Sunday 18 November 2018


New makeup on my face

It’s been notoriously quiet here on Beauty Drama Queen but life’s been busy. And the last week has been particularly sh*tty. A headache returned with vengeance and scared me shitless. It's been a while since I had to take time off and almost a week at that because of pain. Usually I just push through it but I think my body has finally given in and forced me to rest. I'm still operating at 40% so I'm glad to have some content pre-written. Other than last week, as always, I’ve been not so quietly testing a lot of new makeup and falling back in love with some older bits. Here’s the brand new ‘On my face lately’ and it’s a good one if I say so myself. Off we go then. 

I’m all about that base & lately, it’s been back to the basics. I’ve been mixing two pumps of Dior Star Foundation (got mine at Boots, but Dior's also available in Debenhams!) with one pump of Becca Backlight Priming Filter (Cult Beauty is my go-to destination for Becca!) for a glowing yet perfected finish. Just about medium coverage with a radiant finish that lasts all day - doesn’t break on the dehydrated skin and keeps me looking my best for a long time. It’s nothing new to me, as both have been my favourites for a while but I thought they deserve another shoutout! 

Pixi Glow Cake in Pink Champagne

I’ve finally properly tried Maybelline Instant Anti-Age Eraser Concealer now it’s out with more shades here in the UK. I already got my family hooked up on it with my Mom and Auntie totally addicted to the formula that's easy on the mature skin and hides away dark circles. I’ve decided on Ivory which is light enough to play with on my super pale skin and formula is simply stunning under eyes. It works great with any foundation combo I’ve tried so far too and when set lightly with Charlotte Tilbury Genius Magic Powder under eyes and around the bridges of the nose - it keeps it fresh, radiant yet slightly matte too. I don’t set my whole face anymore. Just a bit of powder under eyes and around the nose - pushed in with a dampened sponge plus a tiny bit on the rest of t-zone keeps me shine free and blurs out everything nicely. 

I’ve also changed the way I ‘contour’ my cheeks lately. I start with a healthy dose of mixed blush/bronze shades from Pixi Glow Cake in Pink Champagne* and top it with Stila Heaven's Hue Highlighter in Incandescence* for a sheer finish that gives me enough healthy flush and lasts well too. This duo replaced my usual contour/bronzer/blush routine recently and it’s only topped up by Charlotte Tilbury Bar of Gold to give an even more luminous finish to the skin. I almost prefer it to my usual contour but please don’t ever quote me on that, as I’m sure to fell off the wagon soon enough. With my skin being almost perfect and texture free now, I just find glowing formulas to look so beautiful that I’ve stopped with mattes completely when it comes to face-finishing products. 

Charlotte Tilbury Bar of Gold swatches

Stila Heaven's Hue Highlighter in Incadencence swatches

I’ve been pretty boring and warm tone friendly when it comes to my eye makeup but ain’t I always? I love me a warm-toned eyeshadow palette! Too Faced Gingerbread Spice has got me purring like a kitten! What can I say, I’m easy like that! Joking aside, I feel that it finally knocked down Sweet Peach out of the pedestal as my most used Too Faced palette! I use it every day, I simply love the variety of shades and finishes! The latter really hit all the spots - mattes have strong pigment yet blend like a dream, shimmers are gorgeously smooth like always, duo-chrome like Hot Toddy and Spiced Rum have the most unusual formula that looks different in every single light. I could go on ... If you like me too - I can definitely dedicate it a separate post once it comes back in stock! I love it and won’t be putting it down any time soon! Here are the places to go and register your interest if you want to get it once it lands again: Cult Beauty, Too Faced, John Lewis, Selfridges & Debenhams.

I quickly want to give a couple of mascaras a quick shout out too and I’m super pleased that both come from two price spectrums! Givenchy Beauty Noir Mascara* is as perfect as it gets - it volumises, lengthens, keeps curl in and most importantly - does not smudge. For those following me for a while - you know that to be my biggest nightmare as pretty much everything smudges on me. When a Mascara is able to survive to hour 12 and only then it smudges gently - I’m ok with that! It also washes out so quickly - a perfect score for me! The second everyday fave and one I’m more likely to shout about is Avon Mark Big & Extreme Mascara* that does what Givenchy do: lengthens, volumises if even slightly better, doesn’t smudge. It’s not as easy to remove as the other but also stays on longer and has a volume power! For the price - it’s amazing! Also if Avon’s the same as it’s always been - there’s a promo every other catalogue! I got mine via Latest in Beauty Avon Box collaboration - sadly it's no longer available but my package got lost and it took the post/courier 6 weeks to find it... Never mind huh?

Too Faced Gingerbread Spice swatches

I wouldn’t be myself if few lipsticks didn’t make it into a makeup-full post, so here we go. Special shoutout to Petra for listening to her fans and creating new shades to her bestselling Pixi MatteLast line! Pixi has gone and created THE ONLY ONE true red lippy you’ll ever need. Ok, that’s a lie if you’re obsessed with reds but it’s been a while for me to love another shade than the orange-red I usually go for. Pixi MatteLast Really Red* made me re-discover my love for that perfect classic Hollywood red lippy. Not pink, not orange, not blue - just pure sexy red. O B S E S S E D! There are a couple more that deserve shouting about them from the rooftops. Only Charlotte Tilbury can go and create what is essentially a coloured lip balm and make the world go mental about it. It’s so nourishing, has a delicate, sweet taste and smell and packs some colour too. It’s glossy yet it doesn’t bleed. It’s not the most lasting but it’s a lip balm like texture so you just re-apply when needed. I’ve treated myself to two shades - Charlotte Tilbury Superstars Lips in Pillowtalk (out of stock everywhere sozzz!) and Confident Lips and I just love them. I’ve been wearing them non stop, Pillowtalk on more smokey eye days and Superstar Lips in those lazy 'barely-there' eye days. I want a red in that formula and I want it now! I have a feeling I’ll be repurchasing Confident Lips as I just use it so much and keep reapplying even when there’s no need to! Call me crazy but I love them. And yes I am aware these are crazy expensive for what they are and yes, I paid for them myself, sadly! Lol 

Swatched from top: Charlotte Tilbury Superstars Lips in Pillowtalk and Confidence Lips, Pixi MatteLast in Really Red

That’s it my beauts, I’ll leave you to feast your eyes on my favourite makeup of late. Please let me know if you’ve tried or planning to try any of the above! As usual, if you’ve been inspired here today - share your loves using #BDQmademedoit so we can chat about your new and old loves! Tag me (@BDQblog) on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook in any of your hauls or makeup look using products I recommend! And don’t forget to have a fantastic evening/day - whatever time of the day or night you’re reading this :) 

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  1. The gingerbread palette is without a doubt my favourite at the moment, I really really love it. It is beautiful :)

    Erin || MakeErinOver

  2. It’s the same for me! I can’t put it away!


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