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Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk lips

Is there anything hotter than Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk lip threesome? Marketed for all complexions, but is it really that great? This blogger investigates...

My journey

I took a very unconventional route to own all three Pillow Talk lippies. First, of course, was the liner. That one voted ‘the liner’ by all beauty editors and bloggers around the world. I caved. That’s quite normal, I really can’t resist a good hype. I liked it plenty too, there was a very natural everyday lip liner., if only ever so slightly too pinky. I used it alone and with many lip colours and formulas and it performed well. Sadly, one hasn’t got injections in the lips, so when I overdraw mine - the effect isn’t quite like the one you see on Instagram, so I tend not to! 

When the Matte Revolution lipstick in Pillowtalk launched, I didn’t buy it. As mentioned above, I liked the liner but I didn’t quite love it enough to match it with the lippy. Or so I thought at that point anyway. But then Superstar Lips launched online, and I also persevered. That is until I walked into Selfridges in Bullring Birmingham and casually hung by the counter chatting shit with the girls I, somehow walked away with not one but two shades! Superstar Lips in Pillowtalk is that perfect coloured lip balm you never knew you needed. It’s bloody expensive for a lip balm but somehow totally worth it and it just works! I love lining my lips with the corresponding or slightly more brown-nude liner and adding a little superstar finish. Everyday miracle? I think so! 

Next day (that’s right, don’t judge me!) I came back again. This time it was Matte Revolution Pillowtalk calling my name! While I liked the liner, I freaking love the lipstick! It is a perfect nude - damn you Charlotte! I am soooooooooo very late to the party but I get it now! The formula is creamy but not too oily, it sits perfectly on the lips and makes them look their best! You can pair it with the liner and even add a little Superstar Lips in the middle, making this trio the perfect nude lip kit. 

Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk swatched (from left): Matte Revolution Lipstick, Lip Cheat Lip Liner & Superstar Lips

Blogosphere Pillowtalk experiences

So what’s so unique about Pillowtalk shade that is supposed to work for women and men of all colour and undertone? I've asked my blogging gals what they think of the Pillowtalk and does it really work for them. I've also run a Twitter poll and the results are similar to those shared below. 

Ting over at The Ting Thing said: "It actually goes grey on me! So yes, Pillowtalk is a nice shade but it doesn't look like a pink nude on me the way it does on other skin tones." Ting described her complexion to be neutral East Asian in the light-medium end of the spectrum.

Dagmara over at Mummy's Beauty Corner said: "I've only had the lip liner and yes, it's the perfect My Lips But Better shade on my skin". Dagmara described her complexion to be light and warm in tone.

Wanischa over at Wanischa.com said: "Love Pillowtalk, but I always use it with MAC Whirl Liner. It's the definition of My Lips  But Better lipstick. A good liner can basically help you wear any lipstick colour. Can't get enough of CT lipsticks". Wanisha described her complexion to be light-medium neutral.

Kasie over at Kasie Beauty said: "Yes, Pillowtalk is a very pinky nude on me. I also use the liner more than the actual lipstick for some reason". 

Fofo over at Box Braids And Beauty said: "It's very pinky on deep dark skin. For someone like me, I need to pair it with a dark brown lip liner or use a brown lipstick as a base in order to make it work. I guess maybe in that sense it becomes universal? But personally, I don't think it looks good on its own." Fofo described her skin to be deep dark neutral.

Anne over at Linda Libra Loca said: "It is too pink on me to be the perfect MLBB shade. I need something more brown or more mauve for that. Oh, and I only tried the liner." Anne describer her skin to be fair neutral.

Siobhan over at Beautylymin said: "I prefer the lip liner to the lipstick - it's a little more pinky on me and matches my lips perfectly". Siobhan described her complexion to be medium neutral.

Jasmine over at Jasmine Talks Beauty said: "I only have the liner - it's nice but quite pink on me, so it isn't my perfect nude by any means. Jasmine described her skin to be medium-deep (mixed).

Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk


The results are in and we can all agree that there's not one product/shade that will work on anyone. It seems to be perfect on fairer complexions with medium to dark struggling to make it work on its own. Twitterverse agreed with 66.67% of fair-skinned in agreement of how well it works on them but also few votes against it. So there you have it. I personally prefer Iconic Nude to Pillowtalk liner, but am obsessed with both Matte Revolution and Superstar Lips formulas and shade. You can see that matte lippy matches the liner almost perfectly but coloured lip balm almost look slightly darker and more neutral than pink.

Where to buy:

Pillow Talk Lip Cheat | RPR £16: Charlotte Tilbury | Cult Beauty | Feel Unique | Selfridges
Pillowtalk Matte Revolution Lipstick | RPR £24: Charlotte Tilbury |  Feel Unique | Selfridges
Pillowtalk Superstar Lips | RPR £24: OUT OF STOCK Charlotte Tilbury | Cult Beauty |       Selfridges

What do you think of Charlotte Tilbury Pillowtalk lip series? Have you tried it yet, or perhaps want to? I hope this little review will help you make that decision.

Thank You For Reading.

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