but I thought it deserves another shoutout seeing it’s the product I’ve already used 3-4 tubes off! It is the best lip balm formula ever, please don’t argue with me unless you try it. I’ve tried lip balms and nothing truly compares. I have other I like and like them plenty but if I was ever met with the choice to use only one till the end of my days - it would be this one. Available in Sheer Pink, as pictured and the original green tube, both work really well on the most dry lips. Be that in the morning, or before refreshing your lipstick in the afternoon, or even at night applied as a mask, it’s just as lovely at all of that. It’s rich and will heal any lips in a matter of hours and not days. Perfect for holiday on the beach and in the mountains, also it worked pretty damn great by helping heal post filler lips as well. I’ve recommended it to a lot of people and all agree - once you go Image, you’ll never go back. Available from Image and Face The Future.

Best lip balm out there?

Alright, that’s me done for today. What are your everyday beauty essentials you can’t be without? 

Thank You For Reading.

With love,

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