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New beauty launches worth the hype

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Hello my Queens. Welcome back to new and improved (nah - why improve on perfection...LOL) Beauty Drama Queen. It’s been a while huh? I’ve been away from the blog but I'm trying to get back into the routine. Coming back with my favourite kind of post where we chat about all the beauty newness and damn, the industry has been busy. How to navigate through all the new bits and only grab the true cult beauty? Check out the absolute must-haves as tested by yours truly! Make some tea, pour yourself a glass of wine - no judgement here & let’s get into the new & noteworthy! 

But first skincare...

I’ve been all about that perfect base and we all know where that starts. I’ve been on a journey to finish up my stash, but also adding some newness to my routine. Enter the mega launch of Pixi by Petra. Remember the day Petra & co dropped easily 20+ new bits? I couldn’t stay away, duh and grabbed a few bits from the new Vitamin C line. Oh, and I love them! Pixi Vitamin C Juice Cleanser is micellar water on vitamin C steroids. Gentle on the eyes it removes all makeup easily and without a single tear! It has the best pump, smells like citrus heaven & got me really excited for my morning cleanse! The brand new toner from the brand has also got my skincare loving juices flowing! Grab yours here for £18. 

As if Petra herself read my mind, the brand new Pixi Vitamin C Tonic is a combination of grapefruit water, ascorbic acid, aloe vera, all the citrus fruit extracts, ferulic acid, caffeine and many more actives to gently exfoliate and wake up your skin after cleansing. It carries an intense citrus scent which I’m obsessed with and is gentle enough to use every day. Perfect as an extra vitamin C step or for vitamin C newbie who might not have the best experiences with more potent products! Definitely worth the grab once it’s back in stock! Grab here | £10 for 100ml, 18 for 250ml

New Vitamin C skincare series by Pixi Beauty

Morphe Fluidity Base Foundation for dry skin?

Unpopular opinion

I bet you’ve heard A LOT about the brand new Morphe Fluidity Base Foundation. I’m personally so glad I’ve not listened to many MANY reviews telling me my rather on a dry side skin will not love this. Because guess what? I do. Morphe dropped its 60 shade range one day and beauty world had a lot to say. Marketed as matte, it almost makes me chuckle when reviewers are quite surprised at the finish. Yes, it is matte but boy, it does stay the longest time looking flawless. Given, my skin hasn’t been too dehydrated lately, in fact, it’s been pretty normal and not dry. I made a huge mistake of applying ‘my usual’ amount day 1 of testing because Morphe’s not playing when it comes to coverage. I made it work though and whilst I saw myself to look a little too flawless to be natural, girls at work kept telling me otherwise. Despite my oil primer, the foundation kept me looking matte-ish until I finished work and even then, I wasn’t oily-oily! Ever since the amount mishap, I’ve been using around a healthy pump on a back of my hand and using a blending sponge to apply it. I don’t feel the need to apply any powder but I’ve been adding just a little to blur out my t-zone and cheeks. So there you have it, I’m obsessed but everyone else hates it. Oh well :) At £16 it is pretty damn incredible if you ask me! Grab my shade F1.10 here (or choose your own! F1.10 is perfect if you're super pale though)

Spring is on my mind

Flower Beauty has launched online and stationary in Superdrug - here. The upper end of drugstore, the line carries base products and lipsticks for now. Is it another ‘celebrity’ makeup line or is there any substance to it? I’ve only ordered a couple of bits and it’s been a 50/50 for me. The concealer is a big no for me, can’t make it work and not sure why! I’ll keep trying as it has some really positive reviews but for now, it’s a no. Thankfully the Flower Beauty Supernova Celestial Skin Elixir Primer stole my heart! Not typically budget friendly at £14.99 it definitely deserves the hype. I use the tiniest 2 drops and massage it into the skin. While the formula glistens in the bottle, I’ve not noticed any of the bits on my skin, so thought it was a dud at first. What it does and does really well is making my foundation sit on top of it. I’ve been using it before Morphe foundation and it works a dream! I also used it under other more dewy finishes and the baby works! Can’t really complain! If you’re more oily though - it could be a totally different story! Currently out of stock but worth checking out when it's back here

THE ONE primer by Drew Barrymore's makeup brand Flower Beauty - a hit or just another "celebrity" range

This powder will blur our all your pores! Guaranteed!

What pores?

I stopped by the most fabulous Fenty Beauty counter at Harvey Nichols in Birmingham recently and stood there for a while contemplating which shade of the new RiRi’s powder I should go for! I settled for a lightly scented Fenty Beauty Pro Filt’r Instant Retouch Setting Powder in Lavender. The powder itself is super finely milled and soft to touch. Whilst slightly lilac at first, it soon turns skin-like when blended in. It brightens my super pale complexion and sets makeup in place well. So what is it to make this powder such a hit, other than freakishly expensive looking packaging that is? Pro Filt’r powder blurs out all your pores in seconds after application. It filled the pores on my cheeks, it makes my whole face appear smooth and soft. You can bake or buff it in and works wonderfully both ways. A winner in my eyes! Grab yours here for £24 now. 

Eye makeup in 60 seconds or less

Huda Kattan has had a pretty impressive streak lately, the sold-out palette, new perfume and most recently the launch of a brand new formula, the Huda Beauty Matte and Metal Melted Shadows. I bought a couple of shades first and then decided I need them all. These are available through Cult Beauty, Feel Unique and Selfridges but some shades are constantly out of stock so you may want to hurry if you decide you want one. I want to give a quick shoutout (review will follow) to Faux Fur/Bamboo Hoops - the lightest duo in the collection. If you follow me on Instagram you know my daily work eye makeup has been pretty bare lately & I’ve loved it! To achieve that I use a little primer then add Faux Fur all over the lid and blend quickly with a synthetic brush. It’s light beige matte - perfect to even out the lid shade! Then I either apply Bamboo Hoops all over the lid for the glistening wet look that lasts or I even try and draw metallic liner. Both looks are super easy and take 30-60 seconds! I love the metallic shade - it gives the most realistic wet look I’ve experienced. The matte shade has a doe applicator and the foil side has a thin brush, perfect for those metallic liner looks currently floating the Instagram! I’m obsessed and already looking forward to more shades! We need good black and colours next! 

Huda Beauty Matte & Metal Melted Shadows - worth the hype?

New & noteworthy beauty

So many newbies, so little time! Have you tried or planning to try any of the above? Don’t forget to tag me on socials @BDQblog and use my hashtag if I inspired you to haul/use it! It’s #BDQmademedoit. Hope you enjoyed my ramblings today. Have a fantastic week my Beauts!

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