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Lancôme Idole - a new scent for women

A highly anticipated new release from Lancôme comes after 7 years since their last scent launch, but was it worth the wait? If claims are anything to go by, I’d say so. Let's chat all things Lancôme Idole*

I like a brand that takes their time and really puts in an effort when releasing a new product. There’s a reason why La Vie EST Belle is the best selling perfume in the UK, taking second place after the one and only Coco Mademoiselle. I’ve done some research within my friends' group and every single woman I asked knew about it. I often think of Lancôme as a grown-up brand but only recently realised that I’m in that category now: a professional woman who knows what she likes and isn’t afraid to treat herself to it. At 34 I go for quality, I love scents that make me happy. Is Lancôme Idole* such perfume for me?

When I sat down to chat with Lancôme about the launch, I was left impressed. Imagine all the things that you’ll ever want a brand to address: diversity, feminism, modern design, label-less life, simplicity, sustainability and more is hidden away in Lancôme Idole minimalistic packaging. 

The modern woman scent has been designed by three women perfumers: Shyamala Maisondieu, Adriana Medina and Nadège le Garlantezed, which is almost unheard of. This is a world still mainly dominated by male perfumers, not that there aren’t female designers, but female scents are usually designed by men or on collaboration with male perfumers. No, it’s not a rule and there are exceptions, but this one’s quite an unusual one. Not only all-female group, but three women from multicultural backgrounds from all over the world coming together to create a scent that’s aimed at all women - what a fantastic idea in itself. 

Let’s chat packaging next. The slimmest bottle in perfume history has been designed by Algerian architect Chafik Gasmi. This contemporary design is absolutely genius. I remember sitting down with Lancôme at a lovely cafe in Selfridges, drinking green tea and simply holding the bottle as I would my phone normally. It’s the size of my iPhone Pro Max, which means it fits in my hand beautifully. Not designed to be a bottle for a display only - this is a modern take on the packaging. Slim, travel-friendly, perfectly fitting into your handbag's small pocket. It has been designed for a busy woman on the go, one that doesn’t often have time, but wants to always have her favourite scent with her, whatever the size of her handbag. It comes in 3 sizes. I have the 50ml, and you can imagine 25ml bottle as it’s literally a half the size of mine, a perfect square and even more travel-friendly; there’s also which I imagine being the size of both 50ml + 25ml bottles.

Lancôme Idole - the slimmest perfume bottle in the world

The bottle has been designed with modern women in mind, there’s the packaging and there’s branding. We love a good branding don’t we, but we seem to be living a label-less life more often than not. So is the bottle for Idole. Whilst Lancôme logo is present, on the top t-shaped cap, you won’t find the Idole name anywhere on the bottle. And that makes you think, it definitely had me thinking of the metaphors behind that decision. Am I right, comparing it to label-less relationships in the current society, or perhaps reaching, whatever the reason, it definitely creates a topic of conversation and that’s never a bad thing for a product that’s meant to be another staple that lasts longer than most of the gimmicky trends. 

I try and create a more sustainable life for myself these days. I think twice before buying something that’s not recyclable, so it pleases me when brands come up with new ideas to make their products stand out. Lancôme Idole* is not a bottle designed to be ‘a few months to a year’ packaging, it’s meant to survive much longer and it’s refillable! That’s right, you can keep the bottle, top it up when you’re in need of a refill (there’s at least one counter in each city capable of refilling these!) and you do it at 1/3 price off! Luxury scents don’t come cheap, so it’s not only a fantastic idea but one I really appreciate as a consumer. I like the idea of treating someone to a bit of luxury, one they can keep for years to come and top it up whenever and without having to spend full price!

Finally let’s chat the scent itself, as I realise I’ve been preaching on and on in this post without actually chatting notes! Lancôme Idole* is a very musky and floral fragrance. It starts really strong at first - little is definitely more than enough when it comes to it. Just spritz a little into the air and walk through it, if you’re not into powerful scents. Rose, namely Isparta Rose Petal Essence (sustainably sourced in Turkey and made only for Lancôme) and French Centifolia Rose, alongside jasmine accords can be found at the heart of the scent. You will also find notes of bergamot, pear and clean chypre that complete this sensual flowery mix.

Lancôme Idole - designed with modern woman at heart

Lancôme Idole* is a quintessentially female with all the complexity that comes with it. It’s strong, multi-layered, warm, radiant and leaves a long-lasting impression. It’s designed to empower your unique scent and become it. It’s a little daredevil. It’s the scent that carries and one that will surely get others to notice. It’s not meant to be delicate, yet it is at its core once it settles. It’s simply rather beautiful.

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