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Pat McGrath Labs Skin Fetish Sublime Perfection foundation

Okay, let’s start with a quick disclaimer, I’m in no way saying you’ll ever need to spend sixty freaking pounds on a foundation. You don’t. Ever. But when Pat McGrath, the goddess of makeup comes out with her first-ever foundation, you know it’s going to be huge. The Internet is divided, but is the hype and hate justified?

The packaging is unreal! From the outer packaging, opening like the most glamorous cigarettes box, it is luxury. And the bottle is definitely the most precious foundation bottle in my collection. I would expect that though when I’m being charged £60 for it. 

The formula is super runny, almost water-like but despite the biggest worry that it’ll be the sheerest coverage, I was actually pleasantly surprised. I’ve watched a lot of videos telling me, I just bought a very expensive BB cream, so I was sh*tting myself a little! It’s light, sure, but it’s also very perfecting and covers all I need on a decent skin day - that is redness mainly for me. The finish is dewy but not overly so in my opinion (not like L.A. Girl or L’Oréal Pro Glow) and when set with a little powder, it lasts well on me all day. For any 'less than 10 hours' days, I don't even have to bother with powder.

Pat McGrath Labs Skin Fetish Sublime Perfection foundation

Is Pat McGrath Labs Skin Fetish Sublime Perfection foundation revolutionary? Probably not. Having said that, it’s the base I’m reaching for when I want to look my best but don’t want that foundation look. On my normal skin, it’s very lovely, not overly blurring but more skin-like. I’ll use 1-2 pumps depending if I want sheer or light-medium coverage. I ended up buying shade 3 which is actually a decent match, even more so that this formula seems to be adapting well to my own skin colour and becomes invisible after a while.

You’ll love this:

If you aren’t into foundation face ✔️ 
If you prefer a skin-like radiant finish ✔️
If you’re not overly oily or dry, but fit in anything in between category ✔️

You’ll hate this:

If you’re into medium to full coverage ✔️
If you think more is more in makeup ✔️
If you want a very matte or very dewy finish ✔️

I spent £60 on this beautiful bottle and I’m not regretful. I think it works beautifully on my skin,  doesn't set in lines, nor accentuates any dry patches or disappears/ goes shiny after a few hours. I prefer it with only a light dusting of powder if any. It’s actually lovely on its own as it sets beautifully. If this wasn’t Pat McGrath Labs and bottle/packaging was a little less fancy, I’d say, I’d spend £35-£40 on it, but as we know Pat makeup line is a little on a fancy side, and that’s where the additional ££ come from.

If you have to save up to buy Pat McGrath Labs Skin Fetish Sublime Perfection foundation - don’t. There are plenty more affordable foundations out there. Ffs even Dior is a lot more ‘budget’ lol! But if it’s within your budget, and you want to splurge, it’s definitely worth considering. Shades come on a lighter side, so keep this in mind when shopping online. Alternatively, if you’re from or you’re visiting London, you can stop by at Pat McGrath Labs counter in Selfridges, where you can get matched and hopefully pick up a sample before you commit. 

Pat McGrath Labs Skin Fetish Sublime Perfection foundation

Buy Pat McGrath Labs Skin Fetish Sublime Perfection foundation now in Black Friday sale with -25%/-30% depending on the amount spent on their website now | RPR £60 (sale: £42-£45) - valid during Black Friday sale only.

Pat McGrath is also available in Selfridges, in-store and online.

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