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The Nomad by Juvia's Place palette - review with swatches

I officially announce khaki to be the colour of autumn 2019, and what best than to celebrate its newfound status by reviewing the only palette you’ll ever need to tackle this trend. I come to you with a review + a step by step half cut crease tutorial using The Nomad by Juvia’s Place. 


Packaging wise, The Nomad by Juvia's is actually the smallest out of all the palettes I own from the brand. Slightly smaller than other 9-shade palettes, it still comes with fairly large pans and a total of 18.9g in weight (2.1g per pan). The palette retails for 15 dollars and is currently unavailable to buy through Beauty Bay, but you can find it at London Loves Beauty for £19.95. I ordered mine directly from Juvia’s Place and paid exactly £19.26 which included international shipping. I wasn’t ticketed with customs as the overall value of the goods was below £15. I like the packaging, the ombré muted lime/khaki shades are just gorgeous, the palette is sleek and easy to store or travel with and features a print of a Nomad woman. The product is cruelty-free, designed and formulated in America and manufactured in China. 

The palette features 9 shadows: 5 pure mattes, 2 mattes with glitter speckles and 2 shimmer/foils. Shade wise, sadly there are no names/numbers allocated, but you get 3 warmer shades, 1 neutral and 5 cool tone shadows. Whilst there’s no typical white or black, you get a light beige and two ultra-dark mattes to complete any look.

What drew me to this palette were mainly both shimmers and the cool tone mattes. This palette just screams fall to me and I haven’t got a colour story like this in my collection. For the purpose of this review, we’ll be looking at each shade, going in columns from top to bottom and left to right.

The Nomad by Juvia's Place swatched (natural light - no edits)

Column 1:
Light yellow/camel matte - medium pigmentation, smooth to swatch, great transition shade.
Medium camel brown- slightly better pigment, another great transition, if slightly darker, fab all over the lid.
Beige matte - micro glitter doesn’t really transition to the swatch or onto the lid, perfect to blend out other shades, for the brow bone or to set the primer with.

Column 2:
Mustard yellow matte with glitter speckles - good pigmentation, transfers well to the lid - a beautiful and a unique shade.
Champagne/taupe/bronze shimmer - is what foils should always be, almost creamy in texture with crazy pigmentation, excellent transfer to the lid. It’ll make the look and it’s what attracted me to the palette the first time I saw Nikkie Tutorials use it. What can I say Nikkie Tutorials made me do it. I don’t think I have shade quite so stunning in my collection!
Darkest cool tone brown matte - fantastic pigmentation, great transfer to the lid. Perfect for smokey looks, to deepen outer corners or whatever you please. Beautiful!

Column 3:
Dark khaki green matte - I haven’t got quite the shade like this one in my collection, it’s what I imagine dark khaki to be; a richly pigmented and perfect for autumnal looks.
Dark bronze/khaki shimmer - another stunning and creamy shimmer, not quite as sparkly as foil but beautiful to deepen halo look or all over the lid.
Medium to dark camel brown matte - a bit of a poo shade, in a sense of the colour. Pigmentation’s again on point, glides on so smooth and transfers well.

The Nomad by Juvia's Place swatched (natural light - no edits)

I find a lack of shade names, even numbers a little troubling, there’s also zero info on Juvia’s Place website. The whole thing says: ‘The Nomad: Welcoming the fall season with our new sized nomad 9 pan eyeshadow.’ In a way, it opens you up to interpretation what this palette and colour story means to you, but I would expect a bit more from the brand. It just looks poor on its own. There are also only two photos, no swatches made available. 

Personally, the colour story speaks to me. It’s beautiful and unique and excellent quality I came to expect from Juvia’s, whilst keeping in with an affordable price point. The word nomad means a traveller without a permanent home and for some reason, it really resonates with me. I’m a huge homebody but the lives we live, being constantly on the go - it’s great to see the brand try and appreciate that. Going smaller with packaging means that the palette becomes even more travel-friendly. No mirror though, but that’s on par with other palettes and keeps the cost down, so I don’t mind. 

In terms of shadow quality, Juvia’s Place is usually fantastic, with some inconsistencies across all their palettes, but I’m pleased to say, this isn’t a case here. Lighter shades have fantastic medium pigmentation - something I appreciate from transition shades, as it makes them easy to blend. Mattes don’t disappear when blended out and can be layered without going patchy. I’m sold! 

The Nomad by Juvia's Place: step by step half cut crease tutorial


Notes: if you have hooded eyes, keep your eyes open for the first few steps!

  1. On a primed lid (not set) start by packing the dark khaki shade in your outer corners, creating a little triangle as shown on the photo.
  2. Taking the ‘poo’ shade, create the shape by blending into khaki and towards inner corners.
  3. Taking more khaki to deepen the shape in/above crease and blend out towards the brow bone with the ‘poo’ shade
  4. Cut the half crease. Take a little blender or a brush and tap over where your half cut crease ends to help with blending after.
  5. Using the dark bronze/khaki shimmer, pack the shade on the lid as shown in the 5th photo.
  6. Taking the foil champagne/taupe and add it all over the lid blending into other shimmers.
  7. Taking dark khaki and ‘poo’ shade, blend the lower lash line, then take the white liquid eyeliner and place it on the ‘cut’, ever so slightly winging it upwards at the end. 
  8. Add mascara and lashes & voila!

I hope you enjoyed this mini tutorial and it inspired you to play around with khaki shadows some more! I’d love to see your creations. As always tag me on socials if you try and recreate any of my looks. You can find me @BDQblog on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook!

The Nomad by Juvia's Place review with swatches and a fall eyeshadow tutorial

Suffice to say, The Nomad by Juvia’s Place takes a proud first place in all of the autumnal eyeshadow releases with it’s a unique and beautiful colour story. If you’re a green/khaki shadow lover - you should 100% add it to your collection. You won’t be disappointed.

Buy yours: Juvia's Place - $15 | London Loves Beauty - £19.95

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