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New makeup I can't live without

I am a makeupoholic, I receive makeup in PR, and I buy at least that double that, if not more. Often I use it for a month or so, test it and move on to something new, but sometimes I discover gems I simply want to keep in the rotation for much longer since I naturally gravitate towards them. Today’s 5 picks are just that: the makeup bits that impressed me so much, I can’t imagine ever not loving them.

I’ll start with Benefit Cookie highlighter, as it’s probably the one that will stay with me for longest. I didn’t buy it outright, as it was first released in a palette and I didn’t want to duplicate other shades I already owned. Then it was released as a single seeing how much of a hit, this highlighter was. A first from Benefit in this aspect: I’ve tried other highlighters from the brand, but they were just meh (Twinkle something I’m looking at you, you subtle pain in the behind), but Cookie has me hooked. Finally, I caved in thanks to Cult Beauty payday sale a month or so back, and I’m just sad I didn’t buy it sooner. It’s probably the most smooth-looking powder highlight finish I’ve ever encountered. A super pale champagne shade that glides on without emphasising texture but glows like crazy. It reminds me of ABH x Amrezy, but it’s even paler - perfect if you’re more of a ghostly complexion. Having said that, I’ve seen it on a vast range of skincare complexions, and it seems to be a hit whatever your shade. It’s pricey, sure, but if you can grab it at -20% off, it’s definitely worth grabbing. Love the print on the packaging too, but it’s a bit chunky and we could use with a redesign there Benefit! I suggest at least halve the width given the number of products in the box? Nevertheless, it’s a fantastic highlighter and one I recommended to a lot of people! Available from BenefitBootsCult Beauty, Debenhams (currently on offer) and Look Fantastic

Benefit Cookie Highlighter

Is blinding highlight your thing?

Another firm favourite of mine, the Ole Henriksen Banana Bright Face Primer is a joy to use in the morning. The creamy silky texture is really hydrating and citrus scent invigorates my senses! I love it under all my favourite foundations as it gives an extra level of moisture before going in on coverage! I use 1-2 pumps all over, concentrating most product on my dry bits: cheeks, and where I’m feeling dehydrated: nose, forehead and chin. I’m also a bit combo in the latter area, but it seems to be working well for me there so I don’t mind. It’s not overly blurring but it does even it out a bit. I don’t use it to prolong the life of products but more so to add that moisturising primer before any foundation that can look a bit much otherwise. Really love the scent, and that’s more than half of reason I opt-in for this one more than others at present. Available in Boots now, so there’s always a chance for a promo or to simply collect more points. Available from Boots.

Okay, let’s chat the one and only Pat McGrath Skin Fetish: Sublime Perfection Concealer. Your girl got the foundation in shade 3 so I opted for shade 1 in concealer and I was right to do so. If you want it for pimples, you may want to match more closely but for highlighting under eyes and your life, you may want to go a shade or two down. When I used it for the first time, I didn’t like it. I used a brush (not the one from Pat, just my normal one) and didn’t like how it applied or sat under the eyes. I also used WAY TOO MUCH. So go light with this baby, as you simply only need a couple of small dots to highlight the life out of your face. This concealer packs some serious coverage, has a natural satin finish and when applied well - I prefer to use a Beautyblender/sponge - and set with powder (Fenty baby, always), it’ll stay looking woke all day long. It’s up there with my love for Fenty concealer but offers even more coverage as I can go ham with F and definitely need a lot lighter hand with this one. The packaging is lush of course, as you’d expect from Pat, and the glass tube is giving me life alright! Definitely up there with the greats and it compliments the Skin Fetish foundation so well. Light coverage foundation + high coverage concealer is all I really need. Perfect for events, as it looks as beautiful in natural light as it does in fluorescent and studio lights. Well done Pat, well done. Available from Pat McGrath Labs and Selfridges.

Pat McGrath concealer: best for full coverage gals

Everyday primer to add hydration from Ole Henriksen

When Rihanna released Flypencil, I think we can all agree, we needed some of that. I ended up only buying one shade, seeing how I want to be better at only buying what I’m actually going to use, so Fenty Flypencil in Space Cookie was the one I went for in the end (still tempted by Bad Bride & Grillz...). Space Cookie is a gorgeous dark brown with bronze glitter thrown in for good measure. The tip makes it super easy to do a line with, the formula is creamy and plenty soft but not too soft. On my hooded and sad eyes, I tend to do a little line from the middle of the lid, just off the iris and going little up towards the end. That optically lifts my sad corners and transforms the simple look really quickly. Having said all that, before Flypencil, I rarely used this trick, as I also have eyes extremely prone to smudging. Be that eyeliner, kajal, mascara - it all smudges unless I bake, which I don’t tend to do every day, because: my lids are 34 years old and well, who’s got the time. Not with Flypencil though, as this baby sets and nothing will move it. The glitter isn’t as visible as I’d love it to be, but it adds a little dimension when it hits the light, but overall is a lovely brown pencil with a bit of shimmery finish. It’s easy to apply, it stays put and I’ve yet to put it down, as I use it easily 2-3 days a week, which is unheard of for me. Available from Boots and Harvey Nichols.

No more panda eyes

Best eye pencil?

Last but not least, I feel like every post I’m doing I’m praising yet another Essence mascara, but what can a girl do, they are that bloody good. I mean why would you ever need to spend more of mascara of your dreams can be yours for less than the price of your morning latte? I’ve mentioned panda eyes before and truly I don’t know what it is, but everything smudges on me, well miserly everything. Essence Cosmetics are down for the challenge with their new release Essence Bye Bye Panda Eyes Mascara* which reminds me of the Fenty Full Frontal Volume, Lift & Curl Mascara. Their brushes aren’t similar in shape but have very finely spaced bristles that don’t grab a lot of product and leave you with a little more volume, separated and lengthened lashes. Essence takes it a step further and offers almost zero smudging. I’d give it a 1 on a scale of 10, which is yet again unheard of on my silly eyes. Oh, and it washes off easily too, with only water according to the brand, not that I would ever try that, as cleansing balm/oil/micellar are must-have for me in the evening. So if you wanted to try the Fenty, but you don’t want to spend that much, look out for this new launch, which should be available very soon on Feel Unique and Wilko.

Alright, hands up in the comments if you survived this rather lengthy post! Now I shared with you my top 5 makeup discoveries, but what are yours? Please let me know!

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